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Writing an analytical essay can be a great tool for helping students in getting through academic careers successfully. It is not simple for the students of middle school or high school to prepare an excellent analytical essay without knowing about the content required.

By reading the article, the students will get knowledge about writing the analytical essay paper, they become capable of writing many other types of academic essays like argumentative essay papers, research papers, and many more.

Definition Of An Analytical Essay

An analytical essay can be referred to as a piece of academic writing in which the author does the analysis and critiques of events.  The analytical essay also includes an interpretation of events. In analytical essays, writers generally dissect topics into different components to analyze them in detail. They also synthesis all information

“Analytical essay is almost like an illustration essay in which the school or college students have to decide a particular argument, and they have to present it by analyzing it thoroughly. There are thousands of options like movies, events, scientific research about which the students from top schools or colleges can write their analytical essay papers.

Example of analytical essay

Topic: Influence of class size on learning outcome

Learning is very essential procedure especially for students as it acts as a changing factor in their lives.  An ample amount of time and proper concentration is very much essential for accomplishing desired learning outcomes. It is the size of the class that can influence the learning process in a positive or negative way. This essay mainly concentrates on analyzing the way class size affect learning outcome if not regulated to the standard size recommended. It can be stated that class size significantly influences the learning outcome.  Class size is the factor that might have an effect on the student’s potential to concentrates on what has been taught in the class. Due to the huge number of students teachers may not pay attention to each and every student.

Purpose Of An Analytical Essay

The main purpose of the analytical essay is to make the students perfect in analyzing a specific topic. It can be beneficial if the students choose the appropriate pros and cons of the particular issue selected by them while preparing for the analytical essay paper. The main purpose of an analytical essay is to explore more important points relevant to the topic.

Structure For Writing An Analytical Essay

The structure of an analytical essay is similar to many other essays you have written, with an introduction (including a paper), several text paragraphs, and a conclusion. The following is an outline you can follow when constructing a paper. In the next section, we will detail how to write an analytical paper.


Your introduction will start with some kind of compelling sentence to arouse the audience’s interest, then you will give a few sentences to set the topic so that the reader can understand the context, and finally end with a thesis statement.

Your introduction will include:

  • A hook
  • Brief background information explaining the question/text
  • Your Thesis

Body paragraph

Your analytical essay usually has three to four body paragraphs, each of which covers a different point of analysis. Start each body paragraph with a sentence and set the main points you will discuss. Then, you will perform some analysis on this point and use evidence to support your claim. Continue to analyze and provide evidence for your analysis until you lose the strength of the topic. At the end of each body paragraph, you can choose to have a transition sentence to set the content of the next paragraph, but this is not required. The body paragraph will include:

  • An introductory sentence explaining what you will cover in the paragraph (kind of like a mini-essay)
  • Analysis point
  • Evidence supporting the analysis (paragraphs or data/facts in the text)Conclusion

You will not make any new points in the conclusion; at this point, you just reiterate the key points you have made and summarize them. Start by restating your paper and summarizing the main points you made in the paper. People who only read your conclusions should be able to have a basic understanding of the content and structure of your article. After this, you can choose to make some final concluding thoughts, perhaps linking the topic of your thesis to a larger issue to illustrate why it is important.

The conclusion will include:

  • Paper Interpretation
  • Summary of analysis points
  • Final concluding thoughts

Steps To Write Analytical Essay

3 steps of writing analytical essays are:

Step 1: Prepare for writing an essay

  • Identify the core of the analytical essay

Before starting to write analytical essays you are required to first identify literature or you need to consider the specific problem. At the initial stage of writing an analytical paper, you are required to decide the thing on which you will mainly emphasize. It is very much essential for you to provide facts from journals, movies, etc for supporting your opinion.

  • Determine what you intend to write

Most of the time students are provided with topics to write analytical essays by their tutor. But if in case you are not assigned any of the topics, then you may have questions about how to write an analytical essay?  You should choose a broad topic for an essay. It is also very much crucial for you to justify your choice for writing an essay on a particular topic. If you have select a historical event as a topic for your essay then you should concentrate on driving forces that influence the event. In case the student is analyzing the scientific research results then they need to utilize scientific methodology for analyzing the conclusion.

  • Write thesis 

A thesis statement can be referred to as a piece of text. It is a step you need to write a thesis statement for your essay.

A good thesis statement includes one or more sentences providing enough information about the content so that the readers can feel excited about reading the content. Students can search on the different reliable sources that how they can prepare the best thesis statement, but the critical fact is that the thesis statement varies with the choice of the essay writing topic.

Students can spend sufficient time for searching the thesis statements and various important literary terms which can impress the reader.

