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The Neolithic Revolution is a turning point in human history that changed the way people live. With the invention of agriculture, humans were able to settle down and start farming, which led to developments in technology. Take for example one of the first inventions made by the humans-the plow, created around 10,000 BC. The plow was an ingenious invention because it allowed farmers to plant seeds more efficiently than ever before. It revolutionized how people farmed and how food was distributed across villages.

Essay Sample On Neolithic Revolution

Thesis Statement – Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic Revolution was nothing but a new way of life for humans and although there were several factors and consequences it had on society, the overall outcome was positive.

Introduction – Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic revolution took place during the transition from hunting and gathering to farming and led to permanent human settlements along with an increase in food production, population growth, social stratification, division of labor, central government, property ownership, slavery, war among civilizations, etc. Being wiped out by disease or famine due to reckless hunting practices in Australia, North America & South Africa caused Aboriginal populations to be smaller than they could have been. Around 10 000 years ago when people began gardening it is called “The Neolithic Revolution”. It happened in many places independently- for example, Tibet & Mexico cultivated their own food.

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Main Body  – Neolithic Revolution

The first step to a more complex society was the movement from nomadic to sedentary life. Humans stayed in one place, grew their own foods, and had smaller families. This allowed the humans to have enough time to invent new technologies & skills which led them into further inventions that made their lives easier as years went by. Their early inventions included the planting of seeds from fruit-bearing plants such as wild wheat, barley, rye, and some legumes; domestication of sheep, goats, pigs, and dogs for meat production; weaving & spinning fibers & dying fabrics for clothing & decoration use; construction of permanent settlements with storage pits or rooms for keeping tools or food supplies; architecture of dwellings with roofs designed to let in sunlight while keeping out the rain, etc. In the beginning, there were so many unknowns and people could only guess what might happen if they tried something. Many people believe that these inventions started from a god or gods because it would have been hard to convince even the smartest humans of that time to develop things if they thought for themselves. They could have come up with all these new ways of inventing things by themselves but why should they when any small mistake could have killed them?

The emergence of agriculture meant that individuals did not have to move around in search of food. The food was grown at one location allowing more people to live together, leading to more interactions between people & cultures. This led to the growth of towns that had different craftsmen who specialized in making tools or pottery. With the use of irrigation, farming made it possible to feed more people during famines or droughts & also allowed for extended trade, leading to the first civilizations.

People were able to do other things besides look for food because they had more spare time which led to another invention called “The Kite”. The kite was used as a toy by children but its potential military applications are enormous! It was also able to transport heavy objects across long distances- think about moving huge pieces of wood from one place to another without the use of wheels. People began fighting wars with each other. These tools made great advancements in many groups’ lives that helped them survive better than other societies that didn’t have these tools/ skills/ knowledge.

The need for specialization led to an increase in productivity. This meant that people didn’t have to spend all their time hunting or farming, allowing them the free time to invest even more things. Agriculture could be done on a larger scale leading to surpluses of food & other goods. With surpluses, it was possible for leaders or chiefs to keep some of the food/goods for themselves instead of giving everything away which encouraged people to work harder than they would have if they were only working hard enough so everyone had enough…which lead them back into using slaves because now they can afford it since their good harvests allowed them the surplus!

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Slavery also began because not everyone wanted to work as hard as others might have wanted them to work. The invention of the wheel was a great example of how humans were able to use their brains & imagination to think outside of the box/circle that they had been confined into for so long!

They began using wheels as simple toys but then realized that they could easily move heavy objects across large distances, like rolling logs or stones (which created huge stone monuments!) or turning gears which helped revolutionize architecture. Of course, this led to greater advancements in other areas such as pottery & metal works.

Conclusion – Neolithic Revolution

Humans are responsible for their own advancement because it was the need to survive which drove them each step of the way. It’s not like they were waiting on some god up in the clouds to drop knowledge in their laps; Also, none of these advancements happened overnight – it took hundreds or thousands of years before civilization could be created; which is really fast considering that humans have been around for millions of years.

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