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Controversial essay topics

The list of simple and easy controversial essay topics on teens is given here for those who are given assignments on this subject. It is the most challenging part of writing an essay to find a topic that is trending and not outdated. So if you are also finding debate topics for high school or college on teen issues then go through this list.

Students Assignment Help experts have solved this problem of graduates and school goers by giving a free list of psychology essay topics on teenager’s controversies. Apart from it, you can also avail essay topics related to the teen controversies on various other subjects as well.

For instance, essay topics on depression and drug addiction are also given here by the Students Assignment Help. So no matter whether you are writing an essay on drug addiction or teenager problems essay topics can be availed here easily.

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Controversial argumentative essay topics on depression for graduates

  1. The cause of teenager’s depression is not their studies pressure but the romantic affairs that create anxiety in them.
  2. Owing to a lot of body and hormonal changes in the teenage of an individual he or she is more prone to depression.
  3. The emotional tantrum of a person going through his teen years is normal owing to the adolescence changes occurring in the body.
  4. Parents who force their children to bring good marks in academics are responsible for the anxiety and depression in teenagers.
  5. Teenagers should allow doing whatever they want to in their teen years to keep them away from the depression.

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Persuasive essay topics on drug addiction and teenagers for college

  1. Teenagers are more prone to get addict for the drugs and such other material as compared to other age group people.
  2. Drug addiction is a medium for teen students to escape from the pressure of their studies.
  3. It is possible for the teen year people to withstand with the worst effect of drugs because of their hormonal changes in this stage of life.
  4. The consequences of consuming excessive drugs during the teen years can be seen in the old age with different body problems.
  5. It is very easy to bring a teenager out from the addiction of drugs with mental counselling.

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Critical essay topics on teenager problems and controversies

  1. Why teenagers are more oriented towards suicides than adult pe2.ople?
  2. What are the different scenarios in the teenager’s life that push them towards wrong d3.eeds?
  3. How teenager people are more prone towards the tendency of crime than the mature ad4.ults?
  4. What could be done to provide a proper psychological development to a person during his adolesc5.ence?
  5. Role of parents in saving their kids from the problems experienced in the teenage.

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  1. The primary years of development are very important to save a teenager from the risk of depression.
  2. The poor psychological development of teenagers and regressive behaviour towards society can lead to serious issues of drug and alcohol consumptions.
  3. People having good family atmosphere and loving parents at home are less prone to the depressive stages in teenage.
  4. It is important to read the psychology of a person during his delicate teen year of the life to save him or her from death will.
  5. Psychological counselling for the teenagers is very important which can be given by parents as well to teach them about wrong and right.

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