Critical Thinking Essay Topics

08/27/2021 | 4945 views

What does a Critical Thinking Essay Refer to?

A critical thinking analysis essay requires a writer to critically think or analyze the situation before writing. The situations can be either of the following:

  • Performance
  • Movie
  • Literary work
  • Written text
  • Historical event
  • Social phenomenon
  • Political situation
  • Argument

How to Pick the Best Critical Thinking Essay Topic?

When the students got to write a critical thinking essay, the first thing that comes to their minds is how they will choose a convenient topic. Here we discuss certain tips to find a great topic to write critical thinking essays.

The first tip is to choose an easy topic so that you can easily find the sources for it. The second thing is to choose a topic that matches up to your interest. It can help you to come up with an outstanding essay paper.

Most Recent Critical Thinking Essay Topics For you:

  1. The things or facts according to you that should be altered.
  2. Different reactions of people on social media.
  3. Discuss any emerging issue such as technological development.
  4. Your conversation with different varieties of people.
  5. The subject that strongly touched you.
  6. How do different people develop their likes and dislikes?

Some Unique Critical Thinking Essay Topic Ideas for Middle School:

  1. The transformation in the advertisement is because of technology.
  2. Is social media responsible for the increasing cases of teenage suicides?
  3. Should birth control be legalized for teenagers?
  4. Is it possible and beneficial to make education free for each citizen?
  5. The contribution of politics in dividing the country.
  6. Can longer jail sentences be an effective method of dealing with corrupt leaders?

Critical Thinking Essay Topic Ideas on Movies and TV:

  1. Discuss the review of any critical film.
  2. Pick any famous game show and analyze what makes it interesting.
  3. An analysis of a movie that is dedicated to high school.
  4. The impact of horror movies on the psychology of children.
  5. Analyze the remake of a classic movie.
  6. Single comic book character and two movies based on it.

Literature Critical Thinking Essay Topics for Discussion:

  1. Discuss the recurrent genre of literature in any specific generation.
  2. Analyze the literary, cultural, and historical aspects of the work of literature.
  3. Discuss the application of irony in any of your favorite classic books.
  4. Pick up any literary work and discuss its mood.
  5. Discuss feminist ideology in any literature work.
  6. Pick any novel or play and elaborate its critical dialogue.

Critical Thinking Essay Topics Suggestion on Culture:

  1. Select any favorite movie of yours and assess how it showcases trending culture.
  2. Discuss the importance of ethnic music.
  3. Discuss the relationship between body size and modeling.
  4. Analysis of street art and Graffiti.
  5. The resources that are helpful to fight homeliness.
  6. Communication differences between men and women.

Environment Based Critical thinking essay topics:

  1. Explain hurricanes and how they affect the environment.
  2. Discuss the compatibility between environmentalism and capitalism.
  3. What are the most beneficial environmental conversation techniques?
  4. What are the main causes of environmental degradation around the world?
  5. Are the celebrities effective in disseminating pro-environment ideologies?
  6. Is there any effect of the environment on the psychological well-being of a child?
  1. Critical thinking analysis of ancient technology.
  2. Pick up any of your favorite historical books and critically analyze them.
  3. A critical thinking analysis of the Spanish Colonization of America.
  4. Select any of your favorite historical series and explain why it is so?
  5. An analysis of seven wonders of the ancient world.
  6. An analysis of any country whose history fascinates you the most.

Critical Thinking Essay Ideas Based on Economics:

  1. Discuss the economic importance of microbes in human life.
  2. Discuss any economic disaster from the past ad its reason.
  3. What is the connection between literacy and economic growth?
  4. Discuss the effectiveness of the American economic system.
  5. How does inflation affect economic growth?
  6. How do students effectively spend their money?

Social Issues Critical Thinking Essay Topic Ideas:

  1. What is the importance of improvement of quality in social and health care?
  2. The biggest social issue in your hometown.
  3. Discuss the connection between social processes and the use of technology in the current generation.
  4. Why obesity is still an issue in the current world?
  5. The effectiveness of the law system of the US in its war against drugs.
  6. What is the role of racism in police enforcement?

Critical Thinking Essay Topic Ideas on Technology:

  1. What is the role of technology in the transformation of the lives of a human beings?
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of enhanced technology in the current world.
  3. The integration of robots into the lives of humans.
  4. The impact of technology on fashion trends.
  5. How has technology improved the health sector?
  6. Analysis of Apple iPhone.

Critical Thinking Essay Topic Ideas on Sports:

  1. Use of drugs by the sports players.
  2. Write an analysis of sports on the internet.
  3. The strategies to get success in the field of sports.
  4. What are the methods to control racism in sports?
  5. Salaries are given to top sportsperson.
  6. How can you relate corruption with sports?

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