Thematic History Essay Topics

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For writing a good thematic essay you need to know how to write a thematic essay in a proper way for college. But at the same time, college and university students also need a good list of thematic essay topics for it.

Here you will get a complete free list of thematic essay topics from the prominent experts of Students Assignment Help. Try out these essay topics to write your college essay assignments easily. You will definitely be able to have a good change in your scorecard after writing on the topics suggested here for thematic essays by the experts.

Free thematic topics Essay on History for college students

Best and prominent thematic essay topic ideas for the college students are here to help them in writing their essay assignments. Writing an essay on these topics is really going to enhance your marks in the essay easily.

  1. Why human rights should be given utmost importance in a society above anything?
  2. How racism is the biggest enemy of equality among human beings of different races?
  3. Who is responsible for the sectional division of classes in society and how to remove it?
  4. Benefits of fraternity and peace in the world for the  flourishing of art.
  5. How the Oedipus complex still exist in the subconsciousness stage of minds?

Top 10 Thematic History Essay Topics and Titles

  1. What are the different factors that affect the social growth of a child?
  2. Fluctuation in women’s rights over different geographical areas.
  3. How slavery is the biggest enemy of human rights?
  4. Effect of communication barriers in different geographical regions on psychology and social behavior of people.
  5. How a civil war of America becomes the reason for a change in the emotions of people towards the practical side?
  6. The success of America on political and Economics scale and failure of the idea of the American dream.
  7. Why it is important to see women empowerment on the world scale?
  8. Environmental pollution due to industrial setup and enforcement of green chemistry.
  9. How depression is not a disease in itself but the outcome of other upheavals going in the human brain?
  10. How merchant of Venice play shows the poor ethical values of different characters and oppression of Jews

List of Thematic History Essay Ideas – Senior High School [Latest 2020]

  1. The plight of women in the Victorian era and its depiction in English literature?
  2. How American women used to live and their role in political affairs in the beginning?
  3. How the use of herbal products in high quantity is a big pressure on the natural resources of the environment?
  4. Why business cannot be run without the research and study on the people of different geographies?
  5. Ozone layer depletion and increase the rate of cancer in the world can be stopped with decreased use of technical gadgets.
  6. Why it is crucial to secure the web chain to make human life stable on earth?
  7. How critically endangered species can be saved by giving an extra friendly environment to them and not allowing hunting in their habitat?
  8. Poverty and unemployment as the biggest cause of terrorism in the world?
  9. What could be done to catch the people who are funding the terrorist groups?
  10. How stock market forces are controlled by the stability of the economy in that nation?

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  1. Why we should be aware of the use of our electoral rights?
  2. How the culinary habits of people change with time and they adapt them to the new environment?
  3. What is the effect of meditation on stress and depression in a human brain?
  4. Why child adoption should not be a complicated process in different nations?
  5. Why the crimes against teenagers are increasing every day and what initiates can be taken for it.

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