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Human Resource assignment help services are rendered by StudentsAssignmentHelp.com for the students’ in need. Human resource management is a field that is gradually gaining in value as well as status. In the global business environment, HRM has become a full-fledged management theory with an ample number of implications at the practical level. Various changes both inside and outside the business have led to influencing the managers at the top level to give due attention and significance to human resources and recognize it as the specific and distinct area of operation within the whole organization.

Besides the changes such as growing specialization of labor, rising conflicts and tensions in the relations of labor-management, and increasing size of the workforce, other types of factors have also contributed to the increasing attention given to human resources these days (Andrews 2013). The other factor includes the rising awareness among people at the management level about the growing significance of human resources in a dynamic and changing context of business in the global environment. Many organizations in varying industries have started to view human resources as the direct and efficient way to attain a competitive advantage in the business market (Durai 2013). The essay discusses factors that have driven the evolution of the field of HRM, critical challenges, and impact on HR practitioners in an increasingly global business environment.