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World peace is a broad topic that includes so many aspects that could be presented in a speech and through essays as well. Writing an essay or speech on world peace requires a lot of research at the primary level to find world peace essay titles. At the same time, it is also necessary to have an idea about writing such essays in proper structure and format.

You can find different types of essay topics on world peace like war and world peace, art, and peace, etc. are suggested here on the list to write your peace essay.  For the best clarity and apprehension for writing an essay on world peace the best example of a world peace essay is also given here as a sample.

  1. List of persuasive essays on world peace for college

  • World peace gives rise to humanity among human beings of different races.
  • Globalization and an increase in trade affairs among nations are giving rise to world peace.
  • Literature and art are the greatest weapons to bring peace to the world.
  • The hierarchy of different religions is the biggest enemy of world peace.
  • World peace organizations are very helpful to bring harmony among the world nations.
  • We can bring huge peace to the world by settling down the religious upheavals.
  1. Best contrast essay topics on world peace

  • The economy of peaceful nations flourishes better than nations inclined towards war.
  • War is always good than a cold war between the two countries.
  • Countries with nuclear power are more peaceful than those lacking it.
  • Civil war is the worst war as compared to the cross nation wars.
  • Literate people are more rebellious towards war than illiterate one.
  1. Free topics for cause and effect essay on world peace

  • How literature and artwork are responsible for peace in society?
  • Role of religion on creating religious upheavals to destroy peace.
  • Can we see the impact of peace on the economic growth of a nation?
  • How do peaceful conditions affect business in a given area?
  • Impact of law and ordinances in a given place to bring peace.
  • Can we say that anarchy is the biggest cause of peace destruction?
  1. High school essay topics on world peace

  • How we can bring peace with the help of literature in the world?
  • How do economic situations affect peace at the world level?
  • How globalization is imparting a big role in combating war in the world?
  • The probabilities of war increase in peaceful circumstances. How?
  • Why it is important to maintain peace in the world?
  • The fluctuation of peace level with various territorial boundaries of the world.
  • Is it possible to maintain a peaceful world like a utopian culture?
  1. New and unique essay titles on world peace

  • How territorial boundaries are becoming a major cause of war and destruction?
  • Why do we need to develop a peaceful scenario across the globe?
  • Is technology playing any role to bring peace to the world?
  • Nuclear and atomic bombs are responsible for disturbing world peace.
  • The awareness programs for peace are helpful to stop wars across the globe.
  • The government has a big power to maintain a peaceful state on a large scale.
  1. Argumentative essay titles on war and world peace

  • War among nations always occurs on trivial arguments having no meaning.
  • Civil wars affect the economy and stability more than cross-border wars.
  • Civil wars always occur due to anarchy in the country.
  • International treaties for peace are not giving any positive feedback.
  • Peace cannot be maintained without education.
  1. Simple and easy essay topics on world peace

  • How money plays an important role to manage peace at the world level?
  • Educated people are more aware of the benefits of world peace.
  • Is there any relation between world peace and the international economy?
  • How we can relate peace with the development of the area?
  • The way by which resistance gets converted into rebellion.
  • The role of multiple jeopardize in society to disturb peace in the society.
  1. Best speech essay topics on world peace for college

  • How we can bring unity and peace at the global level?
  • What role do education and awareness have in creating total peace in society?
  • How the communal, political, and religious upheavals are poisonous for the economy?
  • What effect do art and literary works leave on the people regarding peace?
  • The scenario of world peace in the past couple of decades.

Free example of an essay on world peace

Thesis Statement

World peace is very important for the development of the economy and it can be maintained only by education, awareness, art, and literary work as well.


The importance of peace at the global scale is undeniable as it plays a significant role in the optimum growth of the people. A task that is performed in a favorable and peaceful environment is always boomerang with positive effects. At the same time if you are doing something in a disturbed state there are chances of error. Peace is crucial at every level in the life of human beings. The term world peace comprises many types of peace that are required by the people, be it mental peace, political peace, social peace, and many others.

The definition of peace is not just limited to stop wars and battles but at the same time, we can derive many other in-depth meanings of peace at the world level as well. For example, a free atmosphere to practice your will is also peace; the religious tolerance by the authorities of the world is again an aspect of peace. Here we will discuss the varied aspects of peace and how it is associated with art and literature. Also, the impact of peace at the global scale on the economy of the world is shown here.

