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How to Write a Descriptive Essay – Best Tips & Steps For College Students

Student's Assignment Help 08/10/2019 578 Views

Descriptive essay papers are the pure forms of the academic journals in which students have not too worry about the proofs or any specific details. In addition to it, the students have not put much effort into completing their essay writing tasks.

In general practice, college students have to illustrate the descriptive essay by using specific and particular words instead of bothering them about the pictures. The essay paper employs the power of strong language and all the human senses in one document to bring a subject for the readers. It is easy for the students to describe what they see, hear, touch, or taste by writing about an important topic.

A descriptive essay is a short academic paper in which the students have to describe a specific topic along with the proper summary and description. It is not essential to collect the responses or information from other people like the students have to do while writing the argumentative essay papers.

Different Type of Descriptive Essay on for writing

The college or school students can easily write  the descriptive essay paper on any of the following issues:

  • Human essay:  It is a problematic but knowledgeable task for the students to explain a person. While preparing the descriptive essay papers on the human as a specific essay topic, the students have to tell about an appearance, mood, actions, qualities, behaviours, and actions about the chosen person. The readers would like to know why the students have selected it as a topic for writing the descriptive essay. If the students can explain the proficient reason for writing the personal descriptive essay, then the readers might get interested in reading the entire paper.
  • Event essay: It can be useful if the students describe the last trip, graduation day, music festival or vacation in a descriptive essay. The readers would not be able to get the point on the choice of the topic selection made by the students if the students fail in explaining the attractive aspects. To grab the attention of the readers, it is essential first to gather the important point about a special event that has happened.
  • Place essay:  Such type of essay includes a description of a particular region.  The readers will like it if the students had explained the breathtaking sights and impressive points about the place in their descriptive essay paper. Search about the different beautiful places and collect useful information.
  • Behaviour essay: Describing people’s behaviour. However, it can also be useful if the students explain how the behaviour of a person gets change according to conditions.
  • Occupation essay: Writing a description of the dream job or the work which is giving you happiness. Though it is not simple for the students to collect the writing material for the occupation descriptive essay paper.

Perfect structure for the descriptive essay

The main aim of writing the descriptive essay paper is to make the readers think and feel the same as the students do. College students have to involve their thoughts and words in the essay paper. The structure of the descriptive essay includes the following elements these are:

  • Introduction part:  The active introduction part sets a useful picture in the minds of the readers and introduces them with a suitable subject. College students can use the list of preferred materials and sensory details to describe the main motive of the selected topic.At the beginning of the essay paper, students have to explain why they had chosen a specific topic.As the readers have no idea about which the students are going to write in their essay paper, so it is the primary duty of the students to make the readers aware of the content. The students have to provide a strong thesis statement to captivate the attention of the readers. It is useful if the students write about the informative and knowledgeable content in the starting.
  • Main body paragraph: In this part, students have to pay great attention to including the main points in their essay. There is no such rule for writing the central piece of the essay paper. But the students have to consider every vital state and can write the points in the separate parts. The body generally includes the three main paragraphs.
  1.  In the first paragraph of the essay paper, students have to include the characteristics and features of the object chosen for writing the essay paper. It can give a vivid picture by mentioning the smallest details in the central paragraph.
  2.  The students have to include stylistic devices which can leave a good impression on the minds of the readers in the second paragraph. The content must be innovative to make the readers interested quickly.
  3.  Final paragraph, college students use specific emotions to make the readers aware of the picture which they want to show.
  • Conclusion paragraph: The final section for every essay paper must emphasize the importance of the topic selected. At the end of the descriptive essay paper, students have to sum up their emotions, impressions, and attitudes by explaining the matter.

Tips for Writing a Descriptive Essay

Before writing a descriptive essay, college students must know some tips regarding writing a descriptive essay;

  1. The very first thing students have to do while writing a descriptive essay is to select your essay topic. Narrow down the topic of a descriptive essay can be a challenging task for you.
  2. One important tip that students need to keep in mind is that the best topic of a descriptive essay is the one with which you have a deep connection. The more passion that you have for writing a particular topic. It is easier to write down emotions and describe them to the readers.
  3. You should brainstorm your ideas in your mind if you have one topic in your mind to write about or you have two or more topics in your mind. Brainstorming of ideas before writing a descriptive essay makes sure that you choose a solid topic for your descriptive essay. This tip will benefit you afterward as you will work on its outline.
  4. Writing a descriptive essay requires lots of organization of ideas to appeal to the readers and this type of essay is more open to creativity. So, it is very important for you to take your time to organize all to ensure quality work.
  5. Students can use the word vomit brainstorming technique to get ideas. This technique will help you to double-check your topic completely. It will ensure that you have written a worthy descriptive essay. This technique will also help you to come up with creative ideas about the topic that you may not have thought before.

Step-by-step guidance for writing the efficient descriptive essay paper

Writing academic essay papers takes time and proper writing skills. The college students who are not having writing skills might get stressed writing a persuasive essay paper. The solution is not about worrying; instead, it is about practising a lot by understanding the concepts. There are some of the useful writing tips which can help the students in writing good  descriptive essay paper:

  • Prewriting for the better essay paper: It is a phase where students have to think about the specific topic on which they can write their essays. The college students have to decide whether they want to write about a particular person, event, or place. Whatever be the topic selected by the students, it is essential to use the proper writing material

Once the students can choose a perfect descriptive essay topic, then the next step the students must think about the qualities which they can describe in their essay paper. Collect the necessary information and details which are mainly associated with the essay writing topic. The students have not only to consider the physical characteristics but also can involve the feelings, memories, and ideas to reflect the best about the topic. Emotion plays a significant role in conveying a specific topic perfectly. After that, the students have to plan the outline of the descriptive essay.

