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Essay writing can become easy when the writer is aware of all the steps that need to be followed. The English essay help is available for those who want to write a great essay. The essay types are divided into many categories and one of them is the compare and contrast essay type. The essay is interesting to write and is a great source of learning when one is following the right path.

The essays can be written with precision to make an impression on the selection team. There are a huge number of topics that are available to the students to choose from. The idea is to be clear at each step and come up with an essay that shows your skills and gets the job done.

Compare & Contrast Essay Topics

To start one must understand what are compare and contrast essay topics?

In simple words, these essay types explain why two or more subjects similar or different from each other. There are multiple paragraphs showing similarities and differences in these subjects. The word Compare which means explaining similarities between the various subjects and contrasts which means explaining the differences between the same.

Compare and contrasts thus covers any topic and may come up with a lot of areas. The Essay writing service suggests that the points that should be included should be relevant to the topic. Relevance, when taken as a base, helps in picking the characteristics or features that are worth comparing.

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How to start writing a great compare and contrast essay?

While starting one must choose a highly relevant topic. This is like stating an obvious point but many writers often pick the first topic they stumble upon which is not a great step. You will be surprised to see the ample number of topics that one can choose from.

Simple compare and contrast essay topics that can help writers start easy

  1.  Winter Holiday VS Summer Holiday
  2.  Photos and paintings
  3.  Fruits and vegetables
  4.  Texting friends and calling them
  5.  Face to face communication and social media
  6.  Adulthood and childhood
  7.  Cats and dogs
  8.  Movies and books
  9.  Credit card and cash
  10.  The animal in the zoo and animal in wild
  11.  Typing and writing by hand
  12.  Taking a cab and taking Uber
  13.  Plastic bags and paper bags
  14.  Inner beauty and physical beauty
  15.  Public school and home school
  16.  Twitter and Facebook
  17.  Making use of public transport and using own car

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Education-Based Compare & Contrast Essay Topics For Middle School Students

When students are looking for educational topics that may be a part of the subjects they study here is a loss from natural resources comparisons and a few other subjects

  1.  Volcanoes and mountains
  2.  Tomatoes and Apples
  3.  Solar power and nuclear power
  4.  Lightning and rainbows
  5.  Toads and frogs
  6.  Biodiesel and gasoline
  7.  Citrus and melons
  8.  Salt and sugar
  9.  Earthquake and Volcanoes
  10.  Blizzards and Tornadoes
  11.  Phrase and a sentence
  12.  Traditional education and online education
  13.  Evolution and revolution
  14.  Obesity and Anorexia
  15.  Roman mythology and Greek mythology
  16.  Catholicism and Protestantism
  17.  Capitalism and Socialism
  18.  Discoveries and Invention
  19.  Prose and Poetry
  20.  Fantasy and Sci-fi
  21.  Russian Revolution and the French Revolution
  22.  Communist China and the Soviet Union
  23.  Women’s suffrage movement and the civil rights movement
  24.  Ideas of Soviet communism and Karl Maxx
  25.  Iraq war and the Vietnam war
  26.  The assassination of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

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There are leaders and researchers who have changed the world in their own ways. Here is a list of people who have impacted the world in some way or in different ways.

  1.  Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey
  2.  John Lennon and Justin Bieber
  3.  Petrarch and William Shakespeare
  4.  John Locke and Thomas Hobbes
  5.  Mahatama Gandhi and Osama Bin Laden
  6.  Julius Caser and Edward Snowden
  7.  Tom Robinson and OJ Simpson
  8.  Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs
  9.  Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler
  10.  Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump
  11.  Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift
  12.  Angelina Jolie and Mother Teresa
  13.  Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria
  14.  Steve Jobs and Leonardo Da Vinci

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Fun Topics on Compare and Contrast Essay for Elementry Students

The whole process need not be all serious and thus there are some abstract and fun topics as well that can be a part of the essay

  1.  Samsung and Apple
  2.  Friendship and Love
  3.  Play station and Xbox
  4.  Dieting and exercising
  5.  Gangnam style and The moonwalk
  6.  Taco Bell and McDonald’s
  7.  Raising a child and Growing a tree
  8.  High school friend and childhood friends
  9.  Extra curriculum activities and classes
  10.  Family and friends

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When the writer has chosen the right topic then the following steps will help them write a great essay.

Next steps:-  Make a list of similarities and differences

This is a draft that will include all the possible points that are divided into two lists of similarities between the two topics and all the differences between the same. Thorough research will come in handy here and all the points that come to the mind should be listed at this stage. This is not the final list and hence it should be as comprehensive as possible.

Now, think about relevance and pick the points that you feel will strengthen your essay. It should be one of the most compelling essays and thus great points should be included.

Start writing with a general introduction explains both the topics. The next is the body which can be a two-paragraph thing one with similarities and the other one with differences. It can be further split if the structure demands so but nothing beyond four parts. Sum up with a conclusion paragraph that could include why the topic and the text is important to the world at large and you in particular.

Before submitting the essay it is important that you proofread and edit it. Editing can be done by self but proofreading can be done with external help which will provide a better structure for the whole essay.

Just be clear on what message you want to put across and create the essay around the same. There should be an equal weightage given to both the subjects in question.

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