Impact of Digital Media Marketing on Global Community Thesis Sample

Impact of Digital Media Marketing on Global Community Thesis Sample

Thesis Statement

What current field of the working area is impacting the global community in your field of work?


The current field of work that is impacting the global community is the procurement of telecom services. This mainly includes media services and digital media. The main factors are the current trend in the expenditures in digital marketing which has a high impact on the global community. There are high chances in the expenditure and budget allocation to digital media as compared to traditional marketing media. This has been into place due to the easiness of the tracking of the advertisement campaigns and their performances.
The ROMI can easily be measured in the digital media (Weber 2009). The organizations can easily track and customize the advertisement campaign developed for specific audiences, and it is also very easy to make changes in the campaigns as compared to the traditional marketing campaigns. The digital media has helped the organizations to easily reach the targeted audiences at the right time and using the right web destinations.

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Relation of digital media with the leading organizations 

There is a high relationship between the digital media and the large organizations as the marketers in these organizations are using several online marketing mediums to effectively and efficiently approach the targeted audiences and also make a high impact on them. There is a high increase in the level of expenditure on digital media which is also providing these large organizations with growing results. These large organizations are also focussing on making huge investments in the development of their digital media and brands. The leading organizations are developing proactive measures in order to engage the customers in experiencing the digital space developed by them. The digital media has a huge relationship with the leading organizations as they are helping these organizations to grow in the global community and provide their services and products to a larger community and compete globally (Hickman 2009). 

Digital space- evidence of growing global community

The digital space marketing is the evidence of the growing and expanding global community. This is the means by which the marketers are changing the lives without being part of this trending digital service and are also having a high impact on the day to day aspects of the lives of the people. Digital marketing has a global presence and is highly affecting the lives of the people by aggressively marketing the products and services of the leading organizations in the global market. Digital marketing is highly expanding the presence of the organizations in the global market and is expanding the approach of the organizations at the international level (Ryan and Jones 2012). 

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What insights does the module will provide into the current field of study?

The core modules associated with the strategic contexts of the organizations and also the market perspectives with innovation and changes will provide better insights to the current field of study. After the completion of these modules a better understanding of the field of study will be developed and will have a greater knowledge of the industry. 

Improvement in professional performance by studying this module

Innovation and the changes in the performance can be seen by the study of this module. With the study of this module improvement in the performance can be seen as this will help in facing the changes and help in gaining innovation that may take place in both the professional and personal life. With the vast changes in the technology industry and also the mobile industry this module will aid in keeping a pace with the changing technology and maintaining my performance. With the change in the industry i.e. moving from the retail industry this module will aid in the development of my skills and will also aid in effectively performing in this industry in an effective and efficient manner.   

Description of the working environment 

The working environment of the organization I am working with has a multicultural environment due to its operations in 22 countries. The organization has people from different walks of life with varying backgrounds, skills and knowledge. The team working in groups has a constant sharing and learning environment. The professional environment includes working in teams which results into cross cultural participation of employees with better procurement of decisions and the more effective implementation of strategies. The working environment also includes the better dedication of professionals maintaining highest level of integrity, courtesy, excellence and cross functional partners and also the suppliers (Wind and Mahajan 2001). The employees of the organization are also committed for the continuous improvement of the organization and dedication of the employees with increasing performance of the employees. the employees also keep and maintain relationships in order to develop in a better and effective manner.   

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From the above analysis of the organizational perspective and the use of the digital media it can be concluded that the use of this media is highly impacting the global community at large. The current field of work in the area of the digital space is highly impacting the performance of the leading organizations and impacting the global community. It can also be concluded that the use of the digital media has helped the organizations and marketers to modify their marketing practices as per the community and the targeted audience at any point of time (Wind and Mahajan 2001).
It can also be concluded that the marketing budget using the digital marketing media must allocate a proportion of more than 5 % of the over all marketing budget on the digital marketing space. It can also be concluded that this is the evidence of the expanding global community for the organizations. It can also be concluded that the core module has helped in the appropriate development of the skills which will aid in the future performance in the organization.


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