Essay Topics For 9 Year Children

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Students who are in school are asked to write on various essay topics as school homework by the teachers. To finish these assignments sometimes teachers suggest the students a topic and in other cases, they have to find it on their own. There are so many types of essays that can be assigned to the 9-year-old-goers by their teachers. For example, you can expect persuasive essay topics for your school assignments on various subjects from different teachers.

At the same time if you are asked to find an essay topic for school by yourself then you need to come up with relevant topics under such circumstances. You could be asked to write your essay on argumentative essay topics to narrative and summary essays as well. So go through the free list of essay topics for 9 years old enlisted by the Students Assignment Help for free of cost below. These topics are suggested in the form of free essay topics help by experts.

Essay Topics for 9-year-olds about science

  1. How the law of inertia can be seen on practical grounds while we are moving a stop suddenly?
  2. Why the color of the LPG flame gets yellowish when we sprinkle sodium chloride on it?
  3. Reasons behind the sudden fall of a person from the bus who is trying to board off in a slowly moving bus.
  4. What are the consequences of throwing an object towards the sky with escape velocity against the law of gravity?
  5. Why does blood stop oozing out from the wounded surface after some time automatically?
  6. Cause of fast depletion in platelets in blood when we recover from a prolonged illness.
  1. Why high sound is harmful to the human ears when they are exposed to it for a long duration of time?
  2. What are the major consequences of global warming and how to stop it in modern times?
  3. Why ozone depletion is related to skin cancer and what efforts are being made to reduce the depletion of ozone from the atmosphere?
  4. What are the major consequences of not planting trees in a given area over decades and centuries?
  5. How to keep the environmental air free of pollution with the help of plants and cleanliness?
  6. How CFC gas is harmful to the environment and why it is substituted with the HFC?

9 years old kids Based Essay Topics On History

  1. How we can see the crucifixion of Jesus as one of the most live examples of humanity?
  2. Why the French revolution is seen as the best part of history as a fight for freedom?
  3. How slavery brings anarchy and destruction in America in the initial couple of decades?
  4. What were the post-war results of World War 1 and World War 2 on the mind of people?
  5. How Japan recovered from the trauma of the atomic bomb attack incorporated by the United States of America too fast?
  6. Relations of Japan to that of America just after the bomb attack on the former nation by the latter.

Free persuasive essay ideas on sports to school Students

  1. Why sports is important for a healthy body and mind for people of every age group?
  2. What kind of sports should be played by the kids below ten years of age?
  3. Is it good to allow girls to play games that are mainly considered for men in conservative societies?
  4. How do sports help people in inculcating discipline and accepting the triumph of winning and sorrow of loss in a balanced state?
  5. What types of sports that are played outdoor are good for the healthy body of a human being?
  6. Why we should avoid sports that cause injury at an earlier age of life?

Unique essay topics for 9-year-old children’s on Social science

  1. How important it is to meet the people of your society regularly for every occasion and celebration?
  2. How to minimize the disturbance to the people of the society by playing in a calm and disciplined way?
  3. What should be the attitude of a child towards his peer group with whom he or she is playing?
  4. How to control the bullying nature effectively to minimize the harm caused to society and friends?
  5. Importance of good social behavior of a person in the society and how to develop it over the period with the help of parents and peers group.

Simple Essay topics for Age-9 students & Children’s Based On Moral Education

  1. Why we should touch the feet of our elders in the morning and greet them properly every day?
  2. What are the moral duties of a person towards the poor who is unable to manage two squares of meal per day?
  3. Why it is crucial to learn about sharing our things with the people who need them?
  4. The responsibility of a person towards the other who is facing serious troubles in his life.
  5. Why we should never argue with our teachers and parents even when they are shouting at us?
  6. Why it is important to treat every person in society as equal to us and not inferior to us?

Best Essay ideas for a 9-year child about physical education

  1. What are the benefits of a healthy body to the person and how to keep it healthy?
  2. What are the major things that should be included in a healthy lifestyle by the person?
  3. How we can bring change in the number of people dying of ill health by adapting to a healthy lifestyle?
  4. What are the main reasons behind not bothering about exercise in poor countries?
  5. How mental, psychological, and physical health plays their important role separately in the life of a person?
  6. Should humanity increase fields to grow more food by destroying forests?
  7. Is it effective for students to use laptops and tablets instead of usual notepads?
  8. Is it still necessary to use animals in scientific needs in the 21st century?

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