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Key Elements On Dream


Dreams are considered a reflection of what we imagine and think in the subconscious state of our mind. It is a much-debated arena of psychology these days when people give their perception about dreams and their origin. Here we will try to find a relevant answer to the question that what are dreams and how we come to have such dreams. Also, the effect of dreams on our personality will be discussed through various research methods.

The role of psychology in dreams and mental illness associated with a dream in excessive proportion are considered for the research in a paper. By the end of the paper, you will be able to understand the cause and origin of these dreams on psychological grounds very effectively.


There is no single individual on this earth who has not got a single encounter with the dreams in his life. Almost each one of us has gone through different types of dreams throughout our lives at multiple stages. Some of them are even so dangerous that we get shook from inside when waking up in the morning like a sudden death of the person we love the most of falling from a height etc. Here we will make every effort to come up with the proper illustrations that back the cause of dreams in human life. Also, the significance of dreams will be discussed with great depth here through authentic resources by doing research. The main motif of the research paper is to know whether having a lot of dreams while sleeping is natural and healthy or it is a sign of ailment. Also, the solution to get rid of excessive drama while sleeping will also be discovered.

Reviews Of Literature

Psychologists have been conducting research about dreams for ages. In one such study by J. Allan Hobson, Alan Worsley, and Robert McCarley they instructed a student to watch EEGs of a person who was sleeping and believed to be dreaming. The results showed a high amount of activity in the brain during the REM sleep stage which is considered to be an indicator for being in a state of dreaming.

According to studies conducted on dreams, it has been found that there are three main stages involved when we experience our dreams; these include rapid eye movement (REM), non-rapid eye movement (NREM), and pre-REM. During the REM stage, our eyes move very rapidly from side to side. This suggests that we are in a state of dreaming and experiencing some sort of information through our dreams.


Both research methodologies and methods are used to carry out research on dreams here. Through quantitative methods, the data is collected about the number of dreams that an average group of people comes across in a given week. Also, qualitative methods are used to research ground realities to understand whether these dreams were from subconscious thinking or something else.

By doing massive research through authentic data collected from questionnaires, surveys, and online data present we become able to complete the research through both qualitative and quantitative resources. That is how results are accumulated through genuine research and not just by stealing the research points of other people on the same topic given earlier. The data collected from the questionnaires is really authentic and thus results are also rich in their authenticity without any tinge of doubt in them.


Although no one can actually confirm whether or not dreams contain any useful information, it has been observed that people who have had more lucid dreams tend to be more creative during the daytime. Frequent dreamers also tend to perceive things in a more practical way rather than others whose minds wake up completely when they wake up from sleep. Even though there is a lack of evidence, but it has been found that children develop self-awareness faster when compared to adults as their brains start functioning in an active manner during REM stages when they are asleep.

Types of Dreams

Dreams can be categorized into different types based on the psychological perspective. According to Freud, dreams are a reflection of our unconscious mind which is filled with repressed thoughts and emotions. He also believed that during dreaming these repressed thoughts become visible in form of images or sounds while some may take the shape of animals or other objects. Jung contradicted this theory by suggesting that the unconscious mind stores all information in form of archetypes which takes the shape of symbols instead. Rollo May on the other hand suggested that dreaming is about finding yourself rather than others whom you have projected yourself upon while dreaming. Even though there are many schools of thought when it comes to understanding dreams, but most research suggests that dreams are merely the result of random firing of neurons in the brain rather than storing any repressed feelings.

Types of Sleep

Sleep has been categorized into two types; these include REM and non-REM sleep. Non-REM sleep is further divided into stages one till four. The first stage includes muscle relaxation while the other three stages include deep sleep ( slow-wave sleep ). During all these stages heart rate, breathing, and brain activity slows down. REM sleep on the other hand contains a high amount of brain activity. It is similar to wakefulness where we experience rapid eye movement while also hallucinating images and sounds that seem very real during this period.

Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are those where the dreamer becomes aware that he/she is dreaming and starts controlling his/her dream accordingly. It has been observed that for some people lucid dreams occur naturally, but some have to teach themselves how to become aware during a dream. The advantage of such dreams can be immense as one can try out anything without any consequences which would otherwise affect their lives when they are awake. Another benefit includes increased self-knowledge about our own unconscious mind through random images or information that we seem to recall from our “nonsense” dreams.

Lucid dreams can be achieved by keeping a dream journal and making a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and then going back to sleep. When we do this, our mind starts remembering our last dream as well as takes us straight to the REM stage where we tend to lucid dream at high percentages(20-40%) (Rosenberg,1999). Famed sleeping expert Dr. Johnathan Crick has suggested that taking 5htp supplements before going to bed increases the likeliness of lucid dreaming during REM stages. Even though not much is known about why we should ideally take it around an hour before sleep, but there are many who believe that taking 5htp helps them achieve lucidity. According to them caffeine, alcohol, any sleeping medication should be taken only at the time of going to bed as they decrease the likelihood of lucid dreaming.


The results of the research can be drawn in such a way that dreams are neither purely derived from the subconscious state of the person nor from the vacuum. It is a continuous process that is a mixture of what we think most about in our life and also a result of the stress that we go through in a hectic life. Due to excessive tiredness of the brain, weird things start to accumulate in our brain on which we have no control and then get mixed with some life situations that we go on thinking often.

That is why people who are working and leading over-occupied life are more prone towards the dreams on a regular basis as compared to those who are living a healthy and peaceful life. Though having few counts of dreams in your life is normal as we think much even in the peaceful state an excess of them can be significantly harmful to both our personality as well and health. That is why it is crucial to judge the symptoms of mental healthcare-related issues when you are coming across plenty of dreams in line daily.


In psychology, we can consider excessive dreams as a problem in the person’s psychology which needs to be treated. Although there are not severe effects of these dreams on our health people facing the serious issue of hypertension are more prone to issues when they come across a dream which is scary and raise the blood pressure in the body. That is why it is always suggested that go for a psychological session and get counseling from the psychiatrist to deal with this problem.

If ignored for a long time it can cause issues in your health and insomnia of course which is not good for having a healthy body.  Those who avoid the session of psychologist often remain confused about their task and their work efficiency also reduce as compared to healthy people. More changes must be done to the lifestyle to prevent it from over hectic schedules. That is the way by which we can live a healthy and prosperous life without any mental health issues.


There are many who believe that lucid dreams can help in enhancing creative thinking skills. It allows us to let our imagination roam free and create wonders which we generally tend to doubt or fear while awake. So next time you feel like flying, remember that it cannot hurt you!

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