Process Analysis – Definition, Topics, Introduction & Conclusion

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Process analysis essays explain the scientific experiments and other tasks in proper order. Such essays are written in a way so that person reading them becomes able to grab the entire process behind the experiment. Writing a process essay is not that simple as it requires proper structure and order of the process that is obtained for a task or experiment. One can write the best process analysis essay by following the tips for writing a process analysis essay given here. Follow these tips and suggestions for writing good quality process essays in proper structure and format.

What is a Process Analysis essay?

A process analysis essay is a step-by-step explanation of a task, experiment, or any other thing in depth. These types of essays are written in a step-by-step order by explaining every point. In a nutshell process analysis essays are written to make a person understand how to carry out a task in sequence. For example, a process analysis essay explains how to cook Italian food like a pro or the way of creating a Facebook page. Science students are mostly given process analysis essays to illustrate their experiments in different steps.

Significance of writing process analysis essays

A process analysis essay is very helpful to understand the process behind any experiment or task. The essay is written in such a way that person becomes able to understand the entire process within a single reading of the essay.

Most science students are benefitted from the process analysis essays as they become able to understand an experiment easily with the help of such essays. At the same time, process analysis essays are helpful to enhance the analytical skills of the person who is writing them. Such essays are assigned to the college students by the professors also to inculcate research and critical analysis aptitude in them.

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Structure and format for process analysis essay

The structure of the process analysis essay comprises three parts which include an introduction, the main body of the essay, and the conclusion as well.

  1. The introduction part includes the topic of the essay and the process that you are going to illustrate at a glance.
  2. Also, do not try to go through in the introductory part of the essay to give out every detail about the steps of a given process.
  3. The main body of the essay comprises step by step illustration of the process or experiment that is performed.
  4. The illustration should be done in such a way that a person reading the essay becomes able to perform the same task by reading your illustration.
  5. The conclusion of the process analysis essay describes the overall process and its significance by restating the things written in the introduction part of the essay.
  6. The need for writing the resources in the citation is not required in the process analysis essays as the research work is negligible in these types of essays.

Few best process analysis essay topics ideas

The process analysis essay topics are very much similar to that of expository essays topics in which a person is supposed to explain something for the readers in steps. Few interesting process analysis essay topics are suggested below by the experts to make the people understand the topics of such essays.

  1. How to diagnose depression in a person through clinical psychology?
  2. The process of making crystals in the chemistry lab.
  3. How the Facebook page is created for business purposes.
  4. The best way by which one can rare a Lebra Dog at home.
  5. How we can prepare a good outline of the five-paragraph essay?
  6. What are the steps that are taken to understand the developmental stages of a person?
  7. How the web development process of a website gets completed like a professional.
  8. What steps should be taken by a newbie essay writer while writing an essay?
  9. How to diagnose the hidden blood cancer in human blood with the help of HB count in that person?
  10. The procedure to analyze the cancerous and noncancerous cysts in the human female reproductive system.
  11. What steps can be taken to advertise a business online on social media and other sites of a search engine?

Step by step guide for writing a process analysis essay

A process analysis essay is written in three main steps which include its introduction, main body, and conclusion of the essay. Such essays require an in-depth understanding of the process or a certain mechanism about which it is written to the person writing it. Here is a step-by-step guide for writing a process analysis essay for those who are writing such essay for the first time.

  • Introduction of process analysis essay:  Like the introduction of any other essay here also one is supposed to make the topic familiar to the readers. At the same time, the process or mechanism that is being explained to the readers is also described at a glance at this introduction part of the essay. Do not forget to given the vital role of the given process and its importance in the introduction as well. That is how you can become able to prepare a good introduction to the process analysis essay topic.
  • The main body of the process analysis essay: The main body of the process analysis essay is the most important part of the essay which should be written clearly. This serves as the backbone of the essay and should be written properly by the essay writer while writing this type of essay. If the person is not able to carry out a written experiment or task practically by reading the essay it is useless to write such essays. Have a look at the tips for writing the main body of process analysis essays given below:
  1. Make a vague list of points in the proper order that should be included in the essay.
  2. Try to keep the depth of every point in your mind and explain it in every aspect so that person reading it becomes able to understand clearly.
  3. Write the entire process in a step-by-step manner so that it becomes easy to understand and perform.
  4. Do not cite any extra resources in the essay and keep it simple and to the point.
  5. The use of simple words in the essay should be preferred for enhancing the readability of the readers.
  • Write a process analysis essay conclusion:  The process analysis essay conclusion is written in the same way as that of other essay conclusions. The overall account of the essay is given by wrapping the content of the essay in a few lines. The essay conclusion should be short and to the point and refrain from writing a lengthy conclusion which only includes the repeated lines in the essay. That is how you can come to know about how to conclude a process analysis essay easily.

