What is Language Techniques?

Language Techniques
Language techniques are the elements which the writer brings to his or her story to focus on the theme on which they are emphasizing. It plays a crucial factor in writing an essay or story. Language t

Writing Annotated Bibliography

An in-depth look at Annotated Bibliography
Many of us are familiar with the term bibliography, but we may not know the types of bibliography. There are different forms of bibliography, one of them being Annotated Bibliography.Let us see wh

How to Write Discussion Paper

How to Write Discussion Paper for College in UK
In some cases, students believe that writing a discussion paper is easier than writing any other kind of writing. They are right to some extend. A discussion paper provides you with unique opportunity

Write an Ethnography

How to Write an Ethnography – Step by Step Full Guidance]
Ethnography is written by analyzing a community or society based on their day to day life, culture, and customs. The person who is writing must be acquainted with the society or community on which the

Difference Between Report and Essay Writing for UK Students

Difference Between Report and Essay Writing for UK Students
Reports and essays both play a significant role in academic writings while reports present the strict data and essay is a mixture of personal views and facts. There are several types of reports and es

Poetry Punctuation & Capitalization With Rules and Examples

Poetry Punctuation & Capitalization With Rules and Examples
We offer The punctuation of a poem mainly includes commas, colons and literary devices at right place. It is very essential to punctuate a poem in order to make a sense out of it. Starting from the po

Story Starter Ideas

Story Starter Ideas
The beginning of a story should be catchy and interesting to hold the interests of the readers. That is why story starters serve a big role in the process of writing various types of stories. The open

How To Write An Informal Letter – Format,Definition,Examples, Writing Tips for Good Start

What Is An Informal Letter?  Letter writing is a crucial skill that should be own by each and every student. There is a wide significance of writing, also we can say black and white communication, f

How to Write a Term Paper

Most of the students take admission in schools and colleges just for a degree or a job. For getting a degree students must have to submit term papers to their professors. A lot of students feeling str

Business Proposal Writing Detailed Guide [How to Write – Step by Step]

Writing a business proposal is not an easy task.  Students, in order to write business proposals, need to convincingly articulate understanding about issues faced by clients. We are providing you wit

Five Minutes Presentation – PPT Topic Ideas for College Students

Small presentations though appear very easy but when it comes to prepare then and present in front of the audience they are a bit challenging. Every detail needs to be included in minimum time and wor

How to write a Case Study

Case studies are very crucial for college students because Gaining good academic grades can be very challenging for students, especially when it comes to submitting educational papers before the final

Write a Bibliography

When the college or school have completed their research and finally have written it in the form of an essay. They can present it in front of the readers. However, it can be challenging for the studen

How To Write A Letter Of Recommendation

The Actual Definition Of Recommendation Letter -   A letter of recommendation is a letter written to recommend or suggest someone for a job title or post in the organization he or she working or re

How To Write A Letter – Job Application Letter

Are you among the one who wishes to write a letter to apply for a job application?  I think everyone wants this. Even if there is the case when the employers don’t ask for a job application letter,

How to Write an Outline For Assignment

Before starting the outlined task, the school or college students have first to decide the active topic on which they are going to prepare their paper. After selection of the topic or subject students

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