Vodafone Case Study Analysis

Vodafone Case Study Analysis

Vodafone Business Overview 

Vodafone is a Global Mobile Network Company, and Britain’s third-largest enterprise. With an overall revenue is 44.7 million euros and a market share of 80.2 billion, Vodafone is the largest telecom company. It leads the global market with a 7% market share. Vodafone operates in over countries (directly operates in 31 countries and joint partnership -44 countries). 

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The telecom enterprise offers high-quality Products and/or services and sustains in a highly competitive market. This sort of competition requires the management to follow a transparent, well-planned marketing strategy. Business operations should be in tandem. The vodofane 2025 strategy shows that the company strives to connect over 250 million people to our next-generation networks by 2025. The service portfolio of the company incorporates 4G and 5G networks, broadband internet in homes and offices.

Key facts about Vodafone

These vodafone business case studies have four key facts of Vodafone company. here they are

  • Vodafone has worldwide revenue of 44.97bn EUR.
  • Vodafone’s revenue in developing countries (Germany) amounts to 12.1bn EUR.
  • The total number of employees working in Vodafone is equal to 9290K.
  • Vodafone has a fixed market share of 10.8 in Germany. 

Telecom Industry was expanding at a fast pace, and the companies also became competitive to sustain their market share.

Vodafone figured out how to increase the rates and tariff for the broadcast network consistently. However, the rates when contrasted with Europe and the US Market were a bit low. To attract new clients Vodafone started selling low-cost handsets (Vodafone 360 and 150) at exceptionally attractive and low rates.

Due to the expanding rivalry and competitors lowering down their tariffs, Vodafone was compelled to chop down its rate by half. 

Likewise, the Telecom company cut down its Roaming and STD Call rates to Re 1 and Rs 1.30 respectively. 

It even offered deals where clients could make free phone calls at nighttime and on weekends. Vodafone figured out how to attract and retain their clients while selling their items. 

Vodafone Company Vision 

The company envisions its future providing high-quality products and/or services, backed up by the best customer experience. Their journey commenced. Some of the existing products offered by the company include Mobile Broadband and Mobile Network. 

Their target market extends beyond the thousands of customers who avail of their service and/or products regularly. 

Vodafone marketing strategy: Promotion & advertising

After taking over Hutch, Vodafone promoted itself with the motto, Change is Acceptable. Hutch is presently Vodafone” and wherever you go Vodafone network follows you to maximize the benefits from now”. 

It retained and proceeded with the components from Hutch’s commercials and introduced the corporate colouring Red. Uniforms of Vodafone agents got changed to the corporate red tone from Pink.  Here in this strategic analysis of Vodafone, lets talk about the marketing mix of the company to better understand the 4p’s marketing of Vodafone.   

Marketing mix of Vodafone

Marketing Mix includes five variables that the management team has to look after and control so that it can improve the customer experience. Those variables are also known as the 4 Ps of marketing that includes Price, Product, Place, Promotion, and People. 

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1. Product

Product forms a vital factor in the marketing mix. It is because no factors can work without a product.

Product is a term that applies to both physical objects and/or services. Though Vodafone could sell its product in the market, it introduced a series of affordable products and/or services for Indian clients. For the customers with low income, Vodafone offered prepaid mobiles and for the affluent clients, Vodafone offered their post-paid services.

Likewise, the Telecom Enterprise also introduced simple, minimalist handsets. It is how it served the rural community of India who can’t afford to pay much for the services. 

2. Price

Nevertheless, price plays a vital role in customer/buyer service. To develop trust in the customer, the buyer agrees to sell the product at affordable prices.

Significance of cost gets lowered when the factors like, for example, quality and reliability of products/service provided equal or exceeds the value the purchaser is paying for the product. Vodafone gained a market share of people living in rural areas. 

Nearly 71% of the population of India lives in the provincial part, Vodafone exploited this strategy to reach out to a higher volume of individuals. Vodafone presented a range of products with price ranges that people can choose from. Likewise, they get quality service for the price they pay for their products.

3. Place

Vodafone has opened the maximum number of outlets throughout the country. The stores are distributed through the company distributors, indirectly distributed through partners, who provide services and products to the nearby clients.

Whats more, Vodafone established service centers in different parts of India to keep the customers satisfied with the quality of the services or products offered by Vodafone. The company has its website for selling its products and/or services. 

4. Promotion

Promotion alludes to the strategy used to educate the clients about the services and persuading them to purchase. Vodafone followed this marketing strategy in India as Vodafone Essar. Its commercials and promotions got widely accepted by the Indian people. It launched several products and deals in the form of validity offers, STD, ISD, and MMS offers. According to the Vodafone advertising strategy, the company aims is to attain market leadership, network quality and maximize customer satisfaction. The strategy used by Vodafone is customer-focused and product-led. the company is continually developing new products and services which utilise the latest technological advances.

Vodafone Digital Strategy 

Digital strategy of Vodafone focuses on using technology to improve business performance, whether that means creating new products or reimagining current processes. It specifies the direction an organization will take to create new competitive advantages with technology, as well as the tactics it will use to achieve these changes.

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