ProctorU Cheating Guide for College Students

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ProctorU is considered a commonly used online tool by several schools, teachers, and institutions to restrict students from cheating in online tests and exams. Students usually get caught while cheating under its strict supervision because most of them are not prepared for ProctorU exams. However, you cannot afford to get caught in highly competitive exams or tests.

Specifically for you, we have come up with some amazing hacks to cheat in online tests and exams even under the strict supervision of ProctorU. Cheating ProctorU does not give you any practical benefits in the long run. However, it is suggested to implement the cheating tips when you are under pressure and not prepared for the tests.

You might have forgotten to prepare for the tests and exams due to functions at your house. Don’t panic; dive deep into the article to learn how to cheat in online exams despite proctorU supervision.

What is ProctorU?

ProctorU is defined as the online proctoring service tool that is considered the helping hand for all these examiners and test takers to keep an eye on the students to ensure that they are not cheating in the online exams. It is one of the most secure platforms that grants you to organize the test in real-time.

To use ProctorU, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A ProctorU account
  • A functional computer
  • High-speed internet service
  • Microphone
  • A quiet and well-lit room.

Can you cheat on ProctorU?

On ProctorU, cheating is challenging due to its strict vigilance and detection mechanisms that catch cheating when students violate those restrictions. With the use of the microphone, a particular browser, and a WebCam examiner closely monitor each activity of the students. This is because it becomes extremely challenging for students to cheat in the exams remotely.

To enhance the security of the proctor, the teacher asks the student to sit in a silent place or room while giving the test. This is because it grants the camera and microphone to function better and give accurate feedback.

The webcam may not adequately capture the student’s remote location in low-light environments, while echoes and noises will not be distinguishable with the microphone in a noisy environment.

The private place allows the camera and microphone to focus solely on the test-taker. Lastly, conduct an online exam if you have a ProctorU account.

When test-takers are taking exams or tests, ProctorU monitors their devices with artificial intelligence. This is extraordinary next-level technology to restrict cheating in online exams. ProctorU takes control of the microphone, webcam, and keyboard when it is installed and activated on a computer, allowing the test-taker to lose control over their device.

A student cannot turn off their device or turn off any primary function while taking an exam or test, such as the webcam, and it is considered suspicious to use anything other than the webcam and microphone.

Despite this software’s strictness, we have brought up some essential tips to cheat on ProctorU.

How to Cheat On ProctorU – How To Get Around ProctorU

The section you’re in is the right one for anyone who wants to learn how to trick the strictness of ProctorU into cheating in an online exam.

You should be very careful when opening a web browser on the computer you’re using to take your exams since ProctorU has AI detecting when you do that. There are loopholes in ProctorU, despite what ProctorU’s strict policies may imply. Let us discuss them with you.

The proctor you’re assigned to on online examination platforms, such as ProctorU, is probably your teacher. This proctor will monitor your exam via the webcam feed, so don’t underestimate them. They expect students to cheat so that they will be vigilant.

There are two ways to cheat on ProctorU, and you just have to be smart about how you do it.

1. Using A HDMI Cable

2. Using A Virtual Machine

Using A HDMI Cable

One of the amazing and working ways to cheat on ProctorU online exams is by using the HDMI cable. It lets you share the screen among multiple HDMI-compatible devices. However, the proctor does not have the necessary technology to manage what is occurring outside the computer. Ensure that you must not link your computer to the external screen/device before the examination starts. Take proper precautions by keeping the external screen away from the computer to prevent ProctorU from detecting it.

To use this method to cheat in the online exam, you can take the help of your friends and relatives. You can ask them to sleep in another room where the mirror screen is. Through that, your friends can provide you with the right answer. This is considered one of the easy methods to trick the most advanced security of ProctorU, and most importantly, you do not need any additional skills to set it. Make sure you don’t cause any distractions that may draw the proctor’s attention.

