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Writing a book report for school and college is always a challenge for the graduates owing to the format and outline of the book report.  It becomes tough for the students to start with the book report because they have no idea about preparing the outline of such reports. That is why Students Assignment Help experts have provided free of cost help to the students here to enable them for writing a good book report.

The free sample of a book report outline is provided below to those who are getting into difficulty for writing a good outline for their book report. So if you are on the same road and cannot work out with your outline of the college level book reports get tips from the given sample below. The free book report outline sample is given here by the Students Assignment Help professionals for free of cost.

Example of Book report outline on Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret

Sample introduction of Book Report 

  • Byrne talks about the law of attraction in her Novel, The Secret which described how the same frequencies of the universe match and reflect in the form of life incidences.
  • If we will send positive frequencies to the universe we will get positive incidences in our life and vice-versa. The law of attraction is explained by various examples like people get recovered from serious injuries when they make up a positive mind.
  • Wealth gets accumulated to people who think about it. In a nutshell, Rhonda Byrne makes people believe how the magic of frequencies work secretly to affect your life both in a positive and negative way.

Example of Main Body 

Plot Summary

  • The entire book of Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret revolved around the law of attraction that how once can make or break his life.
  • If we will think positive only positive incidences are going to be in our life and vice- versa.
  • The books also talk about the confused frequencies that if you are sending mix frequencies to the universe it will boomerang with the same effect. For example, if you are thinking that it is very easy to pass the exam and you can pass it but at the same time your heart contradict to your brain then you might end of failing the exam.
  • The signal should be clear for getting the best results from the universe. Byrne asks its readers to imagine that you have already achieved the things which you want to achieve by fooling your mind. It will help you to send the positive vibes to the universe and you will get the best results in back.
  • The authenticity of the law of attraction is explained through various examples like gratitude stone and other examples in her book as well. That is how the entire book revolves around the law of attraction only and it is connected to science through frequencies and wavelength

Analysis and description of the book

  • After analyzing the book meticulously by observing the content of the book we will find it hard to believe in such things in the present time. But Rhonda Byrne also tries to use her concept through physics by citing the game of frequencies.
  • According to science, the same charges do repel each other while opposite poles remain in harmony with each other. But Byrne is stating opposite here that when we emit positive frequency we get positive frequencies in return as well. So it is objectionable to her book.
  • She says that one should think more about the things that are required by the one to get them in their life. The more we think about our needs higher will be the chance of getting them. But there is a number of people who are not able to manage their food of the day. Well, they would never have thought about food, none of them? Of course they do every day but eventually, kiss the dust because the law of attraction does not work for them on practical grounds.
  • The Byrne asks the readers to think that they have already achieved the success and it will help them to send positive vibes. But how one case disguises his own soul by lying, it appears almost impossible for a normal human being. So we can see the impact of the law of attraction getting failed here as well.


  • Rhonda Byrne’s The secret is not that much efficient to win our soul. Whatever described in the book is contradictory as we can see through various example cited above.
  • The book appears great when we are reading it owing to its influential language but in actual grounds, it is not helpful to carry out the functions is to ask the readers. At every step of the book, there is a contradiction and it is very tough to accept the content of the book normally.
  • Many people are in a view that book is helpful for them and they are having a good time in their life by following the points mentioned in the book.
  • The popularity of the book is very high worldwide and the book also wins multiple prizes as well.
  • We cannot say it is completely useless because being positive is not going to harm your health at any stance, even will keep you healthy and happy.

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