Essay Topics for College English Classes

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College English Classes Essay Topics on Family:

  1. Rules that should be reached by the parents to their children.
  2. The significance of family counseling.
  3. Family as a social institution.
  4. What is your idea about the notion of a one-world family?
  5. How does your family deal with conflict?
  6. What are the advantages of growing up in a large family?

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 English Essay topics on Sports for Grade 8 Students:

  1. How can overuse injuries be prevented in high school athletics?
  2. Do you think that bodybuilding is inappropriate for women?
  3. The effect of sports on global culture.
  4. Influence of sports activities on functional activity of neutrophils.
  5. Differentiate between Paralympics and the Olympics.
  6. Who is the best quarterback of all time?

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  1. Which horror movie is really the scariest?
  2. Shopping is a form of entertainment.
  3. Role of technology in electronic and digital media.
  4. Why do adults enjoy Disney movies?
  5. The use of violence on television to entertain is unacceptable.
  6. Social effects of mass communication.
  1. How does lack of sleep hurt us?
  2. Ethical and legal issues of surrogate pregnancy.
  3. Advantages of being vegetarian.
  4. Social influence processes on adolescent health.
  5. Does internet medical information make people healthier?
  6. Types of eating disorders.

Latest Business English Classes Essay Topics to College Students:

  1. Is STEM really the best carrier choice?
  2. The quality of effective leadership is a wholly innate one.
  3. All businesses should go green.
  4. Should tattoos be allowed in the workplace?
  5. Businesses need to exploit the labor market to improve profits.
  6. How do pirate websites impact or affect enterprises?

Important College English Essay Topics on Crimes and prison:

  1. What is the humane treatment of prisoners?
  2. Is it necessary to provide the right to vote to prisoners?
  3. Social work with criminals.
  4. Sexual harassment in school or the workplace.
  5. Do art, music, and drama help in rehabilitating prisoners?
  6. The opportunities for prisoners to complete their education.

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 College Essay Topics On Tattoos and body piercing in English:

  1. Why do people get multiple bodies piercing?
  2. Body piercing and self-expression.
  3. The process and methods of tattooing.
  4. What makes a bad tattoo idea?
  5. The appeal and risks of body decoration.
  6. Pros and cons of having a tattoo.

Best English Classes Topics on Education for college students:

  1. Should schools switch to e-books?
  2. Homework in elementary schools.
  3. Do students need to do as much homework as they do now?
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of sex education.
  5. What is the best way to take notes in classes?
  6. Public versus charter schools.

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Useful College English Essay Tips for Food and eating: 

  1. Why is junk food so addictive?
  2. History of alcohol.
  3. Fast food and its effect on children nutrition
  4. Why should we try to refuse sugar in our meals?
  5. Which fast food restaurant serves the best food?
  6. Homemade food vs. fast food

List of English Classes Essay Topics On High school life for College Kids:

  1. Is prom worth the cost?
  2. Mutual love and self-love.
  3. What is the need to join ROTC?
  4. School life memories.
  5. The importance of learning a foreign language in high school.
  6. Discipline and character building.

Good College English Essay Topics & Ideas on Social Media:

  1. Should texting and driving be illegal?
  2. The role of networking in the life of contemporary society.
  3. Are people becoming less social because of social media?
  4. How Facebook helps voices of a vulnerable population to be heard.
  5. How is social media changing parent and child relationships?
  6. Does social media improve or spoil the family relationship?

Outstanding English Essay Topics On New technology for college:

  1. Can computers really become intelligent?
  2. How will 3-D printing change our future?
  3. Technology in construction and manufacturing.
  4. Should people get identity chips implanted under their skin?
  5. The role of technology in globalization.
  6. Can computers really become intelligent?

College English Classes Essay Topics for Mind and Mental  :

  1. How is the Internet affecting our intelligence?
  2. Mental illness and its effects.
  3. How can one ensure their brain is healthy?
  4. The mental aspect of health.
  5. What are the effects of marijuana on the brain?
  6. Aging parents of adults with serious mental illness.

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  1. How helpful is the “fact-checking” of speeches?
  2. Mass media and stereotypes.
  3. The negative impact of fake news on our society and individual mind.
  4. What is the best role for news reporters in a digital era?
  5. Compare and contrast two media outlets.
  6. The impact of fake news on local communities.

Free College English Essay Ideas on Body image:

  1. How can young women develop a healthy body image?
  2. The advantages of beauty pageants to women.
  3. The damage of romantic movies to real relationships.
  4. The impact of advertising on the body image of men.
  5. The body image problems dealt with young men.
  6. Is it beneficial if the fashion industry changes its way of advertising?

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