Component Of Criminal Justice System In USA Essay Sample

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The criminal justice system in the United States is composed of executive, legislative and judicial branches. It has three major components: police, courts, and corrections. These are its main parts that can be found at any level of government (local, state, or federal). The police enforce laws; find criminals; gather evidence; arrest offenders; transport suspects to court where they appear before a judge who decides whether there is enough evidence for the offender to stand trial. Courts have judges who decide on guilt or innocence using rules of law that establish what constitutes a crime and how people should be punished if they commit one. Corrections refer to prisons or other places where convicted offenders serve their sentences.

Essay Sample On Component Of Criminal Justice System

Thesis Statement – Component Of Criminal Justice System Essay

Criminal justice is very important to safeguard the rights of citizens in a nation because many innocent are considered criminals by default by the judicial system of the country.

Introduction – Component Of Criminal Justice System Essay

Criminal justice means to provide justice to the criminals and their rights that have been mentioned in the constitution of a nation. Some instances show that many times innocent people have to bear the results of deeds that they have not committed even. More sometimes criminals are tortured and tormented to this height that they die out of this torture by the system. Such a situation reflects that a serious judicial system is very important to keep the rights of criminals protected all the time. Here are some components of criminal justice that will help you to know about the components of criminals’ justice and how to save a person through the law. So go through every point very carefully to understand the depth of this issue.

Main Body – Component Of Criminal Justice System Essay

Here is a complete essay on criminal justice that will help you to go through the major issues of criminal justice. Criminal justice and equality among the people and a strong judicial system to provide justice to criminals and protect their rights are the major points of this essay. So if you are curious to know about this topic, have a sight on the following points with meticulous care. You will get to know the complete information on criminal justice and the components associated with it.

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Equality and justice

Equality is a must for every citizen of the nation and the constitution abides by the rule of equality that needs to be provided for the citizens. For example, if a person commits a crime then in that case punishment for this crime must be equal for every person irrespective of the influential political background of some people. In most cases, it so happens that rich and politically influential people manage to secure them from such punishment and innocent and poor people have to undergo a session of rigorous torture.

Such practices must be checked by the system of any country to provide the right of equality to its citizens. There are many corrupt nations which involve in these types of pursuits regularly and poor people have to struggle to get justice for them. Thus equality and justice must be there in case of criminal justice for the criminals and innocent people who are not declared as criminals by the judicial system.

Loopholes in the criminal justice system

The criminal justice system is improved a lot by the different nations worldwide but still, many loopholes in it must be checked by the system. The major loophole that gives the system a green signal to torture the criminals out of their limits is the custody of the criminals and their encounter without any question. It must not be forgotten that a criminal can be innocent and someone has trapped him into this situation to prove to him that he is a criminal.

In such a case, an innocent person has to lose his life because of the fault of the poor judicial system for the criminals’ law. Such practices that are not good for the rights of a human being must be avoided by the constitution of a nation as well, only then something could be done to get out of these loopholes of the justice system in a country.

Targets of the criminal justice system

The criminal justice system should be based on the target of providing absolute security to the criminals so that nobody can harm them in the prison. This is because there are many cases in history when criminals have not been protected by the people of prison and they are attacked by other criminals in which sometimes their life is sacrificed. In other words, such attacks on the criminals in jail must be avoided to provide complete justice to the criminals so that they feel secure in front of the system of judiciary in their country. Anarchy is sure in the nation where such ill practices of not providing criminal justice throughout the prosecution are prevalent to a high extent. So there must be strict rules and regulations to stop these types of things troubles to the criminals.

Positive points of criminal justice

Criminal justice is very important in cases where innocent people are subjected to rigorous cops’ custody. Sometimes such practice becomes liable for the death of criminals and this is a shame for any judicial system. A good criminal justice system can protect a person who is a criminal and want to prove his innocence in front of the judicial system of the country. In case there occur any issue in the smooth prosecution of the criminals in front of the judiciary it is a disgrace to the country and its judicial system. Thus we can say that the judicial system of a country saves people from illegal prosecutions and unrightfully torture.

Conclusion – Component Of Criminal Justice System Essay

The conclusion drawn from the sample essay on the criminal system shows that there are so many countries that still involve torture and illegal prosecution against criminals. Such practice becomes the reason for death for many criminals. Though criminals have to be prosecuted there must be a legal way and process for that purpose. Many judicial systems do not bother about the rights of their citizens who are criminals and treat them like animals. There must be a sensitive way of dealing with the criminals of any country after all they are also human beings.

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