Using A Virtual Machine

Another way through which you can cheat during the online exam is by using the virtual machine despite the advanced security of the ProctorU online service. Virtual machines are defined as emulations of physical computers. It is software that operates in the same way as an actual computer.

ProctorU does not have the required skill to control or track the third person using the virtual machines to cheat online. Therefore, this loophole is useful for you as you can take your exams on this virtual machine. It would enable you to bypass ProctorU’s security system, which alerts the proctor when you open a web browser or a website. Try not to get too excited, though, because ProctorU can still see you and hear you.

How Does ProctorU Prevent Cheating?

Never doubt the intelligence and security level of the ProctorU. The following are some of the ways through which it restricts you from cheating in the online exam.

ProctorU Can Record An Examination Session

ProctorU has created a video system that records any examination session and highlights any suspicious movements through the machine and facial recognition through this technology.

Using this software, a report can be generated that shows whether a student has cheated during an exam. Examiners review the report and determine what constitutes cheating.

It Alerts The Proctor To Suspicious Movements

This software has the necessary artificial intelligence to determine and alert the Proctor of any suspicious movements by the students to cheat in the exams. These activities can include accessing unauthorized documents or websites.

The Compulsory Use Of A Webcam

If you do not have the WebCam on your computer through which you are giving the online exams, you won’t be allowed to sit in the exam with the particular computer. The compulsory use of a webcam makes it easier for the proctor to watch the student.

A student taking a break during an exam will most definitely count as cheating since no breaks are allowed. The AI can also detect cheating by observing the student’s movements.

Although the student giving the exam may move away from the monitor, the Artificial Intelligence apparatus will assume that they are looking at unauthorized material that is not within the monitor’s view, so there is also a need to be careful of that.

ProtocorU Blocks Certain Keyboard Functions

This software restricts a few keyboard functions while you are giving exams. Some functions restricted by ProctorU during exams include the copy and paste function, and the print function also gets disabled. If you try to perform any of such functions while writing the online exam, it will be considered as an act of cheating.

ProctorU Blocks Other System Applications

When the students are sitting in the online examination on the ProctorU software, the particular computer that students are using to give the online exam is allowed to open one window and a tab that includes the exam questions that need to be answered by the students in the exam.

If any of the students attempt to open any other web browser application, it will be considered as an attempt to cheat, and the proctor will be detected regarding the suspicious activity.

How To Use ProctorU To Take Your Exams?

Generally, it is the responsibility of the examiner or test taker who schedules the online exam or ProctorU software to guide you on how to use ProctorU to take your exams. But in case they have not guided you in the right way, don’t worry, we have got you covered. In the below section, we have outlined step-by-step instructions regarding the use of this software.

Also, you need to keep in mind that you need to follow these steps a day before the exam to avoid any delay and confusion on the examination day.

Step 1: Register a ProctorU account

If you’re taking a ProctorU test as a student, you will need to register on the ProctorU website as a test participant, not an instructor. The registration process should take you no longer than 10 minutes.

Step 2: Pick A Web Browser

Please make sure your browser is of the latest version to avoid any problems. Once you have registered successfully, you need to choose a browser. You have the flexibility to choose any browser, but it is highly recommended to go with the reliable one, i.e., Firefox or Chrome.

Step 3: Download The ProctorU Software Extension

Visit the ProctorU website to find the extension. Ensure that the extension you choose is compatible with your browser. If in doubt, download and install it to make sure it works.

Step 4: Schedule Your Exam Time

All test-takers are not required to schedule exams. If the test will be proctored live by a human, it needs to be scheduled. If the test is automated, it should not be scheduled. You will be informed of this by your examiner.

Step 5: Ensure That All The Required Equipment Is Compatible With ProctorU

The most important step that you must keep in mind is to make sure that your computer/laptop is compatible with the ProctorU software.

Step 6: Find A Proper Space Where You Can Take Your Exams.

To take a test on ProctorU, you must have a lit, clean, and quiet room. If you choose to take the test in the comfort of your bedroom, you will need a conducive environment in which to conduct it.

