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Ruby Wilson - US

Ph.D. in law from Birmingham School of Law

Education Qualification:

I have completed my Ph.D. in law from Birmingham School of Law USA.

Subject paper expertise:

I can cover all assignments that are based on Corporate Law Assignment, Labour and human rights, Principles of Law Assignment, Environmental Law, and Intellectual law, and solved lots of case studies based on the law for example Keep America Working, help People Exit Homelessness & Stay Housed, and Help Human Trafficking Victims.

Academic paper expertise:

I am a professional law essay writer who can write any type of paper related to your needs. Whether you need a dissertation, case study, or thesis help- I’m the woman for that job.

Work Experience:

It has been 9 years since I’m working as a legal advisor for a well-known firm in the US. Also, I’m working with students’ assignment help for 5 years.

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Law 4th May 2019

Crime and Deviance: Link between Leisure, Culture and Crime

Introduction A wide research has shown that there is a connection between violence, drinking and social disorder. There is great importance of leisure time for young people in the society today. In every culture, some hours of the day are such when there is no requirement on the part of young people to be formally engaged in activities. These activities can include paid work, going to school or engage in any kind of household work. Instead, people choose to be involved in various activities, su

Law 22nd April 2019

Conduct of England and Wales Police Report

IntroductionThe police play a very important role in protecting the public from crime by acting as the first link in the chain of causation that leads from an incident going through investigation to an offender getting the sentence. Therefore, if this link is broken, the entire system of police, prosecutors, and court failed in civil society (Myhill and Quinton 2011). The operation of police of England and Wales is critically analyzed on variables of fairness and justice by the suppo

Law 12th April 2016

Australian Contract Law for Holiday Company Thomson Group | Assignment Sample

Introduction Contract law is an agreement that is made between the two parties and is legally enforceable in the eyes of law. Contract law incorporates all the laws and regulations that are directed for achieving certain promises. Australian contract law is regulated by the common law and is regulated by the laws and legislations prevalent in the country (Carter and Harland, 2004). Consumer contract law, on the other hand, describes the terms and conditions that relates to the contract with the

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