Free Process analysis essay Sample on How to write a dissertation

Some people fail to write a good process analysis essay even after reading the complete guide given here. That is why the free example of process analysis essay is given here for such students. With the help of this sample essay, one can understand the real way of writing a process essay in a better way. The essay is written in the process of writing a dissertation for college or school assigned by the professors.

Select a topic for the dissertation

Primarily select a topic for the dissertation according to your interest and target readers. A good topic is the backbone of the dissertation and it should be selected based on its relevance and interest


The process of writing a college dissertation includes the abstract, research methodologies, and chapters of the dissertation along with analysis and conclusion. Writing a dissertation is very helpful to understand the basics or research on several topics by following different methods. Also, the person writing a dissertation becomes professional in all other types of research work as well.

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Main Body

  • Abstract of the dissertation:  The first part of writing a dissertation is to frame an abstract for the dissertation which includes the five major points in it. That is why you are writing a given dissertation, what will be the motif of the dissertation and how you will achieve that motif. At the same time, you also need to describe what are the resources used for the successful completion of the dissertation. A dissertation abstract is no longer than the word limit of 250 words and should be written before starting writing the dissertation in actual to get the consent of the mentor of dissertation for starting your dissertation.
  • Introduction: The dissertation introduction is written by explaining the fundamentals of the topic to the readers. At the same time research work done on the topic by previous researchers is also shown with the problems in that research work. The things that you are going to highlight in the dissertation along with the proper points need to be written in the introductory part of the dissertation.

At the same time, it becomes crucial to give an account of the background of the topic of the given dissertation to your readers as well. A good dissertation introduction is brief and short in length along with interesting lines in the beginning. Just like an essay hook, a dissertation should also comprise catchy lines.

  • Research methods: Research methodologies are important to cite in a dissertation while writing it for the professional platform. There are qualitative and quantitative research methodologies that are adopted for the research. One has to describe a good method used in the research work for the given dissertation.

At the Same time results and data collected from the given research method should also be included in this part of the dissertation. The research methods should be cited clearly in the dissertation to avoid any sort of confusion to the readers of the dissertation. Sometimes people also use both types of research methods according to the topic of the dissertation.

  • Chapters of the dissertation:  There are mainly two to three chapters that are included in a standard dissertation and one has to be very particular about these chapters while writing a dissertation. You can discuss the different aspects of the topics in every single chapter to make it appear very simple for the readers.

A good piece of dissertation never includes the repetition of the words again and again in the same chapter. So make sure that your dissertation chapters are written authentically by researching the authentic resources of the topic.

  • Critical analysis and results:  It is very crucial to analyze the given results of data that is collected on the topic of the dissertation. It can be done by making a critical approach to the data collected through surveys in both a positive and negative way. Good quality dissertations always comprise of the best critical analysis of the data obtained from the research on the topic by the person doing research.

Also talks about the results that are obtained from the analysis of the arguments and their solutions on the topic of the dissertation to work like a pro for your dissertation.


The conclusion of the dissertation is an essential part that cannot be ignored at any level. Writing a dissertation conclusion is very simple as one has to just rearrange the same facts and figures in this part of the dissertation. No research is required to conclude a dissertation as you have to cite the example only from the chapters of the dissertation.

Also, keep in mind that the dissertation conclusion should be short and to the point so that there occurs no boredom while reading the dissertation. Do not forget to write in your conclusion that the motif of the dissertation is achieved through the arguments of the chapters and solutions about those arguments.

Dissertation citation

The dissertation citation is also one of the most essential parts of writing a dissertation for professional work. If you are unable to cite a dissertation in its format there are high chances of plagiarism in your dissertation. This is because there are quotations that are used as references in the different parts of the dissertation.

When no proper description of these quotes and references is given at the end of the dissertation it means you claim them to be your ideas. It directly imparts a role of plagiarism in the citation. So make sure that you are citing your dissertation in the best way. An example of dissertation citation in MLA format is given here for those who are unable to grab the way of citation from other resources.

  1. Dickens, Charles. David Copperfield. Bradbury and Evans1850, Print.
  2. McCarthy, Cormac. The Road. Alfred A, Knopf 2006, print.

So follow this process analysis essay sample written on how to write a dissertation professionally. Best quality process analysis essays can be written by reading this example of the essay written by the eminent essay writers of the website Students Assignment Help.

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