Causal Analysis Essay Topics

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Causal analysis essays form a crucial part of students’ college assignments given in English, Economics and Social media, etc. These essays are written by critically analyzing the topic to understand the main cause behind a particular inference in the given situation. Before writing such essays graduates must understand the definition of causal analysis essay which is given below.

At the same time, the topic that is selected by the students should also be of interest. This is because a lot of research is required in such essays to reach the main cause behind a specific issue and the interest of the students matters a lot in such a state. A list of free causal analysis essay topics for college is suggested here by professional essay writers. You can go through the given list of topics to sift out a topic for writing such essays according to your interest.

Definition of Causal Analysis Essay

Causal analysis essays as the name indicate the meaning are written by analyzing the case behind a situation or inference. Such essays are written by doing critical research on the topic to reach the main roots of an incidence. For example, Jaundice is a superficial symptom of a body problem and its cause is analyzed by observing every aspect and physiology of the body in depth.

These types of essays are also termed cause and effect essays in popular trends which are assigned to the graduate pursuing different courses. For example causal analysis essay on English, Science, media, polity, and Economics, etc. A list of topics for causal analysis essays is given below for those who are assigned these types of essays in College.

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Causal Analysis Essay Topics for College Students on Psychology

  1. Influence of society on the development of a child in the early years of development.
  2. How sometimes peer of children is responsible for the development of an inferiority complex that lasts for a long time?
  3. What is the impact of clinical psychology on the rehabilitation of a person suffering from the drug addiction issue?
  4. How psychological attitude of a person is reflected in his social behavior in society?
  5. Why it is important to have a good peer group for the better development of a child from the very beginning?
  6. Impact of psychological counseling on the person who has poor social interaction and is reticent?
  7. Influence of psychological development of a child on his career in gaining professional success.
  8. How do poverty and class differences affect the psychology of a developing child in society?
  9. Why differently-abled students are fair when they are supposed to attend inclusive education schools?
  10. Why a politician with poor political psychology fails to earn the votes of people in a democratic country?

Free Causal Analysis Essay Topics for Graduates on English

  1. How the coming of the middle class in Europe leads to the development of prose and the extinction of poetry in literature?
  2. What were the reasons behind the bloom of literary texts in the age of Shakespeare?
  3. Why did Oliver Cromwell shut all the entertainment sources in Europe by bringing the period of interregnum?
  4.  Reasons for which the neoclassical age is known as the age of epithets in English literary history.
  5. Why the slaves of America were not happy with the abolishment of slavery? What were the reasons which pushed them to cherish slavery?
  6. Why modern English words are different from those of medieval age English and ancient English as well?
  7. Can we say that the English language is influenced by the French language and therefore we can see some common words in both French and English?
  8. How did culture, Colonization, and renaissance change the pronunciation, understanding, and formation of the English Language in the past couple of centuries?
  9.   Influence of globalization on the development of various regional slangs in the English Language with time.
  10. Why European or British English is considered the most accurate English for writing formal documents?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics Based on Science

  1. Why do we feel a lowering in the weight of an object when it is immersed in the liquid?
  2. Why do we fail to get the sweet fragrance from the flowers that are cultivated from the hybrid seeds?
  3. Influence of cloudy weather on the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere?
  4. Why nuclear bombs are considered the most destructive than any other similar material?
  5. What underlying body diseases or problems lead to jaundice in the human body which is recognized by the yellowish nature of nails and eyes?
  6. What leads to the short height of a progeny from the tall parents in a genetics study?
  7. Why mutation leads to cancer and such other symptoms and what are the causes of mutation in the human chromosomal series?
  8. If the acids are harmful to the skin of humans bring or other mammals then why do we put boric acid in eye cleansing products available in the market?
  9. Why Venus is hotter than Mercury of planets that are closest to the sun are hotter than those which lie away from the sun in sequence?
  10. Why a cloudy day feels warmer than a sunny day in the night on earth’s atmosphere?

Best Causal Analysis Essay Topics on Social Media for College

  1. How social media is the biggest reason behind the high rate of crimes in society?
  2. Impact of social networking sites on the security of women and college girls pursuing their education.
  3. How Social media is helpful for businessmen to advertise their brand and services through social marketing?
  4. How Social media is considered as the biggest root cause of spreading terrorism across different national and international borders.
  5.  Influence of social media on the education of students and the deterioration of the education standard in developing countries.
  6. How we can relate the success in business development and marketing strategies with social networking sites?
  7. Why social media is considered the best platform for research on various topics related to culture and politics?
  8. Influence of social media in increasing international trade, harmony, and peace amongst the different countries.
  9. Social media and its impact on educating people regarding different government policies that are framed by the government for social welfare.
  10. What are the drawbacks of sharing personal data on popular social networking sites without setting privacy?
  11. Why it is crucial to put a ban on social media for children below a maturity age?

