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Assignment on Performance management can be defined as the process of managing the performance of oneself in an organization and that of the employees of the organization. It helps in reviewing and monitoring the performance of the employees which is a must to understand how effectively and efficiently the organizations’ work is being done by the employees of the organization.

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Performance Management: Introduction

Performance management is a process of evaluating different aspects of an organizational structure, often with the aim to increase efficiency. Performance management has various approaches to setting expectations for behaviours and results that are measured into factors including employee transfer or being put on probation.

Performance management is one of the most important parts of a successful company, no matter if it’s a small startup or a large firm.
Underperforming employees may need to be disciplined or fired in order to maintain a good work ethic even with individuals that do not have a strong performance.
Frequent feedback from supervisors can go a long way in improving employee engagement and interest which will hopefully lead to positive company performance as they are most likely attempting their hardest despite any interests they may have. In addition, frequent feedback also keeps employee morale high by reinforcing recognition for positive achievements which help keep them engaged at work and motivated towards maintaining those achievements going forward.

Features Of Performance Management

  1.  Identify talents or correct gaps in skillsets
  2. Have open discussions on career development requirements, challenges, strengths etc.
  3. Evaluate achievements against expectations with medium/ short term goals set for employees
  4. Encourage empowerment so that they contribute their ideas for evolving policies within the organisation as needed.

Importance Of Performance Management

  1. Encour­ages Employ­ee Reward and Recognition
  2. Boost Employ­ee Engage­ment and Productivity
  3. Helps to Cre­ate Employ­ee Devel­op­ment Strategies
  4. Allows for the Exchange of Feedback
  5. Cre­ates Clar­i­fi­ca­tion Con­cern­ing SMART Goals

Topics Covered In Our Performance Management Assignment

  • Organizational development: This concept refers to studying the concepts of underperformance management which aid in the development of the organization. The performance of the employees has a direct impact on the working of the organization and also its development. Thus, that is what is studies under this branch to understand how the development of the organization and how the employees’ performance is related to one another.
  • Performance measurement: This branch of performance management refers to studying the measurement aspects in which the performance of the employees can be analyzed and evaluated. There are a lot of criteria that are considered on a scale to underhand how differently the employees perform and it makes it easier to understand which are employees are better, who need improvement, and more.
  • Behavioural systems analysis: This branch of performance management studies the behaviour of the employees and makes sure to analyze it. the behaviour of the employees is a part of their permeance and thus, it is important.
  • Operational performance management: This branch of performance management studies how the employees take under various operations of the organization. If you need help with performance management then it is important to see how employees perform the options of the organization and this is the reason this subject is studied along with Pestle Analysis, Strategy, SWOT Analysis.
  • Organizational behaviour management: This branch of performance management deals with the behaviour of the employees with the organization and how one can manage it. The behaviour of the organization is formed by its employees and the behaviour of the organization influences its performance.
  • Improved management control: In this branch of performance management, the strategic HRM  functions are enhanced. The control function of the management is put forth to measure the performance of the employees, compare it with the actual performance, and then make out the deviations and take actions that will aid in its improvement.
  • Performance planning, and several others.: This branch of performance management deals in the planning of the performance of the employees. Under this, the employees are assigned various jobs, duties, and more by which they can display their capabilities.

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