Why Do Students Procrastinate Homework

11/09/2021 | 2507 views

Students have a difficult time managing their time, especially in online learning. With less structure, accountability, and deadlines, learning online is not as effective as traditional classes.

Since students have been studying from home for the past year, procrastination has been a greater challenge than ever.

Top Reasons of procrastination for students

There are several causes of procrastination, so to determine the most effective methods for helping students, we must first identify exactly why they’re struggling.

1. Postponing the work to the last minute due to laziness.

The primary reason students usually procrastinate is because of laziness postponing the homework to the last minute, which they are supposed to complete in the specified time frame.

Today, this reason has become most common among students, especially during online learning classes, due to the abundant information posted on multiple sites. However, teachers cannot provide timely reminders to the students as they are not interacting with them face to face.

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2. Lack of clarity about the desired outcome.

Another reason because of which most of the students procrastinate homework to the last minute is when they are confused with the assignment and not clear with the explained topic. When this happens, most of the students, rather than trying to get in-depth understanding of the topic, mostly put off the assignment to the last minute.

These situations are especially troubling for students who do not know what to do in uncertain situations. Unfortunately, when the students feel that the deadline for submitting the homework is closer and find that not enough time is left to complete the assignment, they have no time to ask the teacher to clarify a certain topic.

This situation is most common during online classes where the communication between the student and teacher is not seamless. They may, therefore, delay assignments for an indefinite period and never actually complete them if they are unsure of how to approach them.

3. Optimistic time estimates.

The quality of optimism can be very useful in almost every situation. But when it comes to estimating how long an assignment will take, it can also cause problems. Students usually estimate the time they are left with to complete the provided assignment, and sometimes they underestimate the time they will require to complete the assignment.

This type of misconception usually delays the assignment to the last minute. In this manner, they are not left with enough time to complete the task.

4. Lack of urgency.

There is no pressure to begin working on assignments if deadlines are still too far off, so students may not feel any pressure to do so because they feel as though there is still so much time to finish their assignments.

The possible reason for procrastination in students is because of lack of urgency. This thing usually arises when the teacher assigns the homework to the students without any specified deadlines and gives the students complete freedom to deliver the article late without any penalty. Due to which most of the students overlooked the homework for now and delayed it to the last minute, which resulted in procrastination.

5. Not knowing where to start.

Another reason for procrastination is when students get overwhelmed and confused about where to start homework. In this situation, most students frequently postpone the work to the last minute and closer to the deadline.

This usually happens during online classes because the teachers have less time to explain the students, and students do not get the chance to clear their doubts with the teachers.

As a result, many students feel overwhelmed and are unsure of where to start, especially if they are behind and still have a lot of pending work to complete.

6. Fear or failure

Another most common reason because of which students usually procrastinate is fear of the outcome. Most of the students get feared from the failure due to which they procrastinate completing the assignments to the last minutes. However, some students do not even complete it.

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7. Too many distractions

Sometimes the distractions prove to be so disturbing that it leads to procrastinating the pending assignments to the last minute.

8. Uncomfortable work environment

An uncomfortable work environment also leads to procrastination in homework. This happens when a student does not have a comfortable place to complete their homework. There are too many distractions in the environment, or they don’t have the necessary resources to avoid them.

9. Perfectionism

It’s common to assume that perfectionists do a great deal, but in reality, they tend to demand too much of themselves that they have trouble starting.

10. Lack of motivation

Boredom or a lack of understanding of the material discourages the student to work on assignments.

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Irrespective of the reason for procrastinating, it is crucial that students recognize it can have a detrimental impact on them both inside and outside the classroom.

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The parent’s role is to help their child develop better study techniques and self-management by using tips to avoid procrastination. There’s no better time than now to get started!

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