Samsung Electronics Case Study Example

Samsung Electronics Case Study Example

About Samsung Electronics

As per Hope V and Balogun. J, there are four kinds of strategic changes including evolution, adaptation, revolution, and reconstruction. 

Reconstruction is a rapid change and involves a lot of dilemmas. But, it does not need paradigm changes in the way that a company does things. If the company requires a major change in organizational structure, reconstruction might be the only solution.

Reconstruction of the bureaucracy got implemented to get faster approvals for new product launches, fostering abilities to seize new opportunities. It allowed the Company CEO to make investments in key technologies while allowing them to launch several electronic products. 

Yun’s philosophy of “continuous improvement” helped Samsung to get over the economic slowdown and strengthen its brand equity. Additionally, he executed an industrial engineering concept to boost profitability and reduce production time. 

His marketing plans involved personnel innovation, process innovation, and product innovation. The business efforts implemented by Jong-Yong Yun helped Samsung Electronics to establish itself as a global market leader in the electronics industry. 

Owing to Yun’s efforts that concentrated on industrial engineering, Samsung Group emerged as South Kora’s largest conglomerate. 

With an extensive distribution and supply chain network in 61 countries, the electronic industry giant has about 160000 employees. 

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Target Market of Samsung Electronics

Market targeting options of a business includes extensive segments, selective segments, and stand-alone segment. In case segments are not specified, businesses can make use of product variety or product differentiation strategies. 

Businesses should settle on decisions regarding target marketing, depending on the product-market life cycle. Risk and uncertainty are high in the growth stage. A company gains benefits due to prior experiences, and knowledge. Still then, conditions are much more intense in the growth stage than the emerging stage. 

Positioning Strategy 

Brand positioning strategy depends on the products and/or services offered by the brand, the value it conveys, and the experience it has. Positioning strategy coincides with the brand’s capacities with customer requirements. 

Position strategy formulation integrates the promotion, value chain, product, and pricing strategy, concentrating on the target audiences and market. 

Marketing Mix of Samsung Electronics

The marketing mix of Samsung analyzes the 4 Ps and explains the marketing strategy of Samsung Electronics. In this marketing review on marketing strategy of Samsung, we will talk about how these principles helped the company to grow. It follows several marketing strategies like product/service innovation, customer experience, and marketing investment. 

Samsung Electronics manufactures a comprehensive range of 3D products. 

Samsung’s Pricing Strategy

Samsung Electronics is a global leader in smartphones and a competent player for electronic and digital home appliances. It makes use of Samsung digital marketing strategy to set distinctive pricing strategies like skimming price strategy and differential pricing strategy. 

Skimming Price Strategy: when Samsung launches a product with variable storage capacity, it sets the price a little high. When other competitors launch similar products in the market, it lowers the price. It prevents loss of market share due to product launches by competitors. 

Competitive Pricing Strategy: There is no doubt that Samsung is a trustworthy brand. Still, it didn’t surpass LG in the domestic appliance market. Samsung needs to make use of a competitive pricing strategy. Moreover, Samsung is not a fast-mover in the electronics industry. So, it needs to implement a differential pricing strategy to defend its ranking in the market. 

Place and Distribution Strategy 

it also includes the entire production and distribution cycle until the end product reaches the customers. The company makes its products available through multiple channels working on the concept of service dealers, and sales. 

Samsung Electronics directly sells its products to dealers and retailers. This case study of Samsung company shows that distribution strategy makes the dealers credible for corporate sales. Likewise, the company permits the service dealers to open their exclusive Samsung showroom. 

Due to the brand image and popularity of Samsung, retailers dealing with technological products are bound to include Samsung in its product offerings. Vijay Sales, Croma, Vivek’s, and Hypercity are some of the modern retailers dealing with Samsung products. 

Samsung also distributes its products through distributors that dispatch the products to other locations.

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Products manufactured by Samsung Electronics 

Samsung deals with a versatile range of products including television sets, washing machines, and laptops. 

Samsung invests in the research and development segment so that it can deliver superior quality products to the customers. Diverse offerings of a company to meet the customer demand of the products. 

Products and/or service offered by the electronics industry giant gets categorized into five categories. They are as follows: 

  • Mobile Gadgets: Samsung Galaxy Series, Wearables, Tablets, phones, and accessories.
  • TV/AV: It includes audio and video, accessories, and Samsung Television.
  • Information Technology: It includes monitor, printer and more
  • Memory and Storage Devices: It includes SSD, Portable SSD, USB Flash Drives, and Memory Cards

Samsung’s Promotion Strategy

Samsung keeps the social media updated with product launches. The enterprise makes use of newspapers and online media to inform the clients about the objectives, products, and/or services offered. It puts up Posters and hoardings in major cities of a country. Samsung invites celebrities for new product launches. Journals for releases, content development for publications are part of the company’s promotional activities. 

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