Write an Argumentative Essay – [Complete Guide] on Structure, Guidelines

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Argumentative essays are the type of essays that are written to seek a state of position on any issue described in the essay and  it helps in explaining various reasons which are supported by evidence of that position.

Writing an argumentative essay is tough for college students but believe me after reading this in depth guide on argumentative essay you will be familiar with this format essay type. While writing the argumentative essay you need to provide one strong evidence for supporting arguments.

Argumentative Essay:Definition

An argumentative essay is a type of essay which represents arguments from both sides of particular problem. It is essay type which utilities evidences and facts which proves whether particular thesis is true or not. An argumentative essay can also be consider as academic writing which enables students to execute independent research on particular topic with the purpose of collecting, generating and evaluating evidences for developing own content. It is an argumentative essay which enables students to utilize their logic and reason for  sharing  their point of view.

The main purpose of an argumentative essay is to investigate a particular topic.

Argumentative Essay Parts

Like other Essay argumentative Essay also have 3 parts
1. Introduction
2. Body Part
3. Conclusion

Before starting an argumentative essay a student must prepare an outline that how he will write essay and what will the flow of essay. Below we are discussing how to write introduction, main body and conclusion part of an argumentative essay in detail.

Writing Introduction Part for Argumentative Essay

For writing an argumentative essay introduction college students have to explain the subject, controversial points at the starting of the article and they have to end it by including a proper thesis statement.

Introduction ideas for the argumentative essay

  • Explain or discuss the main problem
  • Tell facts and a true story
  • Present a hypothetical situation to describe the issue
  • Compare and contrast the situation
  • Ask a thought-provoking statement
  • Start with a statistic or essential events

There are some of the tips to write an argumentative essay introduction:

  • Use the valid title as it will help in grabbing the attention of the readers. The claim must be based on the thesis statement of the essay topic chosen by the students.
  • It can be useful for students if they remain concise and clear. College students have to remember that they are writing an argumentative essay, not a debate.
  • Think about the audience that what can make them interested and curious after listening to the essay topic.
  • Students have to present certain supporting statements plus facts from highly relevant resources. It can build a high trust for the readers and can indicate that the students are arguing on a persuasive argument.
  • It can be useful if the students include a clear thesis statement that can answer every question of the audience. The thesis can state the position and effective beginning of the argumentative essay.

Writing Body Part for Augmentative Essay

The central body part of the argumentative essay consists of mainly three or five paragraphs. Students have to present evidence arguments to every section of the article. The students need to provide the practical reasons why the audience has to listen to their essay and what makes their piece unique and original.

Students can make their argumentative essay stronger by following the given below tips:

  • Generally, students have to include three or more statements to support the argument made in the article. It could explain why the audience would accept the position stated by the students with their article.
  • Supporting each of the essay sentences with the logic, suitable examples, authorities, facts, statistics, and many more can make the readers more interested in reading the essay.
  • To make the reasons given by the students effectively, it is essential to explain the situations by including if, then, and many more words in the essay paragraphs.
  • It could be beneficial for college students if they demonstrate the opposite side of the content in front of readers.
  • Moreover, the students can ask the audience what would be their answers if they have to face such situations.

Writing a Conclusion

The conclusion or the summary of the entire essay reflects the main motive of the article. By adding the arguments and main points in the essay, college students can convince the readers that their case is the best to understand. The ending part of the argumentative essay combines the entire article effectively. However, it is not a good idea to present new facts and arguments in the conclusion paragraph.

There are some of the best suggestions that the students can include in their essay:

  • Think about the audience that what can be the impact of the essay topic on the minds of the audience.
  • Students can include conditional statements and arguments in the ending part.
  • Show that what would happen if the viewer adopts the ideas suggested by the students in their essay.
  • Using real-life examples or facts can help the students in  grabbing the attention of the readers quickly.

Short Argumentative Essay : Example

  • Introduction: Last month my farther was taken to hospital  as he got heart attack at 10 a.m.
  • Background information: All member in my family was worried  that my farther was not going to live. Family members took my farther to Fatah Memorial hospital , there  he has several more heart attacks. My mother tried calling  the school all morning  for contacting me, but all time call was busy. I was in biology department dissecting frogs while my father was in hospital.
  • Thesis statement: Management in school need to rethink on banning the mobile phones as it is only a way through which parents can interact with their students.
  • Main body 

Supporting argument 1: Safety  is consider to be as important concern for  especially those parents who wish their children to contact them easily and quickly in emergency situations.

Evidence: In one of the article published by Julian  At one or other time parents require to contact their child due to change in plans.  Such situation takes place in families where both parents are working.

Supporting argument 2: There are number of circumstances, especially in California , where children are generally prone to threat and they can use phone for getting assistance.

Evidence: For instance, if earthquake take place during lock down then with the use of mobile phone people can easily seek for help.

