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Student's Assignment Help August 22, 2016

Students in Singapore are stressed and unhappy with the education system. School and college life is a burden for them. They have no sports lecture, which can refresh their minds during school time. In Singapore children from the age of 6 have to face a heavy burden of study and that is the main reason behind stress in Singapore students. Therefore, the main reason of stress among Singapore students is educational burden.

School and college staff is trying to train them to work hard for exams. Parents are more concern about their academic grades and force them to study hard at home also. They do not allow them to play games or spend some time for themselves for some entertainment.

They are trying to build scholar’s but scholars also need some gap from studies to perform well. The reasons behind the frustration of students are parents, college or university staff and study pressure. No one asks them what they want to do? Local schools assign heavy homework to the students. Assignments create more pressure on students, and it leads to stress. Stress is a common problem in people above 40 years of age. However the busy life schedule of students from the early age is making students more stressed in the young age.

In Singapore, a survey was conducted among students to understand the reason behind their unhappiness. The results were shocking. 50% students state that school and college life is the reason behind their unhappiness. It is a high figure that reveals the truth about their worries.

Students in Singapore feel like they are being treated like a machine and their parents, school and college staff want to utilize them more efficiently. The survey reveals that 1 out of 3 students is suffering from mental stress and depression in Singapore. About 12% students are having anxiety issues, 10% students are suffering from stress and 2% students in Singapore are suffering from depression.

Students in Singapore have only two options inside the school, i.e. first study, and if there is a free lecture, then they have the second option library. Every student needs some free time in their daily life for refreshment and students in Singapore are not getting that refreshment. When they reach home, they have to complete homework and assignments. If they not complete assignments and homework within time, then it will affect their academic grades. Students of Singapore are involved in the education and get some free hours to rest in their daily life.

Depression and stress can lead to a severe issue in the future. It can make students mentally weak, and there is a danger of other obstacles due to stress. School life is the essence of students that assist them in the future during their higher studies. If pupils will not enjoy their school life, then how can they survive in this competitive world? To gear up their momentum it is necessary for students to involve in different activities.

Parents, school and college staff, must pay particular focus towards students to make them cheerful and happy. Child age is very delicate age, and mental worries can affect children severely. Mood swings are the early symptoms of depression and stress.

Stress affects overall health as it affects the mind. Our brain controls the entire function of our body. Damage to the brain might create some major issues. Psychological effects are more dangerous than a physical problem. Majority college and university students in Singapore are suffering from depression and stress. They hold a tremendous pressure of study, jobs and assignments. Students in university have a tight schedule, and they fail to deal with all these things effectively.

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