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Student's Assignment Help November 30, 2015

Students know the value of higher education in their life. They always dream to do their higher education from the best universities of the world. Universities of UK, USA, AUSTRALIA, and NEW ZEALAND always attract abroad students for higher education. But, in recent years it is found that abroad students are taking more admissions in the universities of the Singapore. There are various reasons behind it.

The reasons student love Singapore for higher education is as follows: -

A) Education system: -There is no doubt that Asian countries are updating themselves by adopting modern education system. The adoption rate of Singapore is much higher than other countries. Expert teachers and professionals with modern Laboratories and great library resources are attracting students to take admissions. The country is in the race of becoming a superpower nation in terms of technology and education. The education system of Singapore is now competing with the education system of the UK and USA.

B) Safe place: - The strict rules and regulations made this city a perfect place to live. The crime rate of the city is very low. The traffic systems are also followed strictly. The accident rate of this city is also very low. Students need safe climate to study and they get it in Singapore.

C) You will assure yourself a degree highly renowned by employers: -Singapore is one of the best education hub cities in the world. It was ranked third in the year 2013. Universities of Singapore are known for their research and innovation in the world. Employer’s of Asia and other continents welcome students of Singapore universities in their firm. The reason behind it is the renowned superior education system of the Singapore. The high QS University ranking of Singapore Universities attracts students and expert professionals towards them. Students know the importance of the degree from the best-renowned universities and this is also the reason the students love Singapore for higher education.

D) Scholarship: -the tuition fees in Singapore are less than other countries. There is a chance for abroad students to get scholarships and fellowships in Singapore. There are various scholarship programs that will cut your complete tuition fees. The Singapore scholarship of the embassy of the republic of Singapore offers a merit-based scholarship to students belongs to ASEAN countries and enrolled at Nanyang technical university and the national university of Singapore.

Nelson Mandela Endowed scholarship offers a scholarship to one African student per year. There are various other kinds of scholarships available that attract students to choose Singapore for higher studies.

E) Diversity abounds: -People from different nations live in the Singapore. In fact, there are four official languages used in the Singapore, it’s the symbol of unity. You will never treat as a stranger in the Singapore. People of Singapore are very calm and even the taxi drivers treat their passengers as a friend, not as a stranger.

F) High-quality life: - It’s a lifetime experience to live in the Singapore. Singapore is very costly and there is no doubt, but you will enjoy excellent amenities. It’s the best city to live a high-class life. The public transportation of the Singapore is more advanced and is cheap. If you are spending your money in Singapore then there is a surety of satisfaction.

G) Anytime, anywhere: -The city is open 24 hours a day. The restaurants, food chains, shopping malls are the center of attraction. The city sparks in the night. Students love the nightlife of this city. There is no place for boring life in the Singapore. Students take admissions in the Singapore because of high-class services and luxurious lifestyle.

H) English abound: -Abroad students feel comfortable in the Singapore as English is one of the official languages here. You can easily communicate with the local residence of the Singapore. 75% people use English for conversation in the Singapore. You will not face language problem in the city.

I) Jobs availability: -It’s a general fact that students need part-time jobs to reduce the burden of the tuition fee, accommodation, and other expenditures. Students easily get part-time jobs in the Singapore city without hard struggle. You can be a part of an organization like restaurants etc. and earn extra income.