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What is Extended Essay And How to Write It

Student's Assignment Help 12/17/2018 432 Views

If you have been assigned with an extended essay then go through these tips for writing extended essay given by the Students Assignment Help. You will be mesmerized with the types of guidance provided by the expert and phenomenal essay helpers for free of cost to the graduates. From the basics like how to start an extended essay to its conclusion every type of support is given by the Students Assignment Help experts.  No matter if you are writing such essays for admission or scholarship just write them up by going through the basic rules of writing this sort of essay here and impress your teachers easily.

 What is an extended essay?

An extended essay is a piece of research work that is written in the format of essay by the students in order to complete their coursework. Such essays are mainly given to the IB students and must be written between the word limit of 4000 at the maximum. As the length of the essay is large you have to be very much careful while selecting the topic of the essay as well. It must be dynamic in nature to discuss different points in the essay. Five paragraph essays are mostly the requirement of such essay types. So you have to get a fair and valuable idea about framing the things in five parts of the essay.

How to write an extended essay outline for the college assignments?

An extended essay outline and any other essay outline is similar and there is only one difference that exists in the outline which is that you have to divide it into five parts. Three-layered essays cannot be written for the extended essay type normally as its length does not allow it to the students. So be very much particular about the outline of an essay as it can decide whether you are able to put the things in the right manner or just stuff them haphazardly. You do not have to use the quirky language in your essay and make it subtle so that it can be read and understood easily. Keep your readers in mind while preparing the structure of your extended essay.

What should be the length of an extended essay given for scholarship?

You can go with the above discussion about the length of the extended essay which says that you can keep your essay within the word sphere of 4000 words. It does not mean that you cannot go below that, of course, an extended essay can be short like 2000 to 2500 words but you are not supposed to finish it off in the 500 words only. Summary essays got nothing to do with the extended essay and as their name suggests they are always large in length. So, never try to write an essay in short form that can ruin the actual meaning of the extended essay altogether.

Is it important to follow the five paragraph essay format for extended essay?

Five paragraph essay format are the most legible essay format for writing them in a proper manner. If you are not dividing you essay in introduction after thesis statement then main body of the extended essay and then conclusion which is finally followed by the citation and references of the essay then it is a big mistake on your part. Also you cannot write such essay without having an idea about the paragraphs in 1500 words. This is because you cannot count the words of essay but yes it is possible to count the paragraph to have a rough estimate of the essay length.

How to prepare the first draft of an extended essay by the students?

While writing first draft of the extended essay you have to be attentive about the many other things as well. For instance you cannot ignore the importance of research work and at the same time topic of extended essay. Everything is crucial to give a quirky and catchy look to your essay by adding interesting things in it.

But if outdated topic is picked up by the students then nothing can be done to make it interesting as research resources are also missing for such outdated resources online. While preparing the first draft of the essay to make sure to carry out your research in both online and offline resources that will live the authenticity of your research for the essay.

Tips for writing an extended essay to graduates

Here are few important and supreme level tips for the students to write their extended essay for the college given by the professors. Students Assignment Help experts have prepared these guidelines by keeping the difficulties of the graduates in mind which they confront while writing their extended essay for coursework.

  • Pick a topic in which you have a good understanding of the things and innovative as well.
  • Do not write a short essay for the extended essay assignments.
  • Always prepare the first draft after the outline of the essay.
  • Write an extended essay in five-paragraph format and not in three-layered essay format.
  • Make sure to do authentic research for your essay.
  • Never forget to give a sound conclusion at the end of your essay.
  • Giving open conclusion to the extended essay is considered as best on the part of the writer to involve the readers in the text.

These are some considerable tips that can be followed by the students of IB course for their extended essay writings. All the tips are given by those who are working from part one decade in this field and have a great idea about the assignments of students given by their professors for IB. So do not hesitate to follow these tips at any cost as they will bring you positive effect in your essay only.

If you have any type of issue in completing your extended essay writing work on time then Students Assignment Help experts are always there to give you the essay writing services. No matter whether you are writing this type of essay for your coursework or for the purpose of completing your scholarship essay expert and professional helpers are always there with you to give their help and support. You will be surprised to have such a wonderful quality of research-backed essay that are provided to the students by the experts of Students Assignment Help on time.

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