4 Ps of Marketing: Wilson Sporting Goods Company

4 Ps of Marketing

Marketing Mix-4 Ps of Marketing

Marketing mix is a combination of four elements like product, price, place and promotion. Marketing strategies for sports products and services are different from consumer goods and services. Here is the marketing mix for tennis equipment of Wilson Sporting Goods Company and a football program of college. The Marketing Mix assignment below is prepared by the experts from StudentsAssignmentHelp.com to help students with marketing mix assignment help. Students who seek help in preparing any marketing mix assignment or 4 P’s of Marketing assignment or any marketing assignment help like this, then you can take help from us to get the best work delivered before deadline with high level of accuracy guaranteed.

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Wilson Sporting Goods Company

Wilson is leading company in US market for tennis rackets. Wilson was the best selling brand in tennis equipment’s in the US and its success was measured through its revenue and units sold. The marketing mix of tennis equipment is as follow:
Product:- It is concerned with the features and functions of goods. Wilson provides high quality and innovative design tennis equipments according to the requirement of customers and players. It provides wide range of rackets for spin control, power control, comfort and premium rackets (Wilson: Tennis News, 2012). The company is announcing to launch a racket with spin effect technology that helps to increase spin. In this innovation, company investigated the correlation between string pattern, racket design and spin. With the help of new string pattern, players can increase their ability and spin in games. Apart from tennis rackets, company offers other tennis equipments such as tennis balls, tennis kit bags, strings and squash rackets.
Price:- The price of the product depends on the cost, level of profit, competitor prices and demand of the product. Developing right price strategy is the important in organization’s marketing strategy (Kaser & Oelkers, 2007). Wilson Company follows premium pricing strategy for its quality and innovative products just like Adidas and Nike follows.

Promotion:- The Company follows five principles in its promotional strategy such as expansion of brand, marketing through local channels, visibility of improving design and innovation in products, maintain good relations with partners and advertisers and helping customers in purchase decisions (Vartia, 2007). Wilson uses advertising in newspapers, magazines, Television to promote its products. Along with this, its uses brand endorsement to attract customers quickly towards its quality and high premium tennis equipments.
Place:- The place element involves availability of products for buying of customers. Company offers its products in most convenient way to the customers (Summers, Morgan & Summers, 2005). Customers can purchase Wilson’s products through its stores, outdoors, shopping centers and online stores. Through online stores, customers can purchase Wilson’s products easily and conveniently.

College football program

The marketing mix of IMG college football program provides overview about the team, its fees, promotional tools and game events.
Product:- In the product of football program, various dimensions are included such as team players, performance of the team during the program, other things that are used to build recognition like t-shirts with logo and numbers, different color for t-shirts of both teams to easy recognition, football and other things (Summers, Morgan & Summers, 2005).
Price:- In the price, fees of joining of football team for players and price of tickets to see the match are included. In this football program, players have to pay $180 for join this team. This fee is used by team in operational expenses such as travel expense, field rentals, purchasing of equipment, dresses and other necessary things. Along with this, sports fans pay a two part pricing (Mullin, Hardy & Sutton, 2007). Initially, fans and viewers have to pay $5 to purchase the tickets of this football program. After entering, they purchase other products like food, drink and souvenirs. Sometimes, this football program follows price bundling in that whole season tickets are sold at bundled price with some food items and flight and hotel charges.
Place:- In this year, this team will be playing its home games on college ground and its new campus at centennial field (Kaser & Oelkers, 2007). This new place is convenient for football fans and comfortable and easy accessible.
Promotion:- This team receives direct and indirect financial support for advertising and promoting themselves and their games. Fans promote them indirectly through buying and wearing their licensed products and t-shirts (Mullin, Hardy & Sutton, 2007). Along with this, sponsors promote the team and players directly by paying for the advertising and media to promotion.
So, above is the discussion of 4 Ps of Marketing (marketing mix) of sports products and services with the help of Wilson tennis equipment and football program of IMG College.


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