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Academic Writing Guide

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Language Techniques

Language Techniques

What is the Language Technique and How we can use it? Language techniques are t ...

An in-depth look at Annotated Bibliography

An in-depth look at Annotated Bibliography

Many of us are familiar with the term bibliography, but we may not know the type ...

How to Write an Ethnography – Step by Step Full Guidance]

How to Write an Ethnography – Step by Step Full Guidance

Ethnography is written by analyzing a community or society based on their day to ...

Difference Between Report and Essay Writing for UK Students

Difference Between Report and Essay Writing for UK Students

Reports and essays both play a significant role in academic writings while repor ...


Business Proposal Writing Detailed Guide [How to Write – Step by Step]

A business proposal refers to the kind of document designed in a way in order to ...


Conceptual Framework – Definition & Writing Tips

The conceptual framework is one of the questions running in the minds of college ...


What is Literature Review -Definition,Purpose And Outline [Complete Guide]

Generally, a literature review refers to the secondary sources which do not repo ...


What is a Capstone Project [Steps to Write]

A capstone project is written by the students in college just before the final s ...


Detailed Guide On Report Writing [ Importance, Features, Types ]

Before understanding types of reports, first, let’s see what does a report mea ...


Types Of Assessment

What Is An Assessment - In terms of education, assessment is referred to as the ...


Market Analysis Report Writing Tips- Structure And Example

In order to prepare the business marketing students for the professional stage o ...


Nursing Paper Types and Writing Guide – Topic Suggestions

The nursing students are asked to write nursing papers on topics like clinical r ...