What is Concert Report and How to Write It

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As musicians, it is important that we go to other musician’s concerts to support them, think critically about the art, and apply those criticisms to our art. If you are given the assignment to go to a concert (school,  classical event) that you did not participate in and write a response in essay format. Then it can be quite difficult for you to write such a report. Therefore, in this article, our professionals are providing you with an outline, format, and process of writing concert reports.

Definition of a concert report

A concert is a musical performance given in public. The concert report is a collective presentation of the perspective and opinions of the person about a specific musical event. You for writing such a report need to analyze the event thoroughly.

The main purpose of the concert report is to positively influence children for thinking analytically about the music, the experience of the performers and the audience members, and the whole context of the performance,

A concert or event report has great importance, as it enables students to convey an informative and interesting description of their experience to someone who wasn’t there at the event. You can write a concert report on the performance of music.

Concert report format

The formatting of the concert report is completely based on music genres. Proper formatting of a concert report is very much essential to get good grades. The format of the concert report includes the following:

  • You should ensure that it is double-spaced.
  • It is very much essential for you to make sure that there is no additional unnecessary space between paragraphs.
  • The length of the concert report should be a minimum of three to six pages. In case your concert paper is more than 6 pages then you need to write it concisely and carefully.
  • In your concrete report, you need to include the original program page from, the concert event. If you did not include the original program page then there are chances of rejection of your report. Forgetting to pick up tickets, forgetting to save them, or losing them after the concert are not excuses for failure to include them. In case there are no tickets than in such a situation you need to discuss with your tutor about the same.
  • You need properly staple all supporting material. You can write your name on the program and the ticket stub. It is the tactics that will help you in making sure that supporting material does not get separated.
  • In a concert report, the objective description consists of the majority of the part. Subjective reaction and performance sections are generally short.  It means that you need to include much detail in the objective section.

Note: It is very much essential for you to note that all crucial material in your report is there in an objective description.

Concert report outline

Name of student

Name of group

Date of performance

Title of 1st piece

Objective description

here, you need to include detail about what you have observed in the music at the performance. It is very much essential for you to describe every movement of the piece. You should write a separate paragraph for every movement. Here, students need to give a narrative of their observations.  For instance, you can provide information about rhythm, melody, tempo, instruments, form, etc. You need to provide detail about each piece you have performed during the concert.

Subjective reaction

  • It is a section where you need to provide detail about your emotional response to the music. At the same time, you also need to provide proper justification for your specific reaction towards music.
  • You need to write one paragraph of subjective reaction for every piece of the concert.
  • Students need to write a single paragraph.
  • In subjective reaction, you need to describe how you reacted, and point to elements of the music which has influenced your reaction.

Title of every piece of the concert

 Objective description and subjective reaction

In this section, you need to provide information about each piece performed during the concert. Here, it is very much essential for you to ensure that the description you are giving presents the music in the same sequence in which it was played at the performance.

Quality of performance

It is the last section of the concert report. Here, you need to provide a brief conclusion of the report. While writing this section of the report you need to mainly emphasize the concert as a whole. In this section, you need to include important features of overall performance. It is very much essential for you to provide influence which particular concert has on your life.

How to write a concert report?

. Step by step guide for report writing is given here by those having good experience in writing various types of reports.

  • Accumulate the basic points you want to include in a concert report

The first thing that you are supposed to do is gather some information about the concert like which singer was present at the event. At the same time, there are so many other little things that need to be taken into account before starting concert report writing.

It is very important to have authentic data for a report before start working on it. So if you are writing a concert report you need to know about every single thing about the concert. So collect the data like the sort of songs sung, singers, composers, and lights, etc.

You cannot ignore the detail regarding the instruments and sounds used in the concert as well. That is how the beginning of writing good concert report by the students.

Have a look at the steps that you need to take before starting your concert report below.

