Difference Between Report and Essay Writing for UK Students

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Reports and essays both play a significant role in academic writings while reports present strict data and essay is a mixture of personal views and facts. There are several types of reports and essays based on the field in which they are written and the pattern of writing.

For example, reports are written for business purposes are known as business reports and similarly, we have law reports, science reports, etc. Types of essays like argumentative, persuasive, and critical essays can also be seen in academic writings. But it is important for UK graduates to understand the difference between report and essay while writing a college assignment.

This is because college students are often asked to write a report and essay in Birmingham, Oxford, and London, etc. by professors. You can get the best understanding between the two from the given differences listed below by the experts.

What are a report and an essay?

A report is a formal piece of writing like that of an essay but they are quite different from each other. A report is merely a gathering of information and its representation in a set pattern to make certain crucial inferences. Reports are of different types like lab reports, business reports, police reports, and annual reports of college, and so on.

On the contrary, an essay is written by using facts to prove a hypothesis by the writer. Essays are neither factless and nor purely based on facts. Argumentative, literary, compare and contrast essay and cause and effect essays are a few types of academic essay writing.

Importance of knowing the difference between two

Reports and essays form a prevalent part of graduates’ academic writings given in the form of assignments in the United Kingdom. As a result of which it is important for the college students to understand the minute differences between an essay and a report. Confusion between the two can cause a serious blunder in the assignments of coursework written by the graduates in London and other parts of the UK.

Major Differences Between a Report and Essay Writing

The difference between the essay and the report is given here to the college students of the United Kingdom by experts. You can easily observe these differences before writing an essay and report for college in the UK.

  • Difference Based on Definition

A report is a presentation of facts and figures in a proper pattern so that a meaningful conclusion or information can be collected. The charts and tables are used to present the information in a report along with paragraph writings. On the contrary, an essay is a loose sally of mind  dependent on a line of argument which writer develop through facts and experiences . The use of diagrams and figures is not appropriate to the essay writing style.

  • Structural Difference Between Report and Essay

The different parts of a report are introduction, facts, inferences, analysis, and discussion mainly. But an essay could be of three layers essay outline or a five-layer outline which includes the thesis statement, introduction, main body, conclusion, and bibliography. So we can see this major difference in writing a report and essay.

  • The difference on the Basis of Essay and Report Types

You can differentiate an essay and a report based on its types. For example, Report types include Law report, business report, book report, formal report, informal report, etc.

Similarly, we can also divide the essay into argumentative, personal narrative essays, contrast essays, reflective essays, explanatory essays, etc. This is one of the best differences between a report and an essay.

  • Function-based Difference Between a Report and Essay

This is how the report and essays differ from each other in various perspectives. 

A report is a step-by-step description of a set process and its result.The essay is a reflection of an individual’s thoughts on a given topic.
One cannot write one’s perspective and views in a report, and everything needs to go through a set pattern.It is important to reflect on the thesis of the essay in an optimum proportion of facts and personal views.
You can include  subheads in reports  like introduction, main arguments, and facts, inferences, analysis, and discussions.The essay includes the hypothesis, introduction, main body, and conclusion as to its sections.
The types of reports are lab reports, experiment reports, business reports and law reports, etc.Essay types include argumentative essay, process essay, critical essay, and literary essay, etc.
The main goal of writing a report is to give factual information to the reader.

The use of diagrams, flow charts, etc. in a report is a very common part of report writing in academics.



The essay is a combination of facts and critical analysis on the topic as well.

one cannot afford to include any diagram or flow chart while writing an essay for academic purposes.

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