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Topics for Causal Analysis Essay on Global Warming [New 2020]

  1. Impact of global warming on the rising floods and avalanches in the plains and hill areas respectively?
  2. How does the luxury lifestyle equipped with washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, and televisions influence the global temperature?
  3. What are the different reasons behind increasing the earth’s temperature at this reckless speed in the past couple of decades?
  4. Why the use of green chemistry and natural resources of power are not capable to deal with the issue of global warming?
  5. How set up industries in the developing nation is the main cause of increased temperature of the globe?
  6.  Why the traditional crops of an area are not blooming with the same proportion as global warming as they used to be earlier?
  7. How we can relate the increase in global warming with the set up of machinery in the agriculture and household sector?
  8. Impact of population explosion in Asian countries on global warming as it increases the pressure on natural resources.
  9. Why evergreen and temperate zones of the forests are now experiencing an elevation in the degree of temperature?
  10. Role of global warming in the extinction of various species that reside in the temperate temperature zones of the forests.

Causal Analysis Essay Topics List for Graduates in Economics

  1. How do the dumping rules on trade affect the local market of a country very badly, therefore, killing the employment opportunities for small businessmen?
  2. Out of the Agricultural and industrial economy of a country which is considered best for the economic development of the nation of international level.
  3. Why population growth is not in favor of the development of the country on the international level?
  4. How increased trade barriers sometimes give equal experience in the increased trade deficit of the country?
  5. Why do the country’s foreign exchange reserves experience deficiency when people prefer to invest in gold and such securities?
  6. Influence of poor economic growth in the automobile and service sector in countries where outsourcing is at its peak.
  7. Why a country which is purely agricultural economy should have a flexible foreign direct investment policy to bring the industry into the country easily?
  8. What are the influences of poor currency values at the international level on the trade of that particular country?
  9. Why high per capita income does not change the lifestyle of all the people residing in a nation?
  10. Which are the causes that bring down the national economy of a country?
  11. What causes a nation or economy to suffer through financial crises?
  1. The cause behind the ransomware attacks on the different devices of business entities is to steal their confidential data.
  2. How it is easily possible for hackers to hack electronic computer devices to encrypt the data?
  3. Why computer intelligence cannot be applied in many fields yet to reduce human labor so that expenses can be minimized?
  4. Influence on the computer device when you install anti-ransomware software in them.
  5. Why digital currency is still not in popularity even if it does not require any intermediary like a banking system?
  6. What is the reason behind the poor cybersecurity in the developing nations of the world?
  7. Why certain computer devices are still hacked by hackers even if you are installing anti-malware software in the device?
  8. Increase in terrorism across the globe with the rise in artificial intelligence systems.
  9. Why it is almost impossible nowadays for surgeons to carry out surgery without the applications of information technology?
  10. Development and improvement in the healthcare sector with the coming of information and technology.
  11. Why the defense sector of developed and developing nations are relying on artificial intelligence and other applications of information and technology?

Environmental science topics for causal analysis essay

  1. Why the people are experiencing a high range of breathing problems in their respiratory tract for the past couple of decades?
  2. Which are the reasons behind the rise in patients with cardiovascular diseases across the globe?
  3. Cause behind the rejection of hybrid seeds by the people nowadays as they are moving towards the traditional seeds.
  4. How vegetables grown in industrial areas are harmful to the health of people as they lead to different fatal diseases?
  5. Why do people refrain from pouring urea-based fertilizers in the fields to grow crops and vegetables?
  6. Impact of the topography of an area on the vegetation of that particular region.
  7. Why vegetables are grown in tropical regions fails to germinate in the temperate zones.
  8. How the composition of the air in a particular place affects the health of the person living in that specific region?
  9. Why do the people residing in the upper hills have a high range of red blood cells than those living in the plains areas?
  10. How an increase in the level of carbon dioxide is harmful to human beings as well as its decrease is also not in the favor of life on earth?

Free causal analysis essay Ideas for graduates on Sociology

  1. How does the setup of society come up with an idea that women are inferior to men or in short words give rise to a misogynistic approach?
  2. Influence of society in developing negative emotions in human beings like hatred, jealousy, and ego.
  3. Why the word women empowerment came into existence and is it necessary to empower women from their opposite gender?
  4. The rise in gender disparity between men and women in developing and developed countries.
  5. Why feminism is always considered in the wrong perception that it is against men and not fight for the egalitarian approach between men and women?
  6. Reasons which leads to the set up of society and marriage institutions.
  7. Why women are considered secure in the marriage institution?
  8. How did the class system and the caste system become a major issue in society with time?
  9. What are the root causes of anarchy in a society full of different religions and cultures?
  10. Why democratic governments are considered best in society to cater to the needs of people carefully?

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