GlaxoSmithKline Case Study Example

GlaxoSmithKline Case Study Example

GlaxoSmithKline Case Analysis

GlaxoSmithKline is a biological, pharmaceutical, and healthcare company based in the UK. Glaxo Lab and Burroughs merged with Wellcome & Company and formed Glaxo Wellcome. GlaxoSmithKline came into existence when SmithKline Beecham joined with Glaxo Wellcome. GSK (aka Glaxo Wellcome) runs its business in over 117 countries and recruits over 1110, 000 employees. 

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The New York and London stock exchanges are listed in their list. GlaxoSmithKline owns some of the reputed brands like (ulcer) Panadol Zantac, (antibiotic) Augmentin, (anti-viral) Zovirax. 

The company has adequate resources to manufacture product in three main categories namely:

  • Dental or oral healthcare
  • Over-the-counter healthcare products
  • Nutritional health care

Mission Statement of GlaxoSmithKline

The GlaxoSmithKline aims at improving the quality of life by making them feel better, do more and live longer. 

  • The pharmaceutical business sets aside three strategic priorities that aim to minimize risk, improve long-term financial growth and increase profitability. 
  • These will help to grow a global business, produce and deliver value-based products and implement a simplified operating model. 
  • Running a business with due responsibility, and ensuring that values remain embedded in the culture, helps the enterprise to meet the demand and expectations of society. 

GlaxoSmithKline Vision Statement 

  • The company strives to provide an opportunity that would bring about a drastic difference to millions of lives every day.
  • GSK follows a marketing strategy that revolves around customer perspectives while demonstrating value for money and respect for consumers. It’s aimed at operating with transparency.
  • The company takes pride in commitment towards the consumers, which enables customers to improve the quality of lifestyle. It helps the pharmaceutical company to provide customers with quality products. 

Market Share of GlaxoSmithKline

  • With a 7% market share, GSK is the second-largest global pharmaceutical enterprise. With a 3.4% market share, GSK is the third-largest OTC Healthcare company followed by Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson Inc. 
  • It won’t be wrong to classify it as an oligopoly market since the two brands Pfizer and GSK are collaborating to acquire solutions for AIDS and HIV. 

GSK Pharmaceuticals Integration

  • GSK can merge and acquire businesses of similar or different industries for vertical and lateral integration. It can collaborate with Pfire (pharmaceutical industry) and Steifel that deals with dermatology and skincare specialist.
  • Since 2009, GSK advisor has been working with human resource service provider PricewaterhouseCoopers to manage pension, training, technology, share schemes, compensations, and tax. 
  • GSK Pharmaceuticals can invest time and resources in the research and development department. It allows them to research new drugs to meet the changing demand of the consumers. 

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Marketing Mix for GlaxoSmithKline


Horlicks is viewed as one of GSK’s primary brands in the healthcare product segments. Due to the slow profit made by Horlicks, GSK came up with innovative ideas to push up the flagship of the brand. Previously, the brand targeted senior citizens by introducing Horlicks as a nourishment drink. But, now the company is changing its products and 

targeting the kids. 

Horlicks relaunched new products that are available out there. Likewise, it introduced flavors like Rich Vanilla, Chocolate, and Nectar Buzz in assorted packages that stimulate the taste bud of kids as well as nutritional supplements to the development of kids like Nutrient A, Proteins, Carb, etc. 


Horlicks as a sustenance drink focusing on offspring old enough gathering between 8-14. Youngsters these days have a gigantic effect on things that relatives purchase, and subsequently, Horlicks favor kids to buy their wellbeing drinks. Horlicks has likewise thought of items that those objective children somewhere in the range of one and three. 


In the UK, Horlicks is an exceptionally popular item that gets sold in nearly all the hypermarkets, super and mini markets. Other than that, it can be found in all the general stores. Other than that, the wholesalers disperse items, so that the groceries located in the neighborhood grain through the money and convey. 


To improve the brand awareness of Horlicks, GSK can promote the item through a television ad, radio ads. It can publicize in the theatre before a film or having an online banner. Likewise, the brand can give out gifts by radio advertisements, where the audience gets rewarded for responding to Horlick’s quizzes.

Pricing Strategy

Here, Horlicks can plan on setting the price of products as per their competitors like PediaSure, Complan, and Bornvita, and boost as they provide tough competition to Horlicks. For example, if Complan sets product price 300 rs then Horlicks can set the price range between 290 to 210 rupees. Off the chance that Bourvita provides a sachet at 20rs, then Horlicks should also keep the price of their small packet around it.

Conclusion for Case Analysis of GlaxoSmithKline(GSK)

It is safe to conclude that GSK pharmaceutical is in its growing phase. However, it should focus on improving the quality, and developing value-based health drinks and drugs. The main problem faced by the brand is the low return provided by the stakeholders and investors. An overview of health and pharmaceutical companies suggests that the industry is more likely to run out of researchers in the future. 

Henceforth, GSK should consider the probable issues and progress through the economic interim to prove its capability.

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