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Tips to Write a Good Article Critique

Student's Assignment Help 05/02/2019 342 Views

An article critique is a detailed evaluation of the article. A good article critique can only be written after the detailed evaluation of the article. It should not describe a single paragraph or a specific part of the article. Writing a critique is similar with writing a summary for an article or we can also say that an article critique is expanded the version of the summary. While writing a summary, we point out the central theme and reviews it while writing a critique we just add writer’s own analysis and evaluation of other writer writing and compare them to make it critique. The critique essay writer always describes that whether he is agreeing or disagreeing with the ideas given in the article.

A good article critique is written after critical thinking on all the areas mentioned in the article. The article critique should not be focused alone on a single point. Article critique needs to be balanced, and the writer needs to mention his opinion clearly about the content of the article. The writer needs to explain the different thoughts which have come in the minds of the author of the reading while writing the article. In the end of the article critique conclusions should be written.

The critique writer always suggests following some specific instruction before writing a assignment on critique. For making an appropriate critique of an article, a critique writer should read the complete article very well before writing the critique. Initially, the writer is supposed to thoroughly read the article and should have a clear understanding of the subject. The writer should note down the main points of the article as well as the thesis statement of the article. The article should be divided into different parts and it should be evaluated properly.

He must write down some effective points of that article. This will help him a lot while he will be writing critique for that article. The writer should divide the article into parts, it will help him to differentiate and evaluate the article effectively. The writer should always summarize the purpose of article and objective of the article in order to support the main theme of critique and to make it impressive.

The writer needs to mention that whether he agrees or disagrees with the ideas mentioned in the article. It has to be analyzed in an article critique that the author is able to communicate his ideas in an effective manner.

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