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College students are assigned with boring college essay topics by the professors many times. In order to inculcate expertise in the students in every sphere of the discipline, it becomes crucial to cover both boring as well as interesting topics for the students. A list of these boring topics is given here for the graduates by Students Assignment Help. So if you are having no idea about the topics of the boring essay then go through this list suggested by the eminent scholars and essay writers for free of cost.

Different subjects are covered in these topics like geography, environment, science, history and information technology, etc. As a result of which you will be able to find a topic for every student here. All types of essays topics like argumentative essay topic, persuasive essay topics, and critical essay topics are included in the list of boring essay topics here.

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Boring argumentative essay topics for college

  1. The division of seven continents of the world cannot be explained well with the help of continental drift theory.
  2. It is important to hire special educator for the children facing issue of ADHD from their childhood.
  3. Corporate social responsibility is open debatable topic for the corporate and central authorities of any country.
  4. Hiding psychological anxiety and depression is a fashion or trend in the modern period of time.
  5. It is good to keep your weakness within you and not revealing them among your close friends.
  6. Some people do not face any kind of psychological pressures even having number of problems in their life.

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Persuasive topics ideas for boring essays

  1. We should try to serve our best to eradicate the social taboos from society to create a utopian world.
  2. Developed countries do not need any kind of social welfare to the people of the country to sustain a normal life.
  3. Crop rotation on a given piece of land gives rise to maximization of the yield to a huge extent.
  4. It is useful to spend a lot of money on the internal and external security by the nation to protect the citizens rather than spending on their basic needs.
  5. It is good to minimize the use of luxury items like air conditioners and refrigerators to save the globe from excessive heat.

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Best critical analysis topics for boring essay to graduates

  1. How to reduce the level of skin cancer caused through the ultra violet rays of the sun?
  2. What actions are being taken to reduce the free radical in the environment which causes the depletion of the ozone layer?
  3. Why does aurora takes place on Polar Regions only and not towards the equator?
  4. How to reduce the level of carbon emission from the industries in order to make the environment pollution free?
  5. Best thing about green belt roads and how sometimes they turn out to be dangerous for the human being.
  6. Why people are obsessed with the nuclear experiments to make them strong with bombs made up nuclear atoms.

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New cause and effect topics for boring college essays

  1. How environment is deteriorated with the set up of industrialization with high pace?
  2. Why jaundice is not considered as independent symptoms of a disease like other diseases of human body?
  3. Can we say that excessive rise in the HB count of human body is a symptom of blood cancer caused by the red blood cells?
  4. The way by which air conditioners give rise to the rise in global warming to a great extent progressively.
  5. How the flood, avalanche and draught are conditions facilitated by the global warming with excessive rise in the temperature?
  6. New trends in the nuclear experiments that are giving rise to the destruction of bio diversity on earth at global scale.

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Boring essay topics for process essay

  1. What is the process of doing a case study on clinical judgement by medical professional?
  2. How to carry out the pestle analysis in management of the business and what are its consequences?
  3. Is it good to perform customer behaviour analysis and what are the steps followed for carrying out this process?
  4. Best way to write a report on financial statement of the country for the purpose of knowing its trade deficient.
  5. How to count the balance of payment in economics for a given nation by the apex financial institution.