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An extended essay is basically a  type of academic writing in which success is dependent on its structure. In this article, our professional is providing you a complete guideline on how to write extended essays.

An extended essay is a type of essay which provides the reader with a comprehensive explanation of the term.  It is basically an independent research project on a specific topic on which students are working collaboratively with a supervisor.  An extended essay consists of reasonable arguments in the context of research questions. It is a type of essay which is presented as a scholarly paper, therefore; it should not be more than 4000 words. An extended essay is considered as a type of research paper that consists of detail and c; ear analysis of the topic. It is basically a thesis which you need to create under the control of a supervisor. The extended essay is considered the most crucial part of the IB diploma course.  If you complete your extended essay then you will get an additional score.

The different elements which you need to include in your extended essay are:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Content page
  • Introduction
  • Main body paragraph
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendices

Need To Write Extended Essay

There are many reasons that an extended essay is worth your time. Not only does it show you how to research and write a short paper, but it allows you to explore new topics in depth. With this writing practice, you’ll be able to hone your argumentative skills and refine your writing style as well as give yourself more time for editing. It’s also a great way to make sure that you’re comfortable with high-level academic English. If any of these sound like they could benefit you, then read on!

Outline of Extended Essay

An outline of these essays has the same features as an outline of other types of essays. You can utilize free structure and style for writing an extended essay. You can make a separate block for every part.

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

An introductory paragraph contains a Thesis Statement which helps in the engaging reader. Like another essay, an extended essay also contains three main paragraphs. In concluding paragraphs, you need to restate key arguments.

Steps To Write An Extended Essay

The process of writing an essay includes the following steps these are:

Step 1: Selection of topic

The selection of an appropriate topic for writing such an essay is very crucial to achieve good grades. Generally, students are given with topic for writing such an essay, but if in case your tutor has not provided you with a topic then you can select a topic of your interest.  the best technique which you can use for the development of ideas related to the topic is brainstorming.

Step 2: Get knowledge about assessment criteria

You for gathering the information about assessment criteria need to review guidelines. You can get the information about the same from your supervisor.

Step 3:  Set Deadline

Spend approx. 40 hours on research. You should set a deadline for every phase of the research and writing process.

Step 4: Design research Questions

At the time of designing a research question, you should make sure neither it is too broad or too narrow.  It is a step where you need to closely work with supervisor. You need to mainly emphasize on main Questions. It is very much essential for you to develop an understanding of the topic as this will help you in developing well research Questions.

Step 5: Determine appropriate sources

It is a step where you require determining appropriate sources for gathering information. After collecting of facts you need to do a critical evaluation of this source material. This is a step where you should develop a tentative plan related to the utilization of specific sources. You should also determine the way specific sources can be utilized for supporting an argument.  After that, you should logically organize sources.

Step 6: Select referencing system

Here, you need to select a referencing system that is most suitable for your subject.

Step 7: Write an extended essay introduction

It is a step where you require writing an introduction for your essay.  In the introductory part of an essay, you need to clearly state that what and why you are going to do a specific thing.  This is a step, where you need to clearly demonstrate the significance of the question or topic. It is also very much important for you to clear explanation about the way a specific set of Questions are more suitable for greater discussion.

Tip: You active voice and avoid utilization of passive voice for writing introduction for such type of essay.

Step 8: Writing main body paragraph

This is a step where you require starting to write the main body paragraph of such an essay. Here, you require to include an explanation of key arguments. A writer can utilize standard three paragraphs for this type of essay. Include one argument for each paragraph. Use quotes where needed.

You need to include references and do citations of sources. It is very much essential for you to cite only that material that supports arguments. At this step, you should develop an argument by utilizing the material that you have gathered. Here, you need to showcase your own thinking. Utilize subheadings, as this will help you in developing and clarifying arguments.  After writing the main body, you should ensure that the arguments are clearly understandable by readers. At the same time reader should be able to develop an understanding of the process through which information relevant to a specific topic is gathered.

Step 9: Write a conclusion

In the conclusion section, you need to clearly specify what you have accomplished. If there is any kind of limitations then you can mention the same in the concluding part of your essay. It is the section where you need to restate the key arguments.

Tip: The Conclusion is a crucial part of the essay. Don’t just restate your thesis. Avoid making it very similar to the Introduction.

Step 10: Cite sources

This is the last step, where you need to cite sources. After doing citations make sure they are done in right place.

Step 11: Insert table of the content page.

You should follow the IB essay format and accordingly insert a table of content.

Step 12: Write abstract.

At this step, you need to write an abstract for your essay. An abstract is a summary that you need to write at the beginning of an essay.

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