Develop and Implement Strategic Marketing Plan- Australian Dive Shop

Develop and Implement Strategic Marketing Plan-

Question: Part 3: Report Strategic Marketing Plan: Australian Dive Shop

As well as developing the above strategic report you are required to provide a supporting report which addresses the following questions:

Review, Analyse and Development Phase

• How are communication skills applied in the development and implementation of a
• How are problem-solving skills applied in the development and implementation of a
• How are SWOT and PEST methodologies applied for strategic planning?
• How the value chain and statistical data were analysed?
• What financial skills were used to consider the resource implications of the proposed strategies?
• How was the accuracy and currency of research information ensured?
Develop and implement strategic plans
Writing and Implementation phase
• How has risk management been applied to the due diligence check of partner- organisation’s documentation?
• What are the relevant legislation and codes and by-laws that need to be considered in the development and implementation of the final Strategic plan?
Evaluation phase
• How has learning been built into the Strategic Planning process?
• How have technology skills been used to analyse data and present findings in relation to the Strategic Management process?
• In what way does the development and implementation of a Strategic Plan demonstrate the skills of planning and organising


Your report should show evidence of your knowledge and skills in strategic management by confirming organisational mission and values, analysing the internal and external environment, writing a strategic plan and implementing the plan.
As well as the formal strategic plan be sure to include as part of the report (which may be contained in the appendices) the following supporting documentation:
1. Your SWOT data
2. Your PEST data
3. An organisational values statement
4. State how you gained support for your plan and who you gained it from
5. State who you circulated your plan to and what comments they made
6. State the individuals that received briefings about the plan
7. Review the effectiveness of your plan.

Answer: Strategic Marketing Plan: Australian Dive Shop



The research study is based on the importance of strategic marketing plan for the success and growth of every organisation. In today’s global era, it is difficult for every organisation to survive without effective marketing strategies. These strategies help the organisations to attract customers and withstand heavy competition. The marketing campaigns and strategies adopted by the company help them to survive in the competitive world and differentiate itself from the others in the same market (Steiner, 2010). In this report, the main focus is to highlight the marketing strategies that can be adopted by Australian dive shop (ADS) to survive in the competitive world.

Review, Analyse and Development Phase

Application of Communication Skills in the Development and Implementation of a Strategic Plan:- Communication is one of the important factors which is necessary in the development and implementation of a strategic plan. Australian dive shop (ADS) need to apply effective communication skills so that it can fulfil its main aim and objectives (West, Ford and Ibrahim, 2010). There are different communication skills which can be applied in the marketing of a strategic plan. These skills would help the company to clearly communicate its objectives to the customers. Communication skills include clear and effective communication, taking feedback, two way communication, appropriate communication channels and others. Australian dive shop (ADS) can use social media as an effective communication tool because it would help the company to get connected to different customers.

It is also necessary for the company to ensure effective internal communication with its workers and managers and other employees working in the company. Australian dive shop (ADS) can use effective communication channels in which it can communicate the strategies framed by the top management to the middle level and lower level (Steiner, 2010). The development of a strategic plan can only be done effectively when the company is able to ensure good communication channels between the employees working at a same level or on a same project. There need to be coordination and communication to be maintained among them for effective planning and results.
Application of Problem Solving Skills in the Development and Implementation of a Strategic Plan:- Problem solving skills help the managers to solve the problems arising in the development and implantation of a strategic plan. There are many problems which can arise while initiating with a strategic plan. The company need to analyse these problems which may arise while conducting a strategic plan and need to plan for appropriate actions which can be taken to mitigate these problems (West, Ford and Ibrahim, 2010). The company also need to prepare itself for the uncertain problems which may arise at any time in the strategic plan. In development and implantation of a strategic plan, many problems may arise in the coordination and communication between the employees and managers.
Problems may arise while communicating the plans made to other employees to implement them in a roper way and if these are not properly communicated then the problems may arise. Australian dive shop (ADS) need to analyse problems such as lack of coordination and communications, lack of resources, lack of effective planning and others so that it can easily prepare for the future. This would also help the company to effectively develop and implement its strategic plan prepared for marketing its products and services.
Application of SWOT and PEST Methodologies for Strategic Planning:- SWOT and PEST methodologies can be applied for effective strategic planning as these are the most common and essential methodologies used for strategic planning. Australian dive shop (ADS) can use SWOT and PEST methodologies for its effective strategic planning. SWOT refers to strength, weakness, opportunities and threats which are necessary to be identified. PEST refers to political, economical, social and technological factors on the basis of which strategic plans are made. On the basis of information collected after conducting SWOT and PEST analysis, the company can frame appropriate strategic plans suitable for its internal and external environment.
Every organisation conducts SWOT analysis and PEST analysis to identify the factors which are affecting its business. These factors help to know the main areas which are affected and to the extent they can be influenced (West, Ford and Ibrahim, 2010). Australian dive shop (ADS) has conducted its SWOT and PEST analysis which has helped the company to take appropriate actions for the strategic planning.

