5 Paragraph Essay Topics Ideas

08/27/2021 | 2827 views

If you are in college then this is very sure that essays are the regular part of your assignment. Sometimes summary essays and other times long five-paragraph essays are assigned to the students by professors. Finding a list of 5 paragraph essay topics is very challenging for college students under such circumstances.

The given ideas on the topics of these long essays in such a state can help a lot for the students. If you are unable to manage the best topic for your long essay then do follow these suggestions for free of cost. A persuasive essay, reflective essays, and many other essays can be completed by the graduates on the given topics without any difficulty.

Easy Argumentative essay topics for 5 paragraph essay

  1. We are much focused on grades than knowledge of the subject in the education system.
  2. Morality and religion are misinterpreted by society to the utmost extent.
  3. Terrorism can be eradicated from the roots only by plucking its cause.
  4. We cannot bring reformation only by implementing rules against women’s harassment.
  5. The idea of society cannot be challenged for the existence of a human being.
  6. War cannot bring an argument to the endpoint but conversation and dialogue can.
  7. Poverty cannot be checked without the Marxist approach in the distribution of economic resources.
  8. There is a bright future for biotechnology in the coming few decades as an independent discipline.

5 paragraph essay topics ideas for interesting persuasive essay

  1. We should obey the rules of nature more than the rules of a government.
  2. Everyone should be given the complete freedom to opt for a career.
  3. Language cannot decide the intellect of a person.
  4. Literature is the best source to enshroud the mysteries of the past in History.
  5. There is a very thin line between wrong and right.
  6. We should make our decision by ourselves and not under someone’s influence

Unique compare and contrast essay topics for long essays for middle school

  1. How education is playing a significant role in the selection of government?
  2. Why there is an increased risk of technology in healthcare as compared to traditional methods?
  3. Effect of machines and gadgets on the lifestyle of human beings and health.
  4. Why we should prefer a traditional lifestyle over a modern one to keep our body healthy and away from diseases?
  5. Role of SWOT and PESTLE analysis in business when compared to competitor analysis.
  6. Why reason is preferred in modernity as compared to morality by most people?

Simple Reflective essay topics list for 5 paragraph essays for college students

  1. What should be the scenario of the education system to inculcate morals in students?
  2. Why environmental education should be a compulsory subject for students worldwide?
  3. What are the dangerous consequences of not giving attention to the preservation of biodiversity?
  4. How we can check the growth of natural casualties that cause harm to human and animal lives?
  5. What are the main reasons for women’s subjugation in society?
  6. How love and religion is the biggest enemy for women to live life freely?
  7. What could be the scenario in a couple of decades for women in underdeveloped countries?
  8. Why nuclear power and its use should be stopped to suppress the risk that humanity is facing today?

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