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Students Assignment Help June 25, 2016

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Critical Review Report: Expectation and reality in ERP implementation


The article illustrates the views and opinion of consultant and solution provider on the expectation and reality in enterprise resource planning. The purpose of the study was to gain an understanding of the expectation and reality in enterprise resource planning for gaining an analysis of need to implement enterprise resource planning in IT systems. In order to achieve this, the researcher has demonstrated a survey to develop a better understanding of the challenges faced in ERP implementation. The results obtained from the survey are supported with the help of literature to support the findings obtained from conducting the survey.

Overview of the text

The research has used both primary and secondary sources of information for gaining a deeper insight into the research topic. The article presents an original research conducted by the researcher for exploring the challenges faced by organisations while implementing enterprise resource planning system. The different sections of the text used in the research paper are a brief overview of existing literature on the research topic, methodology section for collecting primary data for the research study, results of the survey, implications of the results and a conclusion section for future work to be carried out on the research topic. The research is qualitative as it mainly involves the use of secondary data in order to examine and analyse the research topic. The methodology used in the present research paper is appropriate as it involves the usage of both primary and secondary sources of the information. Survey methodology is carried out through the questionnaire method in which ERP solution providers and consultant s were included. The sample size selected is large to provide a solid base to the research. The views and opinions of the respondents are interpreted appropriately trough the help of graphical methods to represent the data collected in a proper format before the readers (Helo, 2008).

Evaluation of the text

The author has presented in the research paper in a proper format which help the reader to gain a proper understanding regarding the research topic. The main points that can be summarised from the overall text of the research paper can be described as follows. The author has highlighted the fact that ERP implementation is a risky and challenging investment for a company. Organisations are increasingly implementing enterprise resource planning for proper management of operational functions of an organisation such as production planning, materials management, sales and marketing etc. The article presented the fact there is increasing opportunity for software developers to develop new models through the implementation of enterprise resource planning to support the complex needs of organisations (Leon, 2013). The overall text used by the researcher gave various meaningful insights into the research topic.


Deductive approach has been sued by the researcher in the present research paper. The author has collected information from all the relevant sources for enhancing the credibility of the research study. The sources include survey, journals articles, newspaper accounts, books etc. The author has very well implemented the use of a statistical approach for analysing the data collected for carrying out the research study. Thus, the text of the research is highly valuable to analyse and examine the expectations and reality in the implementation of enterprise resource planning in organisations (Helo, 2008). The different sections of the study are well aligned with each other and are connected to provide an easy way to conduct the research study. The key findings obtained from the data collected have also been discussed in detail in the implication part of the research study. Thus, the article is subjective as well as provides practical insights into the research topic examined for achieving the aims and objectives of the research study. However, the article mainly incorporates the use of primary sources for analysing the research topic and puts little emphasis on secondary data. Thus, the article has more practicality and is less subjective. This is the main limitation of the research study (Helo, 2008).


Thus, a critical review of the whole article has illustrated that the author has very well framed and documented the whole research study into the article by fitting together various sections of the research study. The data of the research study adequately supports the conclusion drawn by the researcher at the end of the research study. The conclusions incorporate the use of both primary and secondary sources of information for attaining a specific answer for the research questions. The work of the author will also prove to be extremely beneficial for carrying out the future research work in this direction.



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