  • Conclusion: My father is alright now but still he can not work hard for rest of his life. I can not  realize how i would have felt if my farther would have died and I was not at hospital. I also realize the importance of mobile phone.  having a phone means  my mother would have easily contacted at the time of emergency situation. Lastly I want to state that school system  is require to trust us otherwise how could we keep us safe?

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topic ideas for College Students

The most challenging task for college or university students is to select an appropriate topic for the argumentative essay. There are so many options available on the different social sites, books, magazines, and other relevant sources from which the students can select the best Argumentative Essay topic to work on.

However, if the students still have confusion with the best choice of the problem, then they can take help from the following a list of essay writing ideas:

  1. What are the benefits of teaching children about the ethics and moral principles of life?
  2. How can parents remain disciplined towards their physical activity of children?
  3. What can be the positive and negative effects of giving punishment to small children?
  4. What legal laws can stop teenagers from doing smoking or drinking?
  5. How can countries address people towards legal immigration laws?
  6. Can every person of the country implement the rules made by the national government?
  7. What are the positive and negative effects of globalization on society and people?
  8. What is the impact of discrimination and gender inequality in the educational life of the students?
  9. How can young children as well as adults taught towards living a healthy life?

Five major types of Argumentative Claims

The students can’t write up the powerful and impressive persuasive speech or paper without knowing how to write an effective argumentative essay. It is a specific type of essay writing assignment for high school and college students. Argumentative essay writing involves a particular argument which a writer tries to prove to others by giving some evidence in support.

Students need to consider some points before choosing topics for argumentative essay writing;

  • Fact: Is the problem true or not?
  • Definition: What does the issue really mean?
  • Value: How important is the point regarding it?
  • Cause and effect: What is the real cause of this issue? What are its effects on society?
  • Policy: What should a person do about it

Types of argument strategies

Usually, college students ignore the fact that three kinds of controversial strategies can help them in writing an argumentative essay, namely,

  1. Classical
  2. Rogerian
  3. Toulmin

Each argument strategy has a role in essay writing.

If the students mix these types of procedures in their argumentative essay, then they can achieve the best results and can create a perfect argumentative essay paper easily. Students can know more about the strategies in the following paragraph and can apply it in the essay work.

1. Classical argument strategy for essay writing

It is one of the most popular argument strategies that college students can use in their essays. While working on this strategy, students have to present the main problem along with an effective solution. In addition to it, students have to convince the readers that the solution suggested by them is best to opt for.

The audience might not have a strong opinion for the statements mentioned by the students; however, the main job of the students is to convince them.

Way to outline the classical argumentative essay:

  • At first, make the readers interested and attentive for reading the article.
  • Students can state their problem along with the thesis statement and can explain why they are highly concerned about specific issues. You are required to provide all this information while writing the introduction for argumentative essay.
  • Provide some of the useful and informative contexts in the main paragraphs of the essay that must be surrounding the main problem.
  • Stating the positions and claiming best about the article can help the students in making an efficient outline of the classical argumentative paper.
  • It can be beneficial for the students if they mention the valid reasons for choosing the topic of the essay.
  • Along with the essential facts, students have to present quite supportive content in their classical argumentative essay paper.
  • Convince the readers why the opposing arguments are not efficient or relevant as compared to your statements.
  • Finally, summarise the main points in the ending part and discuss the main implications for having such a position.

2. Rogerian argument strategy for argumentative essay writing

The primary strategy of the college students behind choosing a Rogerian argument is to persuade the readers with their points of agreement. It is an appropriate technique used by the many students to win the debates or for better representation of the argumentative material. It can tell the reader that which side is the opposing or which is the valid side to listen. Students usually argue for the middle ground of the essay content.

Way to outline the Rogerian argumentative essay:

  • For the very first, students have to introduce a problem in front of the readers. Then they have to explain to the readers why the issue should get addressed.
  • State the best sides of the topic and discuss the situations in which the points of the essay seem to be valid.
  • Students have to explain their points of views plus opposing statements to open the mind-set of the readers.
  • State the points effectively which can make the opposition willing first to listen to it. It can grab the attention of the readers efficiently towards your statement.
  • It is beneficial to state the points that why argument made by you is correct and should get highlighted.
  • Explain to the readers that how adopting their positions can help them in solving the significant issues or problems related to the essay topic.

3. Toulmin argument strategy for writing an argumentative essay

Commonly, this strategy gets used in a high charge debate. Students have to use clear logic and statements for implementing this strategy in their argumentative essay.

Way to outline the Toulmin argumentative essay:

Students have to use the following format for explaining the procedure in the essay paper

  • Mention the efficient thesis which the students want to tell the audience with their essay.
  • Provide sufficient evidence to support the claim highlighted by the students.
  • Explains that how the data provided can back up the statements of the article written by the students.
  • Add logical reasoning and facts to support the concept behind writing the essay.
  • Provide sufficient support to the students why their point of explanations is better to understand.

