English Extended Essay Topics

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Free IB English extended essay topics list for College and University is suggested here by experts. All the topics are new and cover several areas of English like literature, English language, and various literary themes. English extended essays can be written by doing complete research on the topic of the essay.

Such essays are written by elaborating every element of the topic and that is why known as extended essays. International baccalaureate offers so many IB diploma and certificate courses in various subjects and students have to write these extended essays on their respective subjects. Those who have taken English for the IB course can select any topic, which is listed below to complete IB English extended essay.

So follow the IB English extended essay structure and write your essay on any listed topic for College easily.

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What is an English extended essay?

English extended essays are assigned to the students pursuing an International Baccalaureate diploma in English. The essay is written after complete research and critical analysis on the topic. Such essays are assigned to the students of the course so that a good understanding of research could be inculcated in the students for higher studies.

Every student is assigned a subject for the essay in which he has to write an essay by analyzing every aspect of the topic. A college student who is writing such an essay must possess in-depth knowledge on the subject of the essay as a high level of research is needed to write the essay

Why IB diploma course students are given English extended essays?

The English extended essays are given to the IB diploma course students of English so that students can get an understanding of writing research-based essays.

Such essays are assigned to the students before their admission in the various research degree courses in Colleges and Universities. The overall purpose is to give exposure to research before plunging into the core research field.

So those who are going to write these essays must go through professional examples of English extended essays. It will give them a direction and orientation to write a perfect essay for the IB English diploma course.

How to set the structure of the IB English extended essay?

The IB English extended essay structure is similar to that of any other essay and written by dividing the essay in the five-paragraph essay outline format. That is the Thesis statement, Introduction, Main body of the essay, conclusion, and Bibliography.

Apart from it, one has to go through writing the Abstract of the essay like that of the dissertation abstract and a cover page including the title and content of the essay. An extended essay can be written in the way a long essay is written for College and University by the students.

The length of the essay varies from 3500 to 4500 words and that is why it is known as an extended essay in which the writer is supposed to cover all the aspects of the topic.

English Extended essay topics for College and University Students (The development of English Language)

  1. Why we can see the glimpses of French words in the English language. Is it symbolic to prove that English has its roots in the French language?
  2. Why the euphemism in the English language is prevalent for a long time and how it affects the vocabulary and structure of the language?
  3. Can we say that English is a language of customs and traditions that has no hard and fast rules like other languages of the world?
  4. What role does slang play in the English language and how they are now being kept in the formal and academic dictionaries of English?
  5. What are the major reasons behind the progressive changes in the spellings of English words with time?
  6. How British English is different from that of American English and which one is considered superior to others?
  7. How does the English of the lower-class vary from that of upper-class English when it comes to accent and slang? Can we relate it to the play Pygmalion written by George Bernard Shaw?
  8. Role of globalization on the development of the English language when it becomes the lingua franca of every tongue.

Free extended essay topics ideas on English Poetry

  1. How the poetry used to be the text of upper classes in English literature in the era of renaissance and classical age. As poor people were considered unsuitable for reading poetry until the end of the classical period.
  2. Why there are major shifts in the style of poetry writing from Shakespearean sonnets to Alexander pope’s rape of the lock and John Milton’s paradise lost in English poems?
  3. How the heroic couplets of the neoclassical age were different from that of the poetry of the romantic era and why there were so many rules in classical poetry?
  4. What led to the major changes in the importance of poetry at the end of the romantic period where we can see the craze for prose like novels amongst the common masses? Can we say that novae rich were the purpose behind this dynamic shift in poetry that reflects through the literature?
  5. Why there are fragmentation and no interconnectivity between the different stanzas of poems in modernist poetry? How it can be related to anarchy in the age of modernism?
  6. How many types of poetry we can see from the age of renaissance in English literature to the modernism and postmodernism period?
  7. Does colonialism have its impact on contemporary poetry and how it changes through the different phases of colonial rule?

Best English extended essay topics Based on American Literature

  1. How we can see the resistance to the abolishment of slavery in America through the slaves when we read Mark twain’s adventurous of huckleberry fin?
  2. Can we see the theme of early modernism in William Faulkner’s the sound and fury in which the people the characters of the novels are disturbed and living in nostalgia most of the time?
  3. How do the American dreams prove out to be a complete failure which can be seen through the various American novels and other literary texts?
  4. How death will and passion for the countryside can be seen in American literature?
  5. What are the major literary texts of American literature which throw lights upon the failure of the American dream, absurdity, and destruction of nature?
  6. How does the Novel The Road written by American author Cormac McCarthy depict the destruction caused to nature by the weapons which indirectly hints towards the arms industry of America?
  7. How we can see the resistance of slavery in America by slaves through various literary texts? Why slaves were against the anti-slavery movement in America.
  8. What are the reasons behind the failure of the American dream and how it is shown in texts like the old man and the sea written by Ernest Hemmingway?