Step 7: Acquaint Yourself With All The Materials You Need For Your Exam

As a general rule, if someone has to cheat, set up everything a day or two before the exam. You should also become familiar with any other materials that may be permitted during the exam.

Step 8: Communicate Your Needs To Your Examiner.

Whenever you feel you have any special requests for your exam facilitator, it would be ideal for communicating all of your concerns to your examiner in advance so that they are fully aware of your plans when the exam starts.

Step 9: Log In And Take Your Exams

So it’s an examination! It’s exam day and you have prepared all the things in advance. Now you only need to turn on your laptop, sign in to your ProctorU account and proceed with giving the online exams.

Note: Your examiner will notify you if anything changes from this list.

How to Cheat On ProctorU Exams

For cheating in ProctorU online, you can refer to the hacks specified earlier. However, there are still other options available to you. Some of them require you to have hacking capabilities or use external software that is difficult to obtain. As an example, you can hack or intercept the video feed.

The most difficult cheating method doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise. Just make sure you do the shady deals away from the webcam. And don’t fix your gaze on anything besides the screen for an extended period.

How Does ProctorU Work?

In addition to helping maintain a fair environment, ProctorU offers students the option of taking exams at home without traveling to a testing center. This is particularly useful during the current pandemic.

When students are taking their exams, they can be monitored through the following two methods:

By a live human proctor

By recording combined with artificial intelligence (AI)

Consequences of ProctorU Cheating?

It is very easy to get caught cheating on ProctorU with the compulsory use of a webcam and microphone. Often, people post messages online that they got caught cheating on ProctorU. Students that are caught cheating do not directly receive punishments from ProctorU. Rather, it alerts an examiner about the suspicious/unauthorized movements of a student taking an exam. You must be informed of the punishments imposed by your school.

Normally punishments are administered by the school or exam facilitator, according to their discretion. It is vital to understand the seriousness of getting caught. Here are some punishments you may receive:

  • Canceling of such student’s results
  • Rustication/Expulsion
  • Suspension
  • A warning

How Can Colleges Prevent Cheating on A ProctorU Exam?

Schools and examiners can take steps to make sure that cheating is reduced to a minimum. Many of these steps can be combined with the security features of ProctorU to ensure that academic integrity is strengthened in the exam room. Here are some tips for preventing cheating:

A specialized web browser should be used for the exam because these browsers are often strong and can bypass virtual machines and other programs.

To prevent students from cheating on the Proctor exam, the schools and colleges monitor the IP address of the students appearing in the exam to ensure that the students are not tricking them by visiting multiple websites to look for the answer to the question that is asked and also they are not logged out of the computer during the examination.

Monitored IP addresses can help you ensure that students are taking exams at the specified location and prevent impersonation if your IP address is linked to the student’s ID.


Is ProctorU Safe?

Definitely, the usage of ProctorU is very safe and secure, especially when you are conducting an online exam. However, after the exam is over, it will not interfere with your privacy.

Can ProctorU see your screen?

Yes, this is the work of the ProctorU software. This software records your screen, keyboard, webcam, and microphone, and it can see what you’re doing.

Does ProctorU Record Sessions?

Yes, one can record the examination session with the software, even when it is a live exam with a human proctor. Using the software, your examiner can record the session for later reference. When the AI believes one of the examiners has cheated, it records it and sends a notification to that individual’s email.

What Can ProctorU See?

Using the webcam connected to the laptop/computer, ProctorU can detect open files, tabs, and noises. The program basically takes over the computer to monitor its activities and view what’s happening around it.

Does ProctorU Watch You?

Yes, As long as the software is activated during the exam, it can view your activities during that time. Once you’re done with all your exams, you can disable it, and it won’t see you anymore.

Does ProctorU track eye movements?

The ProctorU platform does not monitor eye movements. Rather, it monitors facial recognition to ensure students aren’t looking away from the test screen while being administered.

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