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Those who are in deep tension and stress due to their informative essay writing work can have the tips for writing an informative essay from Students Assignment Help here. These tips will guide you throughout the completion of the entire essay from the outline of essay to its conclusion. By reading the basic guidelines and seeing examples of informative  thesis , Students of middle school will be able to develop the understanding about how to write informative essay. There will be no trouble in getting the format of an essay for your college assignments after you read these entire suggestions of the professional essayist.You can get best idea for writing informative essay by accessing to free sample of it on Students Assignment Help.

 Informative essay : Definition

Informative essay  is a type of academic writing  through which writer intends to inform or educate audience.  The main purpose of informative essay is to provide people with information on specific topic.  It is the type of essay which provide answer to following Questions such as What , how, why, who and when.

Such essays are fact based and can be written by analyzing the authenticity of facts. Research play significant role  in such type of essays. While writing such essay you need to consider hypothesis and convert it in solid fact by providing justification. From the introduction of informative essay to its conclusion writing every step is difficult. As you have to go through challenges at every point. These essays are similar to that of narrative essays but here you have to give information to the readers.

Rules for writing Informative essay

Before starting to write an informative essay you are require to remember following rules these are :

  1. You can select informative text written by other writer and can process or work on it.
  2. if you are using the informative text written by other writer then you should not destroy it.
  3. The final step is informative presentation where you are require to compile passages.

Structure of informative essay

Like other scientific work, there is no specific structure of writing informative essay. But you need to follow general principles for writing informative essay. You need to informative essay at least in 2 to 3 pages. It is very much essential for you to include at least 3 to 4 sources. You are require to follow formal academic style for writing such essay.  Informative essay outline includes 3 parts such as Introduction , main body and conclusion . Below is informative essay outline :

Introductory part

At the beginning of informative essay, you need to write and describe topic.  You can include hook at the starting of an essay. In the first introductory paragraph of an essay you need to write your general idea and then you need to specify the topic. In introduction part of  essay, you need to provide background information about topic . If in case you have utilize any keywords then you should provide information about the same. At the time of writing introduction section you should highlight the key points which you are going to write. After that you need to write thesis statement. In context of informative essay, your thesis statement can consists of viewpoints of different authors about particular issue. At this step only you should  collect sufficient amount of information related to topic.

For example:  It is 6 Am  of  summer morning where I have already taken bath and  consumed my meal. I very soon realize that other students are still sleeping  and spending their summer holidays  when its sunny outside. With the great enthusiasm I  stated my part time job of content writing in order to gain good experience.

Main Body

In main body section of informative essay, you are require to provide all essential information to reader. You can utilize number of sources for gathering facts relevant to issue or topic. At the time of accumulating information , you should ensure that it is accurate.  After that you need to prepare a outline for your essay .It is a outline which will help you in organizing your essay in logical and systematic manner.

For example: If the topic of essay is to  understand the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease then  you are require to include statics reporting cases of heart disease. You  also need yo provide arguments against the hypothesis.


In conclusion part of informative essay, you need to first provide specific then general information about topic. It is a section where you are require to write summary of important facts supporting thesis statement. You should not provide additional or new information in conclusion part. The main purpose of concluding section is to sum up informative essay .

For example: considering above of essay  on topic relationship between cholesterol and heart disease.

It can be concluded that increase in level of cholesterol can give rise to risk of myocardial infarction.

How to write Informative essay ?

The informative essay which you are writing should :

  • Inform reader about specific issue about which they are not aware.
  • It should contain significance  of problem
  • You should present the latest research on topic .
  • Present latest studies on specific topic
  • Analyse the relationship between cause and effect

In few cases, you need to analyse your own essay . You may also require to process  other thoughts or informative text written by other writer. The 7 steps of writing informative essay are:

Step 1: Select a topic

Before writing essay  you need to first select interesting topic. At the time of selecting a topic you should keep in mind that the main purpose of  informative essay is to educate target audience  on particular topic.

Step 2: Develop outline

It is step where you need to create a outline for you  essay. You should list all questions related to topic  and think about what you are going to write.

Step 3: Collect information

here, you are require to collect all relevant information  for writing informative essay.  You are require to accumulate facts related to topic from at least four creditable sources.  after that you are require yo analyse information.

Step 4: Write introduction

This is a step when you  need to write introduction section. Here you should present topic  and require to capture attention of reader by including interesting quotes. In introduction section you can make comparison of the viewpoints and facts on a controversial subject .

Step 5: Main body

Now its time to write main body part of information essay. It is time when you need to present all essential information and arguments related to the topic.

Step 6: Draft conclusion

Here you are require to rest state significance of problem and need to provide summary of important facts .

Step 7:  Analysis of work

It is a final step, when you should analyse your work. At the time of analyzing work you need to concentrate on vocabulary, grammar and punctuation errors. You should also think about the way information given in essay will influence people.


Significance of writing thesis statement for an essay

The thesis statement of an essay is equally important as that of the introduction and its arguments. If you are not writing a thesis statement at the beginning of your essay it means you are not going to give a motif to your readers for continuing the introduction and main essay. This is the place where you have to tell your readers that what you are thinking about the essay topic and how your goal and motif of research are different from others.

Lists of topics for writing Informative essays

  1. How to buy good house
  2. Understand your credit score
  3. Significance of exercise
  4. Main causes of global warming
  5. Understand relationship between cholesterol and heart disease
  6. How to reduce carbon emission with alternative fuels
  7.  What is process of getting commercial driving licence
  8. Define poverty
  9.  Suggestion for cost saving of hybrid vehicles
  10. What should be minimum qualification of driver?


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