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IB English extended essay topics about modernism to college students

  1. What were the major identical texts that depict the modernism themes like anarchy, absurdity, and complete disorder in the mental state of people?
  2. Can we consider the post-war literature as modernism literature and why it is termed modernism literature?
  3. How the themes of modernity can be seen in the Novel like The Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad on slavery?
  4. Can we say that modernist poems have no relation between the different stanza and they express the contemporary state of mind of people after the world war?
  5. Why there are texts like the sound and fury in modernism and how do they justify the themes like anarchy, absurdity, nostalgia, and digested news?
  6. Why T.S Eliot’s wasteland is a modernist text and how it shows the anarchy in the world through the text?
  7. Is there any hard and fast rule to differentiate Victorian literature from that of modernism and postmodernism literature in English?

Extended essay ( EE ) topics for IB English diploma course on Renaissance

  1. How the age of the renaissance comes with a massive change in the mind of people towards literature?
  2. Why Shakespeare is considered as one of the greatest dramatists, poets, and play writers of the age? Is the theme of universality in his work forms the reason for his popularity throughout the world?
  3. What role was played by the printing press in the massive bloom of literature in that particular age?
  4. How were the socio-political and economic conditions of the renaissance period and what texts represent them in the best way?
  5. Can we see the glimpses of colonialism through Shakespeare’s play the tempest in which characters like Calvin and Arial are considered savage just like the way the British considered its colonized people?
  6. Why the age of the renaissance is considered as best for the bloom of literature and how the contemporary queens and kings were patronizing the literary people and their art?
  7. What evidences we can trace through the renaissance literature which shows the rise in trade with the coming of the printing press.
  8. How Metaphysical poetry and modern man can be related to the renaissance period. Can we understand it through the John Donne poetry and Christopher Marlow’s play Dr. Faustus?
  1. Why Victorian literature depicts the miserable plight of women that belongs to the upper class as they have to remain in the four walls of the house?
  2. What Victorian texts like novels mock the lifestyle of women in the upper class during the Victorian period?
  3. How Jane Austen’s Novel Pride and Prejudice shows the purpose of women’s beauty and education is just limited to managing a good husband with high fortune.
  4. Why we can say that the Victorian era is not an age which shows the glimpses of free women who can go out to earn?
  5. Can we say that Alexander’s rape of the lock mocks the lifestyle of women in the early Victorian era?
  6. What are the reasons which increase the faith of people in God during the age of the Victorian period and how we can prove it through the David Copperfield Novel is written by Charles Dickens?
  7. How important prose was during the Victorian age and why poetry loses its sheen in this time which earlier used to be considered as the most popular way of literary writings?
  8. What laid the foundation of the new Victorian era and how it is shown by the novelist in their novels?
  9. Can we say that people in the Victorian era were moving towards the city and urbanization at its peak?

Latest Extended Essay Topics in English Based on the age of Romanticism

  1. Why people were disgusted by the rules and regulations of the neo-classical age of literature and how it reflects in the romantic era of literature?
  2. How English romantic age of literature is different from that of the American romantic period?
  3. Which age of literature in English is known as the black period and why it is considered so?
  4. How ST. Coleridge through the poem like the rime of ancient mariner protects nature in the romantic period?
  5. Why do we have glimpses of modernism literature in the poem Kubla Khan written by the ST? Coleridge which is a masterpiece of the age?
  6. Which poem reflects the themes of the romantic period of literature like nostalgia, escapism, and naturalism?
  7. How people were moving back towards villages and countryside in the romantic period from the urbanization?
  8. Which instances lead to the rebellious work in romanticism against classical literature?

Examples of English extended essay topics about Neoclassical literature

  1. Why there were proper heroic couplets and rhyme schemes in classic poetry during neo classical age?
  2. Can we consider Alexander Pope’s the rape of the lock as the classic epic text of the Neoclassical age?
  3. How the poetry used to be a symbol of class in the classic age of literature and why did people from the lower class have no connection to the poetry?
  4. Can we say that modernism and romantic poetry were written in simple language and it does not represent the upper class?
  5. Why do people start following set rules of poetry and prose in literature when the neoclassical age starts in English literature?
  6. What does Samuel Johnson convey through his poem the vanity of human wishes which is written in the classical period of literature?
  7. It is said most of the time that the classical age is an age of epithets in literature. Is it true and if yes then substantiate the reasons.
  8. Why did novels and plays become important in the post-classic period of literature suddenly with the rise of the middle class in Europe?
  9. How the classical literature of America is different from that of the literature of Europe? Justify the relevant texts of literature written in the contemporary period?

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