How to Help my Child Stop Procrastinating

11/10/2021 | 2526 views

Procrastination is one of the most common traits among children and teenagers, leading to nightmares for parents and teachers.

The effect of procrastination among children is becoming so critical that a research psychologist insists on conducting in-depth research on his children to determine procrastination.

However, according to the recent studies performed by psychologists, it has been determined that somewhere between 25% to 75% of college and school students procrastinate in their academic work.

There are numerous reasons behind the procrastination of children and teenagers. According to the report, it has been found out that adults and children feel better when they postpone the completion of the assignment to the last minute.

A few other possible reasons for procrastination are lack of confidence that insists the children go lazy and lower their academic progress, wrongly set priorities, or overestimate abilities.

If you are children, you will definitely relate to the above-stated procrastination reason because of which you usually delay the assignment completion to the last minute.

Children suffer from various negative consequences as a result of procrastination, such as poor grades, poor work ethics, emotional instability, and disappointment.

As a result, all parents, teachers, and guardians need to look for a reliable way to help their children overcome procrastination’s dangerous effects. But, don’t worry; this article is specifically for the parents and teachers to help their children overcome procrastination.

Possible ways that you must know to help your child get rid of procrastination

1. Show them that it’s not as challenging as it seems

One of the primary reasons due to which students usually procrastinate is because they think the particular assigned task is challenging and sometimes impossible for them to cover. But in actuality, the task is not that challenging as it is a misconception by the children. So now it’s the parent’s responsibility to explain to their child that the assignments are not challenging as is it seems. So to explain the misconception to all the students out there, one of the psychologists illustrates this in his study on his child.

This study evolved a significant change in his child’s life and several other children are also changing their mindset. This not only eliminates procrastination but also helps the students understand that nothing is impossible if performed with complete focus and concentration.

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2. Ask questions

Most of the students often underestimate the power of conversation while solving problems. For all the parents to help their child take out from the adverse effects of procrastination, you need to determine all the thoughts that are going through in your child’s mind. To do this, you must ask questions from your children such as Do you have any standards set for yourself? How do you think we expect you to do your writing? What are the problems with your college paper? This questioning enables you to identify the possible actions taken to help your child.

3. Help your children see the consequences

Most of the time, students procrastinate because they are not aware of the actual consequences of procrastination. Therefore, ensure that your students realize the results of waiting until the last minute to complete their assignments and how it will affect their stability and coordination. For example, your child should arrange his room today rather than later when he has more things to do, as this will make it easier for him to write essay on time and tidy up room right away.

4. Help them get started

Having a lot of work to do can overwhelm your kids, causing them to put things off. To prevent this, teach and help them to get started as soon as possible. In this situation, motivating your child could be a great help. Rather than forcing or scolding them to complete the assignments, you should guide them to start assembling the things from scratch and forget worrying about the result. That will help you cover the assignments and develop time and pressure management skills.

5. Reward and compliment

It is always the unique feeling for all the children to receive the reward and appreciation from the parents. This will boost their confidence and enables them to complete the work at a more excellent pace. Parents often scold and punish the children upon failing to meet the particular task, but the majority does not react when their child performs well.

Therefore, as a reward for completing their homework on time or cleaning the room without prompting, you can compliment your children or give them a virtual gift or treat to help them develop the habit of tackling challenges immediately. According to studies, children are always motivated by immediate rewards for the timely completion of work.

6. Encourage decision-making

Another way to help your child tackle the procrastinating situation is by encouraging them to take decisions and be independent. Your kids will be less likely to procrastinate if you give them opportunities to make decisions. For example, suppose you ask your child to select the best time to complete cleaning the room. Then, you can give them the flexibility to choose any time within 12 pm to get the work done. This will make them responsible and insist them stick to the taken decision and make sure that your child does not procrastinate the work past 12 pm.

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7. Help them take practical steps

The only way to avoid procrastination is to take practical and very observable steps. So here, we have listed a few valuable things that will help your child tackle the procrastination that the academic experts suggest.

  • Plan your schedule or timetable.
  • Decide when you want the project completed.
  • A calendar app or a planner can help you stay organized.
  • An accountability partner is essential.
  • Give yourself Personal rewards upon completion of tasks.
  • To avoid burnout, set a timer.
  • Taking a break is beneficial.

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Every child, and likely every human being, has trouble struggling with procrastination at some point in their life. These tips can help you make sure that your child overcomes procrastination permanently and put more effort into completing the assigned work right away rather than delaying it to the last minute.

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