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Critical Review of the Article


The article presents an insight into the challenges faced by organisations during the implementation of an enterprise system. The overall research conducted in the research article aims to examine the critical success factors for the implementation and adoption of an enterprise system in organisations. In this context, the research incorporates the use of case study method and conducting interview from the managers and executive of SCANDI Company that had adopted enterprise system. Thus, the data collected from the company will provide valuable insights for examining and analysing the research topic. The present papers present an critical review of the research article ‘A successful enterprise system re-implementation against all odds – A multisourcing case study’.

Overview of the text

The research is divided into different sections which together help in carrying out the whole research study. The research study has incorporated the use of both primary and secondary sources of information. The primary data is collected from interviewing the managers and executives of the selected organisation while secondary sources of information has been collected by the author though the use of journals, books and various articles. The different sections of the research study include an abstract for demonstrating the overall aim of the research study, introduction, literature review, methodology, data analysis, Scandi case study, analysis and conclusion (Svejvig, 2011).

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The research study is purely qualitative and thus incorporates the use of a qualitative methodology for collecting relevant information about the research topic. The researcher has although presented the different sections of the research study in an ambiguous form which can often confuse the reader during reading. However, the overall text of the article is enriched with valuable information that helps to gain a proper insight into the research topic. Thus, from overviewing the text of the article it seems that the research article fulfils its objectives in providing relevant information to the readers about the research topic (Svejvig, 2011).

Evaluation of the text

The main findings that are obtained from evaluating the text used by the researcher in the present article can be described in brief as follows. The author has demonstrated critical success factors responsible for successful implementation of enterprise system in an organisation through the use of primary and secondary data collected in the research study. These include top management commitment and support, change management, training and jib design, implementation strategy used by a firm, visioning and planning, team support etc (Giachetti, 2011). Thus, with the help of the whole research process the author had presented the critical success factors that a organisation must keep in mind before implementing enterprise system in an organisation (Svejvig, 2011).
The research study lacks the practical base and is manly based on evidence. This is the main limitation of the research study as it impacts the credibility of the research study. The research study is purely subjective and has been carried out through the use of only theoretical data. The research study does not incorporate the use of practical demonstration for illustrating the different facts and figures associated with the research study before the reader (Svejvig, 2011). The research has used deductive research approach for conducting the overall research study. Thus, the methodology section of the research study is weaker to provide a solid base to the research study.
The researcher must also demonstrate some practical illustration for enhancing the credibility and validity of the research study. Although the research study serves well its purpose as it provide an in-depth knowledge to the readers regarding the success factors that are responsible for governing the implementation of enterprise system in an organisation. However, the lack of practicality is the most severe limitation associated with the research study. Thus, from the overall evaluation of the text used by the author in the research article it can be stated that the text is purely descriptive and lacks a practical base (Svejvig, 2011).


Thus, a through analysis of the research article illustrates that the article is well documented and integrated by the author. However, the article lacks a clear demonstration of the various topics. The article is not well aligned and different sections of the article are presented in a compel form. However, the overall discussion held in the research study is supported with the conclusion drawn by the researcher at the end of the research study. The research is purely subjective and thus it will prove to be highly beneficial for other researchers to carry out the future research work in this direction by gaining valuable insights from the discussion held in the present research study.


Svejvig, P. 2011. A successful enterprise system re-implementation against all odds- a multisourcing case study. JITCAR13 (4), pp. 3-31.
Giachetti, R.E. 2011. Design of Enterprise Systems: Theory, Architecture, and Methods. CRC Press.

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