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Bachelors and masters of education are supposed to write their essays and research paper on different education arguments. The list of interesting education argument topics given here by Students Assignment Help can be used for such assignments by students.

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Argumentative essay topics on Education for college students

  1. College and university students should not be free from the uniforms.
  2. Homeschooling must be allowed to the students who find it hard to reach school owing to financial barriers.
  3. The duration of a lecturer must not exceed half an hour which is the maximum concentration power of a human brain at one time.
  4. Students should be given a slot for taking Vitamin D from the natural source of Sun in school and colleges.
  5. There should be fewer assignments to reduce the overpressure on students.
  6. Inclusive education is just a concept and cannot be practiced in a classroom.

Free ideas for critical essay topics on education for graduates

  1. Why differently-abled students are being pushed towards inclusive education these days?
  2. Drawbacks of inclusive education owing to the work pressure of teacher who has to cater to the needs of every single student differently in class.
  3. How to make studies more interest-based rather than the compulsion of taking subjects on the primary level of education as basic reading is very important in this part?
  4. Involvement of the government officials in the education system is good or bad.
  5. How to remove the taboo of girl’s and boy’s friendship in school campus from the mind of poor society in developing nations?
  6. Why school should allow students to carry their mobile phones with them?
  7. Need for free Wi-Fi campus for school children apart from college and university graduates.

Best analytical essay topics about education

  1. Is it necessary to ask students for taking part in extra cultural activities to make them confident for stage fear?
  2. Importance of the internet for study in the present period of time of information and technology.
  3. The facility of air-conditioned room for students in school and college and its importance.
  4. Why school should provide transportation facilities free of cost, which is placed far away from the heart of the city in far-flung areas?
  5. Why it is important to enhance the love for animals and plants in the heart of students in school?
  6. Consequences of bullying around students by teachers and punishment that can be given to the teacher.

Topics of Persuasive essay examples on education

  1. How to save a child from the fear of being bullied by ADHD children in a class?
  2. Role of primary education to build good and strong psychology of the child at the basic level.
  3. Why online books are considered as the best study source then the manual way of reading a hard copy of the books?
  4. Is it important to bring a rule where no fees can be taken by schools for the vacation period?
  5. How biased behavior of a teacher should b punished in a class by the law?
  6. Importance of quiz competition at the primary and middle school level for the school students.

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