John Lewis Case Study Sample

John Lewis Case Study Sample

John Lewis Partnership is a British company that operates Waitrose and Partner hypermarkets, banking and financial services, and other retail-based endeavors. As per the Sunday Times, John Lewis Partnership ranked third among the top 100 countries in 2016. 

John Lewis Partnership has been a member of the Global Association of departmental stores from 2004 to 2010. One of the largest departmental stores in Central London is the Peter Stores. It’s located which connects Sloane Street, and King’s Road. 

Peter Stones was established as an independent store. But, it was acquired by Lewis who was the owner of Eponymous Store in 1905. In 1929 Lewis merged two stores into one business. 

As of now, JLP owns 70,000 permanent employees working across 29 John Lewis stores, 228 Waitrose stores. It’s owned by partners who are devoted to serving patients honestly. 

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John Lewis’s Business Model

Structure, and culture at the John Lewis partnership combine to form the unique business model. 


Permanent employees are often referred to as partners in John Lewis Partnership PLC. They have the power and opportunities to settle on important decisions that can affect the companies. Organizational structure makes sure that there is a channel so that the partners can seamlessly communicate their decision. 

Out of 82 members in the partnership council, 80% of members got chosen by the partners. The company chairman appoints other staff. It takes decisions that are related to the non-commercial aspects of the business like charitable and social activities. 

The partnership is formed by five executives chosen by the partners, whereas the chairman chooses the other five directors. Working with a partner company, a partner is provided with a bonus and pension scheme. 

Openness, transparency, and fairness are some of the terms that can be used to describe the company structure of John Lewis. Profits and value earned get distributed.

The company grows and sustains relationships with the customers, employees, and suppliers. Business activities get dealt with respect, encouragement, and honesty. All these make John Lewis stand apart from the others. Moreover, it excludes shareholder partnership.

Contrast JLP Co-operative with Partnership

Co-operative and John Lewis partnership are owned and operated by partners. Company employees get rewarded with a percentile of profit. It depends on how much the partners contribute to business growth, and how much profit the company earned in the last year. Nevertheless, the core values of the business integrate responsibility, openness, and honesty.

Moreover, employees working in the JLP have access to channels, so that they can provide the management with opinions and suggestions.

Compare between JLP Co-operative and Partnership

The main difference that exists between JLP Partnership and co-operative is the nature of Organizational structure. With their commitment and strength, partners contribute to the fulfill the needs and demands of the company. 

JLP Co-operative does not have the directors recruited by the partners. The company has a partnership board that adapts to the suggestions and deals with regular affairs. Unlike other companies, members are not just the employees in JLP. They have the right and power to make decisions on behalf of the company. 

Promotion Strategy

John Lewis PLC makes use of a multi-channel system and utilizes distinctive dissemination channels to serve its clients. JLP not only operates retail outlets in England, but they also make aggressive use of online media for promoting their businesses. It includes Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Likewise, they released a mobile app to improve the client experience. John Lewis has fifty stores throughout Britain. It has a store in Heathrow Airport. JLP opened the first concession store in New South Wales, Australia. 

Pricing strategy 

It follows a competitive pricing strategy for all the items prioritizing the quality and worth. JLP Enterprise consistently benchmarks its items against others on the lookout.

Its strategy guarantees to catch the market with exceptionally competitive pricing among all players. John Lewis has a price monitoring team that consistently keeps a track of the costs of marked price of products delivered by their rivals each day both online and at the time of sales.

. If they figure out that some contender is selling a similar item with service conditions, at a lower cost, they quickly meet that cost at their online and retail stores. This technique is proving to be beneficial for the customers as they won’t find a lower cost anywhere else. If they find it, they can make a pricing match request. 

Target Customers

Being a service provider, John Lewis focuses on serving its clients and labor force. They guarantee that the clients have a decent shopping experience at the John Lewis store. The business has over 38000 representatives. The staff is very much trained and supervisors guarantee that all client demands are fulfilled. 

John Lewis makes use of several processes that guarantee the seamless operation of the retail brand. The process includes the dispatch of products from the manufacturing house, delivery of items to the warehouse of the business. From the warehouses, products are sent to the retail stores. The company website also permits the customers to browse and buy products online. 

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