Sociology Observation Essay Topic Ideas

08/26/2021 | 712

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Sociology Observation Augmentative essay topics for undergraduates

  1. Social taboos are just limited to the old generations and modern people are not obsessed with them.
  2. It is impossible to implement any law in society by law if people do not agree with it.
  3. The Dowry system and domestic violence do not exist in the present scenario when there are so many laws against it.
  4. The need for men’s empowerment is also there in some regions of the world.
  5. Feminism is the most misunderstood term to take a lead over men and not equality.
  6. The institution of marriage is the biggest injustice to women on this earth.

Free analytical essay topics for college – sociology observation

  1. How to reduce inequality among men and women in society regarding their wages for equal work?
  2. Effect of divorce on the life of a woman in underdeveloped and developing nations.
  3. Why marriage age is lower for women as compared to the men in maximum societies of the world?
  4. Why do our societies expect women to be more mature at a low age as compared to men?
  5. The plight of women in corporate offices and how their rights get snatched due to pregnancy?
  6. Women’s maternity rights and effect on their career growth.
  7. How the concept of men and women inequality does come into existence and what could be done to overcome it?
  1. We should work towards equality among men and women and not on the lead of women over men.
  2. Population explosion must be controlled in society by awareness and legal system.
  3. Society plays a great role in the improvement in the social scenario of the given region.
  4. We cannot bring the utopian world of equality in society immediately within a snap of a finger.
  5. Social inclusion is very important to maintain peace and prosperity in the minds of people in the given society.
  6. Marginal sections of the society must be uplifted with the help of law and social support.
  7. The psychological development of a person is very much affected by the kind of people he is surrounded with.

Best cause and effect essay topics on sociology observation

  1. What could be the effect on society when men and women both will be given equal status?
  2. Consequences of poor social setup and ignorance of marginal sections of the people in a given society.
  3. How poverty and inequality in the distribution of rights can bring social revolution among the people to cause the social disparity?
  4. Resistance and revolt of women due to long-time manacles of poor rights and torture in a physical, mental, and emotional sense.
  5. How the reproductive system in women can never let them experience full freedom and equality like that of men?
  6. Importance of equality in a society to save it from the fear of anarchy and social upheavals.

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