FAQ  about Argumentative Essay

How to write an outline for the college argumentative essay?

An outline is the most important as well as an initial stage for writing different articles, essays, and other types of academic papers. To outline the argumentative essay, college students have to make a detailed plan so that they cannot miss any necessary data or information for the essay paper.

If the students are facing any problem with the outline of the argumentative essay, then they can take help from the following suggestions:

  • Efficient introduction paragraph

The main focus of college students should be on explaining the matter, supportive opinions, and providing proper conclusions at the end of the essay. The students should open the essay writing work by mentioning the meaningful thesis statement in the argumentative essay. It is essential to focus on the audience and the material which can help in capturing the attention of the reader easily. It can be useful if the students include background information about the topic chosen by them in the introductory part of the argumentative essay.

  • Central body paragraphs of the argumentative essay

 The college students need to provide the reasons for the audience so that they can agree with their statement. However, if the students are including some opposite opinions in their essay, then it can create curiosity in the minds of the readers. To make the Essay writing work, more persuasive students can add some of the supportive statements in it. Students of middle school or high school can include at least three reasons to explain the causes of choosing the argumentative essay topic.

Including specific arguments, statics, facts, jokes, or real-life examples can help college students to support their reasons. The statements given by the students must be perfect for explaining the points. However, college students can tell a real story that can efficiently support their point of view. Supporting the main point of the essay can be beneficial for the students while preparing the argumentative essay.

  • Add some objection points to the statements

There can be some points that can make the audience against the explanation given by the students. It can be useful if the students include the objection statements along with the supportive comments in the argumentative essay. If the readers have any of the objections with the essay point, then the students can explain why their opinion in good. The students can demonstrate why they have chosen that topic plus why their point of view is correct.

  • Conclusion part
    It is the last party in an essay. Here you are required to present the findings which you have drawn by analyzing the arguments done by exiting authors’ about specific problems. Students by mentioning the reason in the ending part intend to explain to the readers that it is the time to act and efficiently explore the problems.

However, college students can follow the given below suggestions to create an effective essay paper:

  • Try to grab the attention of the readers in any situation by including hooks in introduction and conclusion section of argumentative essay.
  • Make the audience curious to learn something new and unique from the essay  by writing essay on unique topic.
  • Explain the controversial points plus problems clearly to the audience so that they cannot object to the statements given by the students.
  • Describe the different sides of the debate impressively.
  • Tell the readers why you had chosen that topic.
  • Convince the readers that the theme selected by the students is best to understand.
  • Urge the audience to understand and take actions on  the statement made by the students.

How can college students start an argumentative essay?

The introductory paragraph of the argumentative essay must be crafted with an impressive thesis statement. The college or university students need to provide excellent background information at the starting of the essay paper. Students of high school or college can present perfect evidence to back up the argument of the essay paper.

  • Start with an impressive hook at the beginning of the essay: Students of college can start their essay work with something static or exciting, a thought-provoking question, a quote, or a personal anecdote. The first sentence written by the students can grab the attention of the readers if it gets printed efficiently. The audience can get excited to explore more information or arguments related to the topic.
  • Include some informative context and background: The students have to mention in their essay the primary purpose behind writing it. The situation and the matter that attracts the students for writing the argumentative essay paper should be referred to in the article. If the college students are including proper argument or background facts in their composition, then the readers can understand the article in a better way.
  • State exclusive thesis statement: The background information provided by the college students in their argumentative essay must get a smooth transition. The readers will show more interest in the article written by the students if the essay includes complete information.
  • Support the content with informative evidence: The first key point or main idea should be included in the content of the essay in order to capture the attention of the readers. College students can state the keywords to back up the argument mentioned in the essay paper.
  •  However, students can leave the actual case impressively and analysis for the standard body paragraphs.

Where to find an idea for writing an Argumentative Essay?

College students can found argumentative essay topics everywhere around them. Students can take a look at the headlines of the newspaper or can listen to the ideas of others,  they can participate in the discussion, etc. There are many chances when students can find topics for writing an essay for persuading and impressing other persons to believe him on his claim about the particular situation. Before writing the argumentative essay  student need to conduct in-depth research about specific issues and they need to answer the following questions these are :

  1. Is it true?
  2. What can be the cause of it?
  3. How much important is it?
  4. What can or should we do for this?

If still, students are not getting the ideas for topics of argumentative essays, then you can take a look at the list of some topics of argumentative essay ideas suggested by an expert team of Students assignment help.

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Writing an argumentative essay requires professional writing and practical researching skills. In addition to it, the students from different colleges have to select an appropriate topic for working on the essay paper.

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