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Police brutality is a serious issue in the United States. The country has seen an increase in cases of police brutality, and it is affecting everyone. It seems that no one is safe from police violence anymore. If you are pulled over for speeding or a minor traffic violation, you could be subjected to excessive force by law enforcement officers who will stop at nothing to get what they want from you.

Essay Sample On Police Brutality

Thesis Statement of Police Brutality Essay

Police brutality is spreading anarchy everywhere in the world and the public is losing trust in the system of Democracy.

Introduction of Police Brutality Essay

The brutality of police has been found in multiple cases across the globe. There are many proves which shows that police of different countries misuse their power to tease the common masses. These troubles are given on the grounds of caste, creed, decent, and class of a person. Talking about the different countries of the world, there is always a gulf between poor and rich, white and black, upper class and lower class. As a result of which those who are in the higher positions misuse their powers of authority to dominate the poor section. This hegemonic way of brutality which is approached by those who are in police departments must be eradicated from its roots. Otherwise, it can lead to huge anarchy in the world.

Main Body of Police Brutality Essay

Cause of Police Brutality

There has been a different cause behind the brutality of police with the common people. Sometimes it is backed by some influential societies or people of the country and other times governments itself becomes the reason behind it.

  • Police Brutality based on Racial Discrimination – Some countries like America have a huge number of immigrants who have different cast and races. Those who are having black skin complexions become the victim of white people. Police discriminate against these black skin complexion people on the ground of racism. As a result of which many innocent people become victims.

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  • The brutality of Police Inspired by the Government Deeds – Sometimes to fulfill certain ambitions government uses the common masses as a step of success. As police are supposed to work under the government’s direction, the motives of governments are completed with the assistance of police brutality on the common public. It could be done to save the children of a government minister or anything else of this sort.
  • Police Brutality to Establish Hegemony on the Poor Section of Society – To establish domination on the poor section of society the tool of police brutality is used by the government. It is done for the purpose so that this lower section could never raise their voice for their rights.

Effects on Police Brutality on the Common Masses

The consequences of police brutality have been noticed by dangerous on the lives of people. Even sometimes these innocent people have to lose their lives under the brutality of the police. Here are some effects that people suffer due to the brutality and misbehave of police across the world.

  • Major Sufferings without any Fault – Even innocent people do not commit any mistake they are subjected to regular and continuous torture of the government. This torture could be in any form like physical, mental, or financial. There has been the example when policemen have taken away the hard-earned money of poor people.
  • Lose of Faith in Government – Sometimes the effect of police brutality on common masses raised so high that they starts losing believes in the government. This happens when people come to know about the involvement of government with police behind the brutality with poor people.
  • Anarchy – Anarchy is another factor that could be seen in a particular country due to the improper working of police in that country. People do not trust democracy under such conditions.

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How to Control the Police Brutality

Here are some points that can help to overcome this brutality of police with the common masses. By doing so the trust of the public in government could be revived again.

  • Strict Laws against Police Brutality – The policeman who is involved in crimes against common people without any reason must be punished with a strict law. There is a need of making such a law in every country of the world.
  • Proper Implementations of these Laws – These laws made against the improper functioning of the police departments must be implemented carefully. There should not be any loophole in the implementation of these laws against the brutality of the police.
  • Equal Status of People in Society – The problem of brutality could be uprooted for always when we will make the people believe that everyone is equal in the world. We cannot consider a person superior to others on the basis of skin completion and money.

Conclusion – Police Brutality Essay

Police brutality is becoming one of the most heinous crimes in the world and it must be checked by making certain strict laws against these anti-social forces. This could be done with the help of a proper law system and equal rights for every citizen.

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