Extended Essay Topics

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If you have been asked to write an extended essay by your professors then a list of ib extended essay topics can help you a lot. With the help of these topics suggested for free of cost by Students Assignment Help you can finish your essay anytime.

You will get essay topics on science, business management, economics, and essay topics on Psychology from this list. The given free help in essay topics for college is provided to graduates without any cost and all the essays are highly authentic to start with your assignments.

IB (International Baccalaureate) Extended essay topics on Geography for graduates

  1. How physical topography is crucial for the setup of industry in different parts of the world?
  2. Can excessive use of economic resources lead to environmental destruction by keeping the present growth in mind?
  3. Can we put the continental drift theory on a practical scenario by explaining every aspect of it?
  4. Role of geographical barriers in the difference that occurs in lifestyle and culinary habits along with other cultures.
  5. How to save sea life by doing a study on the ocean and reducing the spill of oil and other petrochemicals on the surface of the water?

Best extended essay topics for college Based on Medical Science

  1. What if a person drinks excessive alcohol only for one day in his life?
  2. How passive smoke is far dangerous than active smoke and what are its long-term dangerous effects?
  3. Why do cancer cells grow too fast in the human body by cloning when compared to other cells of the body?
  4. Can radiotherapy demolish the cancerous cells effectively over chemotherapy done to the patient?
  5. How we can stop the injustice caused to nursing by the practice of doctor’s hegemony over their free will?
  6. Role of appropriate and correct research by collecting significant data from authentic resources to find a working solution for diseases.

Economics Extended essay topics list for Students

  1. How trade can be affected by the geographical barriers in a nation like the lack of sea and ports on the boundary line?
  2. How debt finance is considered the most effective way to run a business without having money for investment?
  3. Risk of equity finance in the stock market especially in a sunk share where high returns are promised but with maximum risk.
  4. How the business of a country can be given to the other by outsourcing and its effect on the economy of both countries?
  5. Why we should be bothered about the trade relations among different countries by developing ports in case of industrial output is very high?

Business management topics for extended essay

  1. Why business success can only be achieved by following all types of business ethics?
  2. What types of rules must be kept in mind to grow a business on a national and international scale?
  3. How a small business can be developed with proper strategies?
  4. What are the important things that must be kept in mind before embarking on a new business?
  5. Why business policies of different nations should be followed to gain success in the business?

Unique extended essay topics on psychology

  1. How dyslexia can take the worst form in a human if there is complete ignorance for the treatment?
  2. Why do people get convinced with video games to commit suicide by developing such psychology?
  3. How obesity is the biggest cause that can be linked to the patient of schizophrenia owing to their lazy approach in emotional turmoil.
  4. How physical violence is an output of the psychological turmoil that is going in the brain of an individual?

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