Primark Case Study Solution

Primark Case Study Solution

Primark is an Irish fashion retailer with its headquarters located in Dublin and Ireland. It’s named Penneys in Ireland, the place where it was founded. Penneys -the name is not used outside the Republic of Ireland, as there is an existing store with the same name somewhere owned by JC Penneys. The company operates in the United States and Europe.

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It is a unique organization, aimed at enriching the lives of everyone with fashion articles of clothing, irrespective of the social status of the individuals. Primark emerged as fashion retail, contributing its top quality and low price tag products for everyone in the society. It leaves behind a remarkable impact on ethical, societal, and environmental aspects.

Primark offers a versatile range of products like homeware, menswear, footwear, womenswear, confectionery, and beauty products. It started selling products in 2014. Since 2018 it has been selling vegan snacks.

Facts on Primark

  • Primark has been successful in the growing UK market of women’s fashion wear. In 206, it made a sale of about 17 billion euros.
  • With time Primark emerged from ‘a high-quality low price’ discounted store to a brand with celebrity quo.
  • It thought of shifting its discounted approach to the mainstream market. So, it started serving the middle-class community while competing with brands like M&S, Next to Debenhams.
  • Once it targeted people with low income. Now, it targets young, and fashion-minded individuals, aging below 35.
  • The company shifted to focus on mid-range employees. It is understood that price alone won’t do. Product design and innovation, brand differentiation, and good customer support all are essential. To shift from discount retailer to mainstream supplier, the company needs to change the organizational structure.


  • The mission statement says that the company wishes to supply high-quality products at prices perceived, offering real product value.


  • The company aims to provide customers with top-notch services and products using pricing strategies.
  • The company treats everyone with quality and care so that customers find them friendly. The company tries to be credible, and responsive.


  • Consumer social responsibility is the term used to describe how an enterprise plans and executes business processes. Processes that create an overall impact on society.
  • It is the commitment of enterprises to behave ethically and contribute to financial progress. A commitment to improving the quality of lifestyle of taskforces, and their family members, the community, and society at a greater view.

CSR of Primark

  • Primark employs 700,000 employees across 3-4 continents.
  • It makes sure that employees get respected and appreciated for their contributions.
  • The company is committed to trade and act responsively.
  • Primark’s code of conduct sets examples for retailers.
  • It offers standard pay scales and an ideal environment to its suppliers.
  • It plans exclusive programs, raising awareness and providing healthcare education to female workers.

Project on CSR

  • It collaborated with the Awaj foundation and non-governmental organizations.
  • It provides them with tools to take control of their professional and personal lives.
  • Primark works with more than 250 companies on environmental, social, and human rights.
  • The company aims to improve the health of female workers by training and educating them.

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SWOT Analysis


  • Primark offers lucrative job opportunities and employs over 27,000 individuals.
  • Primark offers good quality products to attract its customers.
  • Primark gained recognition for being a part of the ethical trading initiative.
  • It focuses on labor rights initiatives, good productions, and employee rights.


  • Poor working environments, disrespecting liberty of workers, Primark lost its reputation.
  • Primark does not advertise or promote its goods. It gives a competitive advantage to the rivals.
  • Primark got alleged for child labor causes.
  • It got negative reports for business processes involving product development and innovation.


  • It faces tough competition from businesses like M&S, ASDA, TK Maxx, Tesco, Costco, Zara, and Next. It becomes difficult for Primark to increase its market share.
  • Primark faces competition from enterprises that offer low-price items and/or services.
  • Primark suffers due to poor management quality, and inferior hi-tech standards.
  • Since most of the stores are based in Europe, the majority of sales made by the company depend on the EU, which is a slowdown trajectory.
  • The supply chain of the enterprise is susceptible to disasters, and incidents.


  • Primark continues to focus on European nations while opening stores in Madrid, Lisbon, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Vienna, and more.
  • Primark made extensive research before opening stores in North-East of Europe.
  • Sportswear is one of the segments where Primark can earn revenue.

STP Analysis of Primark

  • Primark targets fashion-obsessed consumers.
  • It concentrates on customers aging between 16 to 30 years.
  • Primark positioned itself as a low-cost fashion retailer.

Allegation against Primark

  • BBC leaked a video of a Telegu -year old girl at BhavaniSagar camp stitching sequins to a shirt. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the company’s Oxford Street store, claiming that the retailer enterprise made use of child labor.
  • As per the Association British food CSR Report of 2018, the CO2 emission of Primark increased by 15%. About 57% of GHG emission is due to the transportation of goods. As it continues, GHG emissions will increase. Though Primark monitors the routes, sort of vehicles used for transmission, it’s yet to fix goals or implement alternative sources reducing GHG emissions.

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