  • Drafting a first descriptive essay paper: While preparing the essay paper, students have to keep in mind that they have to give a rich experience to the readers. The topic chosen must be innovative. One of the best ways to show the descriptive essay paper is to involve all the human senses in the article.

It is beneficial if the students write in such a format that the readers can feel that what the students are trying to convey.It can be useful to use descriptive or figurative language to describe the subject of essay paper. In addition to it, students can also select detailed images to represent their chosen topic. A descriptive essay directly impacts the creativity of the students.

  • Outline the complete essay in several sections: College students can quickly and effectively organize their essay paper by giving a proper outline to it. Every draft of the essay paper must include three sections, namely, the introduction, the central body, and the conclusion. The standard is to involve the five-paragraph of the descriptive essay in which one paragraph is for the introduction, three for the central body and the last one for the conclusion. However, the students can complete their essay paper by dividing the entire document into suitable sections.

The proper outline of the essay paper can provide the appropriate information to the readers. It can help the school or college students to arrange the words correctly and in an organized manner which can make readers interested in the essay paper. By giving a proper outline of the essay paper, the students can grab the attention of the readers effectively.

  • Create a well-structured thesis statement: A good thesis statement is critical to describe that the essay paper is efficient to go through. The effective thesis statement can define the primary purpose behind writing the descriptive essay. It acts like a guide for the readers, which reflects the rest of the paper.

The students have to involve the thesis statement in the beginning section of the document. After that finally, they can restate in the conclusion part. Strong opening of essay paper grabs the high interest of the audience. Therefore it is beneficial for the students to include impressive statements at the end of the introduction. There are many examples available on the sites from which students can take an idea of writing a thesis statement. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the thesis statement varies with the selection of the essay writing topic.

  • Choose effective similes and metaphors: Metaphors are usually included when the college or university students have to compare one thing with the other. Students can use it to show readers that what you are thinking about the topic. It is essential to use some of the metaphor words at some points in the entire essay. As metaphors have a good impression on the audience.

Somewhere in the descriptive essay paper, college students can also use similes where they want to make a comparison between the two things.

When the students are using words such as “like” or “as”.

  • Revise the drafted descriptive essay: Once the students have completed their essay paper, then the next but not the final step is to read out the article aloud to you. It is helpful because it can make the students attentive for knowing their mistakes and errors. Students can listen to unclear sentences and awkward words if they have mentioned in the article.

When the students are revising their essay paper, then they can circle down the sentences which seem to be awkward to them. It is also an effective method to learn the descriptive essay paper in front of the family members to get their feedback. Ask people in front of whom you are going to read the essay that they can make you aware of the vague sentences in the article.

  • Reread and edit the essay paper: After checking the whole descriptive essay paper, students can come to know that which of the mistakes they have made in the article. When the school or college students know about every single grammar and vocabulary mistake they had made in their essay, then it becomes mandatory to edit all of them.

It is essential to clear the subject and topic which can only be possible if the students have made any mistake. Moreover, the students have to use only the unique and original information for writing the informative essay paper. It can be useful if the students from school or college replace the weak points or objectives with the strong adjectives. If the students have given the word limit, then it is compulsory to meet the writing requirements in the descriptive essay paper.

Latest descriptive essay ideas based on the memory topic

The students can select memory or mind as a topic for writing the descriptive essay. Some of the best designs based on memory are:

  1. Explain about the day which you think is the best day of your life?
  2. How can one become capable of fulfilling their dreams?
  3. What was the unique thing that you have ever felt on your last vacation?
  4. Do you remember any particular memory of your birthday that made your day happiest among all?
  5. How you can define the bad dream that you never want to come true?
  6. Describe your feelings when you have attended the first day of college.
  7. List the things that you had enjoyed or want to enjoy with your grandparents.
  8. What is the idea that young children can memorize best over all other things? Explain it in your opinion.
  9. Describe what was your feeling when you had ridden a bicycle for the first time?
  10. How had you felt when you had given the board exams for the first time in your life?

Students can write about the appearance, qualities, and personality of any person that matters in your life. The readers will find an interest in the essay paper of the students when they choose to write about a specific person or people. Some of the unique ideas to describe a person in the form of essay is:

  1. Make an impressive and detailed description of your mother.
  2. Describe the qualities existing in your life role model. What are the personality traits that make them your role model?
  3. Explain about your favourite character from the TV programs or reality show.
  4. List the features or qualities of your best friend, which had made one person particular in your life.
  5. Explain why your role model is better than others.
  6. Which psychological features had impact your mind?
  7. Which of the qualities are sufficient to make anyone celebrity?
  8. Which personality traits can make any person special?
  9. Define the unique features which make every mom stand out among the others at the outstanding position in life?
  10. Why do you think that your dad is kindest dad in the entire world?

Until the students have not selected the topic, they cannot prepare impressive descriptive essay paper. However, once the students from different colleges or universities get succeeded in choosing the proper essay topic, then they can surely make an effective essay paper.


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