In addition, it will not be valid if the students select a topic that is too large or short because it can distract the attention of the readers. A thesis statement must include informative content sufficient for providing useful information about the topic.

  • Identify additional evidence

While preparing for writing an analytical essay you are required to revise the material. It is very much essential for you to properly maintain the scientific material, books, music that supplements your material.  You can utilize such material for getting approval for the thesis.

  •  Get an idea for an essay

You should create a proper plan for writing an analytical essay. Planning is very much crucial for completing the essay on time. It is an effective plan which will provide you an ease in structuring the analytical papers. By preparing a plan you will get assistance in the writing process. There are basically 3 parts to an analytical essay these are an introduction, main body, and conclusion. In the plan, you need to clearly specify the three arguments which you are going to discuss in the youth main body section of the essay.

Example of plan 


1: causes of Corona disease

2: Description about Corona

3: Peoples reaction towards Disease


Step 2:  Compose an analytical essay 

  • Draft an introduction

By including interesting quotes or facts you can easily influence the audience for reading the document. However, there are essential elements that you need to include in the introduction part of the analytical essay, namely

  • Efficient hook
  • Proper thesis statement
  • Tell the audience how they can prove the thesis statement

You are requiring preparing an exciting hook that will help you in developing the interest in reading among readers. You will not be able to get a second chance for impressing the readers. Therefore it is very much essential for you to put the effort into making the introduction impressive. You can write unique statements to grab the attention of the audience towards the essay paper.

A provocative question, a suitable quote, statistics, a joke, or a list of facts can help develop an interest in reading the analytical papers in the reader. When the students get completed with the hook part, then they have to write a thesis statement. After writing the thesis statement you need to ensure that it clearly states the importance and influence of an analytical essay on society.

  • Write main body paragraph

When the students are done with the introduction part of the analytical essay, then they have to write main body paragraphs. For writing the innovative central part, students have to decide how they can prove the specific claim.

For example, if the students are going to write an analytical essay on the history essay topic, then they have to analyze those events which had happened in the past and have impacted society.

  • Reasoning about the topic chosen can also be valid for the students.
  • It is not essential for the students to always include the facts and reasons.

It is also necessary for the students to first make a rough draft of the essay paper. Writing the first draft of the essay paper will provide useful information about the starting and ending parts of the article.

  • Conclude essay

When the students come to an ending part of the essay paper, then they have to start planning about the content which can impact the reader’s mind. You can use sufficient transition words and logical reasoning to make an analytical essay ending effective. In the conclusion of an analytical essay, you need to summarize important points of your essay. It is also very much essential for you to develop an understanding that the final reasoning and practical marking about the content can impact the minds of the readers.

  1. Select the right place for inserting quotes

Citations mean a particular passage of text is quoted and insert into an essay. It is the citations that will help you in supporting your claim.  Before doing citations in an analytical essay, you should review your college guidelines. As it will help you in determining whether you med to follow APA or MLA citation style.

  1. Make your personal conclusion

In the conclusion section of the analytical; essay, you need to positively influence the reader to rethink about argumentation process.  Here in the concluding part of an essay, you are required to provide combined solutions for issues. It is also very much essential for you to clearly demonstrate the way evidence and facts are relevant to the main idea.

Step 3: Final stage

It is the last stage; where you are required to review your essay.  At the time of reviewing your essay, you need to mainly concentrate on the format and small mistakes like grammatical or punctuation errors.

Outstanding Tips For Writing A Good Analytical Essay

Below are few tips which you can use for writing an analytical essay these are:

  1. Work should get well-planned by students

So, the students should carefully plan the task before executing it. The ideas should get display first on the paper and then in the essay. The students should first organize their thoughts in the form of introduction, body, and conclusion. So, then the students will get cleared with the facts they have collected are sufficient and even help them understand that they are proceeding in the correct direction. At last, you will be able to process things logically.

  1. Use present tense for writing the essay

The essay can be turn out into best by writing it in the form of the present tense. The things referred to in the article like books, films or any ideas should get involved in the form of present tense only.

  1. Concentrate on tone or language

So, the sentences are getting to be written in the form of present tense rather than referring to the first person. The objective tone will make the essay impressive in the reader’s mind.

  1. Informal languages are restricted

The article should not include languages that are informal like slang or any colloquialism. These will distract the reader and will make a significant effect on the grades.

  1. Avoid the use of Abbreviations

The sentences should not include any small ways. They are not allowed to get used in the essay as like, e.g. or so on. These will not impress the reader.

  1. Write Unique titles

The title of the article should be original and unique. It should not get copied from others. The title is the first thing noticed by readers, and this can impress as well as discourage the reader that depends on the title written by the students.

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