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Andrew Jackson is often regarded as the first president of the Democratic Party, but his views were more aligned with those of today’s Republican Party. This essay will explore how Jacksonian Democracy was different from modern-day democracy and what that means for our current political climate.

Jackson believed in a limited government, which meant he had little to no use for federal bureaucracy or big spending programs like national infrastructure development. He also distrusted banks and paper money – he went so far as to try to abolish the US central bank (the Federal Reserve) during his presidency.

Essay Sample On How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson

Thesis Statement – How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson Essay

Andrew Jackson was a controversial president. He had an important role in shaping the United States, and he has been the subject of debate among historians for many years. One side argues that Jackson’s election would have been a disaster for America, while others believe that his presidency paved the way to what we see today as American democracy.

Introduction – How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson Essay

Andrew Jackson who was the seventh president of the United States of America is considered a democratic leader by many people. But at the same time, some are in the notion that he is not a democrat in a real sense, and more or less can be considered as a good human who believed in the equal distribution of the resources to a certain limit. In this entire tenure of serving as the president of the most successful and powerful country, most of his decision and actions prove him a generous person and democrat as well. But it does not mean that based upon those instances we can consider him as a real democrat in the real sense. The term democracy has a wide definition and acts like an umbrella term that covers so many aspects of the leader to become a democrat in real meaning.

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Main Body – How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson Essay

If we observe the case of Andrew Jackson we will come to know that in his entire part of the job as president of the nation he tried to give his best for bringing the marginal sections of the country to the mainstream. This is done by the equal distribution of the economic resources among the people and giving them their rights. The term democratic means the government of both rich and poor which does not do any injustice to the population on the grounds of rich and poor financial background. But Andrew Jackson does not prove his best to this idea of democracy and rather he gives his inclination towards the poor section of the society only. So this argument hinders us to believe the idea that he was a democrat in the real sense.

In other circumstances, we have glimpses of his tenure where he is enjoying the full rights and power that is vested with a president by keeping servants like his slaves. This image of Andrew Jackson portrays him more or less like that of a kind of monarch that destroys the entire idea of democracy among the people. He was not that popular among the upper class or we can say that Andrew Jackson was the angel of the lower classes to whom he gave the entire priority and those who were from the upper strata of the country were ignored by the president very well. This gives a reason to us for not considering him as a democrat in any way.

If we move a bit deeper into the matter, we will come to know that he was nowhere bothered about justice to the rich people and justice or equality were the rights of the lower section of the society only. Many rich people who were innocent at this time have to suffer due to this policy of the president. According to the people of the national democracy is adopted to give stability and drawing the country aware of the anarchy but this system is letting it into the vice-versa state. Some aristocratic classes were in belief, that the actions of Andrew Jackson can bring chaos to the nation and he must be impeached from his position by the majority of the parliament.

But like mentioned earlier as well that he was the leader of common men it was not that easy to impeach him from his position. People from the lower classes were happy with his contribution in their lives towards a positive change which was not possible in the governments of earlier parties. The entire idea behind democracy is to a state of stability and trust among the citizens towards the government that not wrong can happen to them. This reason was maintained by Andrew Jackson but not for both the upper sections of society. Only those who are backward and poor in the country were given the preference by the president which was not easy to digest for the people from the upper classes.

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Conclusion – How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson Essay

We can draw a conclusion from the essay that Andrew Jackson although works like that of Robin Hood to serve the poor but he was not democratic in that way. Democracy does not become partial on the ground of money and status and every person must be equal in front of law in such government type. But Andrew Jackson does not prove out best to this idea and thus we cannot say that he was a democratic leader rather it is better to say that he was the leader of the marginal section of the country.

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