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Problem Solution essay topics

The free and unique list of problem solution essay topics for college students is available here for the graduates and masters. Students Assignment Help experts have given these topics for free of cost to provide free essay topics help to the students. College students can find a topic list of different subjects for example best and trending essay topics on environment and domestic violence can be seen in the list.

Apart from that, it is also possible to find a variety of essay topics on healthcare and child labour as well. So it is not very easy to write problem solution essays for college and university by taking a topic from the list given here as per your interest.

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Best problem solution essay titles on the problem of Child labour

  1. Can we solve the issue of child labour by taking strict legal action against culprits?
  2. Can free basic school education check the growth of child labour in a poor country?
  3. Should be the focus on the reduction of poverty from a given society to control on the child labour in real sense?
  4. We should target the causes of child labour to eradicate this issue from its roots permanently.
  5. The government should fund the education and other expenses of children along with paying a sum of money to parents in order to curtail the growth of child labour.

Free topics for problem solution essay for the problem of domestic violence

  1. A good reservation in employment according to the ratio of women in a given society should be given to check domestic violence.
  2. Financial independence can make women free from the trap of domestic violence at their home.
  3. Domestic violence punishment against the culprits should be very rigid to help women in coming out of this injustice.
  4. Women should be given the right of taking a decision regarding their pregnancy and abortions.
  5. Property rights of a woman must be equal to her husband on his property after marriage.

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Best suggestions for problem solution essay ideas based on expensive healthcare

  1. Healthcare policies must be framed by keeping the poor people strata in mind.
  2. Doctors should follow medical ethics to treat their patients at a rational cost.
  3. It is important to decide the maximum window for healthcare facilities by the government to make it affordable for everyone.
  4. Generic medicines should be provided to the poor people on fair price who cannot afford the branded ones.
  5. We can make healthcare services affordable and cheap with the aid of the government to develop the government healthcare centre across the globe.
  1. Environmental pollution can be checked by planting more and more trees around the industrial set up and roads.
  2. By minimizing the use of luxury technical equipment and appliances at home we can contribute to reducing the environmental pollution many folds.
  3. It is important to stop using chemical-based fertilizers in order to save the environment from soil pollution.
  4. Biodiversity is very important to maintain the successful control of the pollution caused to the environment.
  5. There should be an international legal system to check any harm caused to an environment which can give strict punishment infringe these rules.

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