  1. The types of music used in the concert.
  2. Problems experienced in the musical instruments during the concert.
  3. Several people attended the concert.
  4. Count of singers at the concert and how many of them sung well.
  • Try to analyze every single part of the concert critically

It is important to analyze the things once you have accumulated enough information regarding the concert. This is because you cannot go on writing the things as it is without adding your personal experience in the report. The report should not be written in the first person of course but you can reflect on the points through valid points. Many people fail to analyze things critically and this fails a disaster in writing concert reports of the best quality. So it is important to have good analytical skills for writing such reports.

  • Try to know the taste of your target audience

Now in the next step learn about the interests of your target audience that what they will like in your report. Mold your report according to the expectations of your audience this is the best way to write a concert report. The main reason for writing it is to let the people critically know about the concert without any fume of biases.

  • Critically understand the pros and cons of the concert

Once you understand the taste of your target audience just gear up for analyzing the entire concert on critical grounds. Go to a flashback of the things in minute depth to catch the minor realities and then prepare for the report. You need to show both the dark and bright phases of the concert to your readers. This is another important point that you cannot forget while going through report writing.

  • Follow a set format and structure for writing a concert report

There are a set pattern and format for writing a concert report or for that matter any other report. The students need to follow this pattern to write their reports for the college assignments. Many students follow the same pattern as that of a concert review for writing a wrong concert report. Both of them are having a wide range of differences which must be clear to the college students before writing the report. That is how the proper pattern in a concert report can be maintained easily.

  • Introduction

In the introduction part, the report writer is supposed to describe the place where the event took place, who were the singer, musicians, and the time for which it continued. In simple words, The introductory part of a concert report talks about the background of the event that its locality, singers, set up, and songs. The major highlights and briefing about the concert will be done in the introduction of the concert report by graduates. Make sure that you are very much conscious while writing the introduction of your report as it can create and ruin the interest of your readers easily. The opening should be grand and professionals with interesting lines like that of an essay hook.

Next, it is also important to let the readers know about the musical instruments used in the concert and how was the crowd at the concert. In a nutshell, you are supposed to give a complete highlight of the event to your readers in an interesting way.

  • Description

Now describe the things in depth by using your critical skills to analyze them in the description part of the report. You can describe every single performance that is given at the concert. The main purpose of writing a concert report description is to give a deep idea about every moment to the readers in a professional tone.

For example, the lights that were used in the concert, how was the sound system that was present in the concert, the singers, composing of the music, time of concert and locality, etc. Make sure that you are becoming interesting and critical both while describing the things of the concert in the description part of the concert report. That is how the description plays a significant role in the report.

  • Evaluation

How you reflect on the main points of the concert will fall under the evaluation of the concert in the report. You need to perspectives things by evaluating them individually in this part of the concert report. Here, you need to evaluate negative things that you come across during the report along with positive points? Evaluation of the concert will be done based on the description in the above part of the report. Here you need to evaluate the entire concert for your audience so that they can make a judgment about it. Just help them to visualize the entire concept through your report. You must not mess up with your evaluation part while writing a report on the concert.

  • Conclusion

Here,  you need to wrap up the things at a glance by covering all the points. You just need to give an impression of the concert to your readers or viewers about a report in the concluding part of the report. There is no need to describe anything in this part of the report for the college students. The conclusion of your report should be brief but not filthy and soulless. Make it interesting and relevant by discussing the important points related to the concert.

Note: Refrain from adding personal comments

Make sure that you are not involving yourself while writing a given concert report. Just keep it formal like an academic piece of writing. That is how you can become the best report writer for college to achieve a good score. Writing in the first person is a blunder which should be avoided by the graduates in their concert reports.

Concert report essay example

Bunker hill community college
16 Nov. 2019
Local community college
The classical music concert was organized by the International Education week club. The concert was hosted to provide students with the opportunity to showcase their talent. Jackson was a french music composer. He does not fit in any of the leading genres of music. Jackson is well known for his wide-ranging music compositions. He often utilizes components of multiple musical eras in a single paper. Jackson is popular for his voice. He uses a piano which is a characteristic of Jackson’s known diversity in music genres. After listening to his feeling I usually notice romanticism. The rhythm of his music indicates romantic music which takes place due to voice pitch and piano.

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