Women’s Rights Essay Sample

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In the United States, women have made a lot of progress in their fight for equality. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of female CEOs and even more so this year with many women running for president. However, there are still many places where it is not easy to be a woman. Women don’t have equal rights to education or healthcare, they can’t drive cars or go out without a male relative by their side and they face punishment if they try to leave abusive marriages. The blog post will explore some ways that we as individuals can help make sure that every woman everywhere has equal rights and opportunities as men do now and always will until true gender equality is achieved throughout the world.

Essay Sample On Women’s Rights

Thesis statement

Feminism and women suffrage are major movements that help women to get their rights which are suppressed for a long time by misogynistic people.


Women’s rights have been suppressed for a longer period of time by society and that is why various movements are coming to the light. From domestic violence to low wages for equal work and the hegemony of male partners are some of these oppressions. Here we will talk about the rights given to women to come out of these injustices caused to the women by men and other women as well.

Main Essay

Women Rights on Property and Election

Earlier developed and underdeveloped nations used to put women’s rights related to property and election rights on the backfoot. But nowadays things are changing a lot and law systems along with various movements are giving equal status to women in society. Women suffrage and feminism is the leading chariot of giving justice to women in present-day society. After the coming of women’s suffrage in America, the entire scenario for women changed and now every woman gets the right to vote for choosing a government.

Marriage and Abortion law for women

History is big evidence to show that women have been subjugated in the name of marriage for a long time. But now marriage rights are getting in the favor of women and they can take an independent decision regarding their married life. For instance divorce law, baby adoption law, and property rights of women once they get married are framed in the favor of women.

More, talking about the law regarding abortion of pregnant women only women are vested with the right to taking decisions related to the termination of their pregnancy. That is why we can say the scenario for women is changing with the help of making useful and relevant laws in their favor.

If we turn around our heads we can see today women are working in every sector of life. But a few decades back it was not a normal thing as females used to be considered inferior to men in their capabilities. Legal rights of equality for working make women strong in their careers in every field. That is why it is becoming a normal part of life for women these days. You can see how women are getting vocal about their rights in the workplace for equal wages for the work like that of men.

Similar is the case with other dimensions of life where they are justifying their capabilities by doing extraordinary jobs. That is how a massive shift is being experienced by women to sustain in this world where men are given the utmost priority of rights. Gender roles are getting to an end with the coming of rights for women.

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So from the above essay, we can say that the feministic approach and assistance of the law system is helping women to take their decision independently. More today women are getting out of the case defined to them in an earlier time by putting them within the four walls of the house. We can see the women equally rubbing shoulder with men in every field and have possession of property of various kinds. A major change in the marriage-related law can also be seen through the above arguments on women’s rights.

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