Main Body

  • Definition of world peace:  World peace can be defined as the utopian world where people of different races, decants, religions and castes live with each other in harmony. The negative emotions in a state of world peace like envy and wrath do not flourish in the society and world at large. When we say that there is total peace in the world that means no upheavals are going on either at the political level, economic level, or social level as well. Equality is one of the biggest reasons that can bring peace in the society at the internal level or externally as well.
  • Different aspects of peace at the global scale: When we discuss peace at the international forum there are so many aspects that we need to add to the term. The peace at cross nation boundaries at a geographical level, peace among the different communities of the world, peace from religious tolerance includes some of them. There are two types of peace technically that we can refer to one is external peace that is the peace in our environment.

Another type of peace is internal peace which is the output of the outer atmosphere of the society. Thus we can see that world peace is a very vast term that comprises of myriads of meaning with it. It is important to understand every aspect of the term to bring harmony and peace to the world.

  • Role of wars and battles in disturbing world peace: History is evident in so many wars that were fought on trivial issues when we consider world war one or for that matter World War 2. The biggest enemy for bringing peace in the world is a political war or battle. We can see how the people were disturbed after these two world wars both externally and internally.

The contemporary literature of the age gives us the best glimpses of the state of mind that people were going through after these wars. So we can say that it is very crucial to put a stop to bringing situations that are responsible for creating circumstances like wars. That is how we can head towards complete peace and harmony in the world.

  • How resistance took the shape of rebellion: If a community, race, or religion finds any type of prejudice a resistance can be seen internally from the community towards the authorities. With time when this resistance increases internally in the minds of people of that particular community, it takes the shape of rebellion.

That is why it is the responsibility of the government to ensure proper equality among the various races and religions. This is because if this resistance keeps on growing in the mind of religion the peace can be disturbed by the community like a termite. So it is essential to make sure that the people of a particular society are feeling equality be it at the external level or internally in their minds.

  • A scenario of peace in developing and developed economies: The developed nations are dealing in the best way to cope up with the issue of peace when we compare them to the developing ones. This is because the internal peace of a country is very much decided by the economic resources, per capita income, population, healthcare facilities, and so on.

Unfortunately, all these facilities are lingering in developing nations across the globe. As a result of which people have to fight for basic resources like water, healthcare facilities, and many other such issues for their survival. Political instability is also high in poor nations as people are not well aware of their rights in democratic nations. That is why we can say that developed nations are having better peace than the developing nations of the world.

  • Globalization and peace in the world: Although there are so many scenarios in which cross-country fights are very common to see but still we can see the positive impact of globalization on world peace. Today people are communicating with each other on social media at a personal level to build good relations. At the same time, the entire globe is becoming like a single nation with the coming of globalization. The rise in trade, exchange of customs, art, and tradition on international boundaries are bridging the gulf to move towards a state of harmony.

We can see that people are getting broad-minded on several issues so that peace can be maintained. Also, the awareness about the importance of peace in the world is possible through art in the best way with the coming of globalization. So, in a nutshell, we can see that globalization is leaving a positive impact on the mind of people to bring peace to the world.

  • How to bring peace in the world: When we talk about creating peace in the world it is essential to understand the reasons that are causing disturbance among the nations. When the cause of disturbance is figured out it becomes easier to get rid of these causes. Mostly the reasons that back these upheavals are political powers, territorial areas, trade rights, religious imbalance, and multiple types of jeopardy that are confronted by the different races.

When all these obstacles are tackled by the international and regional organizations which are endeavoring for peace only then peace can be imagined in the world. Some intellectuals of the society should also strive towards bringing peace at the local level through better comprehension.

  • What role art plays in establishing peace: Although authorities and government play a significant role in maintaining peace in the world art has its crucial role too. There are paintings, poems, novels, and plays that work as essential weapons to create harmony in different races. When the depiction of various races of the world will be equal in cinema, literature can work as a catalyst towards shifting the peace to another level.

At the same time when the importance of world peace will be shown in the movies and documentaries, it can also change the perception of the people who are disturbing the peace. So to cap it all we can say that art and literature have a vital role in shifting the world towards harmony and peace.


A conclusion can be drawn from the above essay that it is very hard to exist in the world if we do not deter peace. A peaceful environment is favorable for the overall development, be it political, personal, social, or economic development of the individual, nation, or for that matter world. But at the same time, it is very difficult to achieve peace in totality as the existence of a utopian world is just an imaginary thought.

There are so many nations and international forums which are struggling towards creating world peace. United National Organization is the best example who is working tirelessly towards maintaining a peaceful environment among the various countries. Likewise, there are so many other conventions at a regional and global level that are continuously striving towards peace. No doubt we have attained success to manage peace in the world but still, there are miles to go for the best results.

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