Analysis of Value Chain and Statistical Data:- The analysis of value chain is done by analysing the internal and external factors that affect Australian dive shop (ADS). The research study shows the brief analyses of the internal and external factors affecting the business. Value chain refers to the set of activities which are performed by a firm operating in a specific industry so that it can deliver a valuable product or service to the market and its customers (Steiner, 2010). The internal and external factors would help the company to analyse the areas that are required to be focused. SWOT and PEST analysis conducted by the company has helped it to deliver better products and services to the customers through value chain. The strengths and weaknesses of the company which are analysed in the SWOT analysis are helpful to frame appropriate strategies.
On the other hand, analysis of the statistical data is done by comparing the figures available (Harrison and John, 2013). The past and present figures are compared to get relevant results. The statistical data is collected from various available sources and is presented in a meaningful way. The statistical data can be used by other people such as government and other interested parties to compare the figures.
Financial Skills to Consider the Resource Implications of the Proposed Strategies:- The company has maintained its effective budget system, which records all the expenses made. This has helped the company to minimise its expenses and save for the future. Marketing requires huge money, thus the company need to plan appropriately according to its budget and tale appropriate marketing actions so that it can attract large number of customers from less resources.
Accuracy and Currency of Research Information Ensured:- The accuracy and currency of research information is ensured with the use of relevant and authentic sources for collecting information. If the sources of data collection are authentic and relevant then the research information also becomes valid and accurate. It is necessary to use authentic and up to data sources for gathering information. In this research, the use of relevant and accurate sources has been done (Hill and Jones, 2011). The information is gathered from various sources such as books, journals, online links, company’s website and others.
In addition to this, efforts have been taken to cross verify the sources used for gathering the information. The figures and statistical data given is up to data and accurate. It is taken from valid sources (Harrison and John, 2013). The necessity of using valid and authentic sources of data collection arises because of the reason to make the study reliable and authentic for future work.

Writing and Implementation Phase

Application of Risk Management to the Due Diligence Check of partner-organisation’s documentation:- Risk management is an important concept for all the organisations as it helps them to manage the risks which may arise in their business operations. Australian dive shop (ADS) need to adopt risk management techniques so that it can face the problems which may arise in the future. The partners of the company are chosen by checking all the documentation properly so that there are no chances of frauds. This would help the company to minimise its risk for future and conduct its business operations effectively.
Relevant Legislation and Codes and By-Laws in the Development and Implementation of the Final Strategic Plan:- There are many laws and rules which are framed by the government to make the development and implementation appropriate for the companies. There are many advertising guidelines which every company has to follow. ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) maintains the certain codes and standards framed by it. Many actions have been taken to minimise the ethical problems in advertising.

Evaluation Phase

Learning been Built into the Strategic Planning Process:- The information collected from various sources has helped to analyse the main important areas where the strategic planning can be used. The information has been used in a positive way to frame appropriate strategies for the company. It has been highlighted that there is a great need and importance of strategies management and strategies plans for the company to make its business operations effective (Hill and Jones, 2011). Strategic planning process is necessary to make sure that all the efforts of the company are directed in one common direction.
The learning’s made are useful to make appropriate decisions for the future and make effective strategic plans. Planning requires huge efforts as it requires deep study and analysis of the selected topic. It is necessary to make appropriate plans and communicate it to others also. Strategic planning process focuses on the planning made by proper application of management tools and techniques.
Technology Skills used to analyse Data and Present Findings in Relation to the Strategic Management process:- Australian dive shop (ADS) has focused upon the proper implementation of its technology in its business operations. The focus is made on the adoption of latest and innovative technologies. These innovative technologies would help the company to target more number of customers and offers better products and services to their customers. The use of advanced technology is necessary in this modern time (Hill and Jones, 2011). The company has also initiated with the use of social media for marketing of its product and services. Use of social media websites is also a new and innovative technology to attract customers at a large scale.
Adoption of latest and innovative technology is necessary to survive in the competitive world. Every organisation is using innovative and new technologies to enhance their work processes and provide their customers with standard products and services. Australian dive shop (ADS) has taken various actions to make sure that it has all new work processes, system, machines and management tools and techniques (Harrison and John, 2013). The company has also adoption new methods of working to enhance its productivity.

Development and Implementation of a Strategic Plan to Demonstrate the Skills of Planning and Organising:- Development and implementation of a strategic plan can be used to demonstrate the skills of planning and organising as planning and organizing are the main factors which help in the development and implementation of a strategic plan. To make better plans it is necessary to have good implementation and development skills and knowledge. Strategic plan combines the efforts of people working in the organisation who have good planning and organizing skills and knowledge. Employees can also be given training to develop their good planning and organising skills.


It can be concluded that strategic planning and organising is necessary for the success and failure of good marketing strategies. Australian dive shop (ADS) has taken various efforts to make its strategic plans better so that it can easily attract new customers with its products and services. It also offers a chance to the company to maintain the quality and standard of its products and services. The company has focused upon the information gathered after conducting PEST and SWOT analysis. It also used social media to attract new customers as an innovative tool and technique of the company. It has focused upon the use of innovative and latest technologies.


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